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Video Advertising: Why and How People Pay Attention to Good Corporate Videos

Advertising through videos can be one the most effective ways or even the most effective way of promoting your business. With video advertising, you are able to promote all aspects of your company, from its products or services, to its values, to its employees, and its brand, and communicate all of these effectively when done right.

Having great video advertising will immediately put you ahead of your competition because of how entertaining, engaging, and memorable they can be. It is a lot easier for audiences to pay attention to content that they can watch compared to content that they can just see or hear.

One of the best types of video advertising that companies can use are corporate videos. What makes corporate videos so effective is that while it can primarily focus on a specific audience, it can still entertain or inform other types of audiences as well when you post these on popular video platforms.

Good corporate videos capture people’s attention because of how adaptable these can be. There are different types of corporate videos that can have different and specific purposes for your company.

In this article, you will learn more about video advertising, why corporate videos are one of the best types of video advertising, the different corporate video types, and what you need to create good corporate videos.

What is Video Advertising?

Video advertising is content that is used to promote your company which can be broadcasted online. These videos can be played before, during, or after streaming content. This can also expand to include display ads that include video content like those that start playing when a cursor hovers over them.

These video advertisements can also be uploaded on video platform websites where interested viewers can search for their advertisement.

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Now that you are more familiar with video advertising in general, here are some of the current trends that for video advertising:

There is an increase in spending for video advertising.

Budgets for video advertisements have been increasing by up to 25% year over year. This growth can be seen as more substantial in other specific industries. For example, in the media and entertainment industries, ad spending for videos increased by 75% since 2018.

Marketers and advertisers need to keep track of these shifts in spending especially once they have to figure out their yearly budgets. Losing your focus on prioritizing video ads could cause your competitors to take the lead over you.

Video advertisements are not as short.

While YouTube was one of the first video platforms to offer six second ads, one of the most popular video ad lengths is at around thirty seconds. This suggests that people are willing to pay more attention to ads in video format.

An advantage of this trend is that advertisers are able to tell a convincing and engaging story and pull users in even with only a short amount of time needed. Being able to communicate a message effectively in the shortest amount of time possible is one of the best values of videos in general.

Mobile users tend to watch for a longer amount of time.

There is research which indicates that people who primarily watch videos with their smartphones are more likely to watch long-form video ads than those that only last for six seconds. They are more committed to these video ads more than those on a desktop.

However, even for mobile users, attention drops sharply after around 22 seconds. This suggests that creatives who are in charge of making video ads should be mindful of the length of their ads based on the type of traffic they want to attract.

Animation videos are increasing in popularity.

What every marketer wants is for their video advertising campaign to be interesting and engaging. Companies can achieve this by relying on a recent development which is the use of animations. Having animated elements like characters or graphics make your videos more lively and fun.

Animations present a lot more opportunities when it comes to making videos which may not have been possible before. This leads to more possibilities of entertaining and visually appealing videos which audiences love to watch.

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9 Benefits of Video Advertising

Here are some of the benefits of video advertising which show why a lot of companies, regardless of their industries, want to continue creating different types of videos:

1. Videos allow you the most freedom to tell your story.

What makes video advertising so effective is that it appeals to the emotions of your consumers. Video ads have a better job of giving that emotional impact you need compared to other types of static ads.

With a focus on these emotions, you can have a more personal relationship with your customers. They can associate these positive emotions they feel when watching your advertisements to your company and its product or service.

2. Consumers are consuming more video content.

Because of the constant influx of video content online, more and more people are watching videos. With more of these people watching videos, this means that your video advertising will not feel as intrusive as other types of advertisements.

Since people are already getting used to watching more videos, they will probably be even more open to taking a look at your advertisements because they are in the video format.

3. Videos can be shareable.

Normally, when people watch videos and like a certain one, they are more likely to share it compared to other types of posts or content. These videos will be shared if the audience finds it interesting or valuable to their friends and followers.

This allows for your videos to reach even more people without having to pay anything more. To fully take advantage of this, you should make sure that your videos provide a value that would make people want to share it, whether it is entertaining, informative, or motivational.

4. Videos perform well with mobile users.

The number of people who are watching videos on their mobile devices continue to rise and it does not look like this trend will go down anytime soon.

However, mobile video viewers tend to watch more shorter videos compared to those that view videos on the computer.

5. Video advertisements lead to sales.

Adding a video advertisement to a product description for big online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon increases the chances of a consumer buying the item by up to 35%.

