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Videographer in Singapore: How to Select the Best Videographer

Every day, over 4 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched. By 2025, marketers predict that more than 50% of people under 32 will be watching videos. These numbers lay bare the fact that businesses and individuals who want to grow their brands must accept, “you need to use marketing videos to succeed in digital marketing.” Although you can opt to create videos on your own, the best option is using professional videographers in Singapore.

These are experts who have the right tools and skills to create amazing videos that will help catapult your brand to the next level in Singapore and all over the world. If you want to trend, drive a lot of traffic, and conversions, you need to work with the right videographers.

This article will be a guide for all the important factors regarding videographers. You will have a better understanding of what benefits they bring, how you can select the best for you, and how you should work with them.

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A Closer Look at Video Statistics

Before we look at how to select the best videographer, it is important to take a glance at statistics on videos in the market today. Take a look at these numbers to understand why “video is the new king”

From these video statistics, it is clear that both marketers and visitors prefer videos. Therefore, if you have not started using videos, it is time to look for a videographer and commence aggressive video marketing.

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Benefits of Working with a Videographer in Singapore

Today, virtually every smartphone has a camera that one can use to make a video.  But you cannot use this when targeting high impact corporate videos because there is a risk of crafting below par content. To get the highest quality videos, here are the primary reasons to work with expert videographers in Singapore.

  • Expert videographers have the right tools

The process of creating a great video requires more than a camera. Expert videographers have the best tools that help them craft winning videos. For example, they use the latest cameras, reflectors, wardrobes, and editing software to make the best videos.

  • Videographers have a lot of experience

When you look at some of the best videos on the market today, they are clear, precise, and attractive. This is a demonstration of the expert video production work that went into creating them.

Professional videographers have been in the market and understand how to craft winning videos. This is their area of expertise, and they leave nothing to chance.

  • Videographers can easily tell you the mistakes to avoid

When statistics on video marketing are released, it is important to understand that a lot of people also fall on the way because of serious mistakes.

For example, should you use an advertisement video or corporate video? To avoid making mistakes that can result in suboptimal results, it is advisable to work with professional videographers. They have seen these mistakes and will assist you avoid them.

  • Video production experts walk with you to success

If you are new to video marketing, the process can look a little uncertain. It is like venturing into a new business.

But when you select a good videographer, the road is less bumpy. First, you can rest assured of getting the best videos. Then, the videographer will work with your marketing team for better targeting and conversion.

Videographer Budget Guide

Here are some of the factors that go into how videographers rate their video services:

Pre-Production Expertise

Videographers are experts on the video production process. An important stage of this is pre-production where you have to come up with everything that you will need for your video shoot. It is one of the most important of the whole process so you have to make sure that everything related to your shoot will be covered before you start filming.

Videographers will also help you out in coming up with concepts, scripts, storyboards, and ideas for your video. They can also help you plan out the logistics of the shoot like planning, scheduling, and management.


While videographers are highly crucial to your video’s success, the type of cameras that they will be using will also play a significant role on how good your video will look during shooting.

When you hire a videographer, you are assured that they are well-equipped with the best cameras and lenses you can get for your budget.


Experienced videographers will also have a large variety of tools and equipment needed to optimise your filming. These could include lights, tripods, chargers, and jib-arms, motion rigs, or track dollies for the cameras.

Make sure you ask about what type of equipment a certain videographer has so you can find out if they provide what you will need for your own video.

Production Time

During the production phase, it is vital for you to plan out how long all your essential tasks will take. This is because if there will be significant changes in the production time, there may also be changes in terms of how much you have to pay for the services of your videographer in Singapore.

Even if it is important to make sure that you will not go over the scheduled amount of filming days, you should also not rush the whole process as it might lead to a poor video.

Video Editing

Videographers will either have a video editor on board or have the ability to edit the video themselves. They are skilled at crafting all the footage that is shot into the video that you envisioned.

Editors will sequence your shots to make it a cohesive story and will craft in a way so that your key message is clear and effective in your video.

