Aerial Photography & Drone Video Services in Singapore

Take your brand or product’s message to a whole new level with fewStones, a premier aerial photography and drone video company based in Singapore.

We are one of few video agencies fully licensed to conduct aerial videography & photography drone shoots. With drones in-house, it makes us much more affordable than most agencies or even freelancers.

Get stunning aerial photography and video that’s guaranteed to impress. fewStones provides professional aerial photography and drone video services to real estate agents, commercial businesses, and corporate events in Singapore. We also provide virtual 3D tours, panorama tours, and 360-degree virtual tours of any location.

Why should you work with fewStones?

Skilled and experienced Aerial Photographers and Drone Videographers in Singapore

With over 10 years of experience, we are trusted by international and local clients like Bolloré Logistics, Sunseap, Amundi, and more.

We are fully licensed to operate in Singapore

fewStones is one of the few agencies with a full license for commercial drone photography and videography in Singapore.

We have experience working with a variety of industries.

fewStones cater to a wide variety of Aerial Photography & Drone Video Services in Singapore which include Maritime & Shipping, Real Estate / Property, Events & Drone Live Feed, TV Commercials & Broadcast, as well as Travel & Tourism.

Why is Aerial Photography & Drone Video Services Important For Your Brand?

Create dynamic content
Aerial Photography & Drone Video Services Singapore allows you to take pictures from angles that were previously unattainable for cameras mounted on the ground. This provides you with a competitive edge that can make your company make a mark and will be noticed by prospective customers in a new method.

Allows your business to reach new heights
Aerial Photography & Drone Video Services Singapore is the first device that lets users lift off from one place and then fly to another. It opens up a new realm of possibilities for companies that want to promote their business through an aerial perspective.

Establishes a modern marketing strategy
Aerial Photography & Drone Video Services Singapore can be utilized in many ways to promote your business on and offline. It can be used for your website SEO and social media marketing local SEO, online advertisements, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the goal you want to achieve and your personal preference. For marketing photos, our professional photographers favor partial cloudy conditions due to the abundance of sunshine and enough clouds to display the texture of the photos.

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