Video ads do a great job of showcasing what the actual item can look like in a way that photos and captions cannot. Seeing how it really looks and works will make your customers more informed about the product.

6. Search engines emphasize video results.

The most prominent search engine platforms like Google place a priority on video content in their search ranking pages. If your website, post, or article contains a video, it will most likely rank higher than those that do not have it.

This means that when you post your videos, you should upload them on your different social media accounts and websites to increase its ranking for search. Having these videos to improve your search rankings will help your target audience find your company and its products easier when they search online.

7. Video is a great way to educate and inform.

Because videos incorporate both audio and visual elements that appeal to more senses, these perform well when used as educational tools.

When consumers want to know how a certain product or service works, they can simply look up for a video of that product or service being in use. How-to videos and product demonstrations can be very helpful for viewers and be informative enough to push them to eventually make a purchase.

8. Videos allow for large amounts of information in only a short amount of time.

Video advertising allows you to communicate more information in a shorter amount of time compared to texts or photos. 

Since video is more engaging  to more of our senses, it can convey more information by telling and showing at the same time.

9. Video analytics and statistics can be easily accessible.

For prominent video platforms like YouTube and Facebook, they have in-depth statistics that can show how well your videos perform.

Knowing the engagement you are getting for your videos from views, likes, shares, comments, and other interactions help you paint a clearer picture of how successful your video advertising campaign is and what you need to do to make it more effective and entertaining for your target audience.

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What Are Corporate Videos?

Video advertising as explained previously has a lot of positive effects and benefits for one’s company, and one of the most effective types of video advertising for businesses is corporate videos.

Corporate videos are videos that can be used for internal or external corporate messaging. Corporate videos are sometimes more intended towards specific audiences but can also target the general public as well since most of these are uploaded online.

This is why corporate videos can be one of the most effective types of video advertising, as it can be made for specific target audiences and also general audiences as well.

A corporate video can be made to present results to stakeholders or be made to highlight a company’s new projects. While they may be initially shown to an internal audience or to other businesses, the company can also decide to post these so that their audiences can learn more about them.

Employee training videos and promotional videos of the latest products and features are also classified as corporate videos.

Why Are Corporate Videos Effective?

These are a few reasons why corporate videos are one of the best types of video advertising for your company:

Corporate videos let you tell your brand’s story.

Corporate videos allow you to tell the story of your brand in an interesting, entertaining, and engaging way to your audience. These can be very effective especially for small businesses because these videos do not have constraints that other types of advertisements have.

Since most if not all of your corporate videos will be uploaded online, there will not be any hard restrictions on them. You just have to figure out what video length will work best for your videos on specific video platforms. As long as you can tell your brand story in an effective manner, your audiences will make sure to watch your corporate videos online.

Corporate videos help showcase your business visually.

Creating corporate videos is a great and fun way to visually showcase your business that is not possible with other types of videos. They do not always need to be high quality productions as long as they are done well and showcases the personality of the business.

Corporate videos for websites and social media work best when they focus more on product uses and trends around the industry instead of focusing on hard selling and building hype. These videos help remind your audience that your company is run by people who share similar beliefs and values with them.

Corporate videos help with your brand awareness efforts.

Corporate videos, and videos in general, are so effective in engaging audiences because it combines audio and visual elements which is the closest thing we can simulate to real life.

These videos help make consumers feel what it is like to use a certain product before they even buy it. This is how video advertising can help build your brand. Corporate videos can help bring more awareness to a brand by associating it with positive emotions and images which can stick with their audience even after watching the video.

Corporate videos strengthen your call-to-action prompts.

An effective video advertising campaign should end with a strong statement which encourages your brand’s call-to-action. Corporate videos should always include these call-to-action prompts to encourage the viewer to take whatever action they need them to take.

If the message in your video is communicated well, then this should lead to more conversions for your brand, whether they are sign-ups, visits, invites, emails, or purchases. Make sure that your video is done well so that your viewers can be more convinced to make a conversion for your business.

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What Are the Essential Elements of a Good Corporate Video?

Here are all the essential elements that you need to create a good corporate video for your company:

1. Precise and Thorough Planning

Going through the planning of your production during the pre-production stages takes a lot of time but is necessary to guarantee a smooth video shoot. This is also when you think about your concept, key message, and especially the video script that is needed for the video.

Thoroughly going over all your production plans and perfecting your scripts will help keep your video focused on a single key message that you want to communicate. Always having these in mind during the video shoot will help you focus on what you actually need to communicate.