If you want to find out more about what traits top videographers and video production companies have in common, you can read this article: Traits That Top Video Production Companies in Singapore Have in Common.

How to Work with a Professional Videographer In Singapore?

To make your video production successful and enjoy high return on investment (ROI), it is crucial to know how to work with the videographer.  Here are some useful tips:

  1. Make sure the videographer understands your business mission. This is very important because the video needs to communicate the story about your enterprise.
  2. Work with the videographer at all stages. In the pre-production phase when the concept is molded, it’s very important to ensure the business narrative is captured well. In the last stage, post-production phase, check keenly to ensure all the agreed targets were met.
  3. Make sure that the he/she understands the main goal of the video. For example, do you want to increase traffic or on-board new staff?
  4. Provide the videographer with the best support. Although the professional comes with a crew, you need to be actively involved. This means that you should provide the video production crew with everything it needs to make top—rated videos. Consider selecting the best members of your organisation to work with the videographer.
  5. Agree on the deliverables. Like other types of contracts, it is important only to start working with the videographer after a clear agreement that outlines clear deliverables. These should include the timelines, nature of videos, and possible future edits.
  6. If you are in other southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Hong-Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam, make sure that the videographer can also deliver the services there.

Bonus point: Use the opportunity as leverage for better future deals. Because you have started working together, insist that the videographer in Singapore commits some good offers when working with him/her in latter videos.

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Where Can You Outsource a Videographer in Singapore?

Here are the best ways you can find the best videographers in Singapore:

Your Own Personal Connections

One simple way of finding videographers is taking a look at your own connections and network. This can include friends, colleagues, and even family members who have videography experience or are affiliated with a video company.

Online Communities and Groups

You can post on online communities and groups on social media as well. There are specific groups on Facebook and LinkedIn Outreach where you can inquire about videographers in Singapore and their rates and services. This can be a good way of finding out if there are a lot of videographers in your area and if your budget will be sufficient for their services.

Freelance Platforms

Another great way of finding videographers is by looking through popular freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. These platforms allow freelancers to offer their services to clients that are looking for work. These websites allow for job postings that will include all the important information like rates and instructions. Freelancers also have their own profiles where they showcase their expertise, experience, and rates.

Video Production Companies

If you want to get a hold of the best videographer in Singapore, you should also have a look at video production companies that outsource videographers. One of these video production companies that offer this is fewStones. With fewStones, you will be able to collaborate with an experienced videographer in Singapore who will help you make the most out of your video.

How to Select the Best Videographer in Singapore?

Now that you know the benefits of using videos and how to work with a videographer of choice, it is time to select one. So, how do you select a great videographer?

  • Take videography seriously. If you take videography seriously, the chances of landing a great expert are very high. For example, you should allocate ample resources to it and start looking for the best videographer early enough.
  • Make sure to read reviews. When you read reviews about the videographer of interest, it becomes easy to understand their previous performance. Were past clients happy or unhappy with the videographer’s work? If they were dissatisfied, the chances are that the videographer is risky.
  • Only use experienced videographers. Because the process of creating high-value videos is technical, it is prudent to ensure you only go for the most experienced Check for skills such as scriptwriting and video editing, among others. They should be able to know what the current video marketing trends are like those that are in this article: Video Marketing in Singapore: 2021 Trends, Data & Strategy.
  • Go for a videographer who is able to craft different types of videos. To be successful in video marketing, it is important to have different types of video content. Therefore, you should only work with a videographer who can create multiple videos, including corporate videos, 3D videos, product videos, e-learning videos, explainer videos, and live-action videos, among others.
  • Look for a videographer who is trusted. Notably, a lot of efforts go into preparing videos. Often, people share important details about their products and business with videographers. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the professional can be trusted. You could also consider adding a confidentiality clause in the contract before video production

Go for the best to get the best!

If you want your videos to sparkle, make sure to only work with the best.

Look for the top videographer in Singapore with the requisite skills and commitment to walk with you to success. With the best videographer, you can never go wrong!

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