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Popular live action video styles


More people need to hear about your brand! Give your happy customers a voice by letting them tell success stories to your prospective customers. Word of mouth is an effective form of marketing, so why not have it in a video?


Reel your audience in with captivating event videos. Every event is special, and our team is dedicated to artfully and professionally document your event in Singapore. Perfect for conferences, broadcast or launch events.


Many brands established themselves through commercials because of its creative and engaging concepts. If you need TVCs, we are dedicated to sell your product in a creative advertisement video.


Captivate your brand’s target demographic with a corporate video. With an effective marketing approach, you can create content that resonates with your target audience, driving results.

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How the live action video process works

First, conceptualisation

Laying out the entire project from start to end to make sure we’re all on the same page with your Live Action video request. We’ll be glad to provide any ideas or suggestions during a meetup, if required.

Then, castings & recce

If talent is required for your live action video, we are able to cast models based on your required criteria. Here, you have to bear in mind the extra cost, availability and also the use of rights for this video. If there is a filming location, there is a need to assess the physical location of the shoot, where the crew can check for the sound, lighting conditions and location permits.

Next, scripting

Piecing together your story with a script and getting a rough look of how your video will flow. If you do not have a script handy, we can write one for you at a custom price.

Next, storyboarding

Piecing together your story with a script and getting a rough look of how your video will flow. If you do not have a script handy, we can write one for you at a custom price.

Then, filming

Filming will then take place! Depending on your project we will plan the number of required hours & days for the shoot.

Next, edit

Our video editors will piece together the raw footage and/or stock footage in accordance to our pre-defined storyboard. This phase also includes colour grading, synchronising, audio adjustments, transitional effects and more.

Lastly, review the video!

After editing, we will provide you with the draft for your review. You now have a Live Action video!

Watch our Live-Action demoreel

Watch our Live Action demoreel to see what we can create for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions for

Any video that requires a camera for filming, is a live-action video.
A live-action video refers to cinematography or videography that records real-life objects, landscapes or people.

Yes, we can create a script for you.
Alternatively, you can check out our guide on how to do create your own corporate video script.

Yes, we are able to translate your video into other languages that cater to your target market.

Yes, we can scout locations and cast talents as a service, if your video requires them. We have been providing these services, and with our partnerships with many stakeholders to offer you competitive rates.

Yes, if you already have the raw or old footages, we can help you with post-production.

In all our videos, we offer a standard set of 2 revisions per video. It can, be altered based on your requirements.

You will receive .mp4 formats by default. This is a format that is commonly used amongst corporate video production in Singapore. We can definitely encode the video in other formats that you need (like .mov), depending on your requirements.

Let us help you talk through your video production and marketing journey. You may contact us here and let us know how we can help you understand better. 

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