2. Having a Specific Target Audience

Always consider who your audience will be for this corporate video and specify which specific audience you want to target. Videos are more effective in engaging audiences when they have a message that is tailored to a specific audience.

Since it is a corporate video, the primary target audience could be employees or stakeholders but since it is posted online, your secondary target audience may also be your customers. Having to focus on a single audience can help make your message clearer and more relevant to whoever you want to target.

3. Creating a Personal Connection

Even if corporate videos will be viewed by hundreds or even thousands of people, each person will experience this video content individually. With this, it is important to create a personal connection with your audience through the video.

It is important for your video to create this personal and emotional connection so that your audience will feel closer to your brand. Having a closer connection and relationship makes them think that what your are communicating is more meaningful and more authentic to your audience.

4. Engaging Narrative and Story

Corporate videos that are engaging and entertaining use great storytelling and narratives to attract and keep the attention of their viewers. A compilation of clips or just having plain text information all throughout a video will not create a narrative that will engage audiences.

Your corporate video needs to tell a story that can be relatable to keep the audience watching and engaged. Having a good story for your video can even be what makes your video viral and more shareable to people on social media.

5. Dynamic Video Content and Footage

Well-made corporate videos are dynamic and are never monotonous. A monotonous video may be one where someone is simply reading a script in front of the camera without any variation in their tone or voice. Another way a video can be monotonous is if there aren’t a lot of changes in the video shots.

To make your corporate video effective and engaging, you should make it dynamic by having lively presenters and speakers and also different shots to vary what is on screen to keep your viewers engaged and entertained.

6. Professional Production Guidance

Trying to stage a video production in-house with a lack of experience and equipment can lead to a stressful video shoot and probably an undesirable video output. If you want to create the best corporate video possible for your company, then you should consider hiring a video production agency who you can collaborate with.

Having a team of video professionals on board during the full corporate video production process will make everything smoother since they are already experienced with handling these types of jobs for companies. They will help you work on everything from storyboarding, scripting, shooting, and even editing so you can just focus on your work for your company.

Best Types of Corporate Videos

Here are some of the best types of corporate videos you can create for your company:

Testimonial Videos

Consumers place a high value on the influence and opinions of fellow consumers. From Facebook comments, reviews, and recommendations, these opinions and shared experiences can be crucial information when it comes to making a purchase.

This is what makes testimonial videos so valuable and crucial for businesses. Having the right testimonial videos that give the spotlight to the consumer as they share their positive experience is far more believable than just reading a post.

Here is an example of a testimonial video from Roku:

Video Link:

Product Demonstration Videos

If you are trying to sell a product or service that may need some explanation or demonstration to make it clear for customers, then you can create a product demonstration video. These videos help display the features and benefits of your product and how it generally works.

These videos can be very beneficial for consumers that are already aware or considering buying your product. A clear and concise explanation of your offering and its benefits in your demo video can eventually push your customers into a purchase.

Here is an example of a product demonstration video from Duolingo:

Video Link:

Promotional Videos

You can use promotional videos as personal video invitations to your guests. These invitations can be for a seminar, conference, or a webinar. The promotional videos give a glimpse of what your event is about and can also give your audience a feel for your brand.

For these videos, you would need to give an overview of the event that you’re promoting in a brief but detailed manner. You should also end it with a convincing call-to-action prompt which will encourage the recipient to either sign up or save the date. With more attendees to your event, hopefully this can generate more leads for your business.

Here is an example of a promotion video from Inbound:

Video Link:

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos educate your audience on how to perform certain tasks or solve certain problems. These could be related to your product or can just be about tangential issues. By the end of the video, your audience should be more knowledgeable when it comes to the actions they need to take.

What makes explainer videos so effective is that it is easier for people to learn through videos than through just texts, photos, or infographics. Your FAQ page can be filled up with explainer videos and you will know that they are doing a good job if these result in fewer questions for your customer support team.

Here is an example of an explainer video from Airbnb:

Video Link:

Company Culture/Behind the Scenes Videos

Company culture or behind the scenes videos can be one of the most fun videos to create because it allows you to display the personality of your employees. These videos let customers see who the hardworking people are behind the success of your business.

One of the best ways to create a deeper and more personal connection with your audience is to give them a peek of how people work and even enjoy themselves in your office. These videos can also work well for recruitment as it can showcase how pleasant your company culture is and how it leads to more productivity.

Here is an example of a company culture video from HubSpot:

Video Link:

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