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Our animated videos make your story come alive.

Popular 2D animation video styles


This animation style is ideal to present data dynamically (animated infographics) for messages with long lists of facts. These animated videos combines visuals and language to quickly grab the viewers' attention while educating them on statistics or complex processes.


A black & white style where graphics and text can be shown as being drawn by a hand holding a pen drawing on a whiteboard. Drawings can also pulled in and out of the frame by a hand. This style works well with or without voice over, and with or without characters.


A colourful, dynamic and modern style with a wide range of characters and backgrounds to make your animation video stand out. This is a popular animation style which businesses love as they are fun to watch and can explain your idea in an appealing manner.

Selected 2D animation videos we created









How the live action video process works

First, conceptualisation

Laying out the entire project from start to end to make sure we’re all on the same page with your 2D Animation Video request. We can create graphics for your animated video. Like all animation studios in Singapore, we can provide services for professional voice over, music and sound effects.

Then, storyboarding

Piece your story together with a script and get a rough look of how your video will flow. If you do not have a script handy, we can write one for you at a custom price.

Next, graphic design

Once your storyboard & script is approved, we will move on to create graphic designs that suit your brand before animating your story.

Lastly, review animation!

After injecting the music & sound effects, we will provide you with the draft for your review. You now have a video! fewStones is one of the best animation studios in Singapore with more than 700 corporate videos produced.

Our demoreel

Watch our 2D animation demoreel with varying animation styles - whiteboard, cartoon, inforgraphic and more! As one of the prominent animation studios in Singapore since 2011, we've created hundreds of videos for happy clients.

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