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Traits That Top Video Production Companies in Singapore Have in Common

With the rise of video content, as it has become one of the most effective types of content when it comes to entertainment, engagement, and even conversion, also comes the increasing importance of video production companies.

More and more businesses, whether they are small, medium, or large in scale, are wanting to create video content because it has proven to provide great returns on investment when done right. However, creating videos may be a difficult task if you are not completely familiar with the whole process of making them.

This is where video production companies are able to contribute significantly to businesses as they are able to create and prepare well-made videos that these businesses might not have the resources to do on their own.

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When it comes to working with video production companies, you have to be aware of all the things you need from your business and everything you need to work out with your chosen video production company so that you can create the best possible video.

This article will help give you a better understanding of what video production companies are, why you should hire them, how they do their work, and especially, the qualities and traits that they should have to help you create the best video content for your business.

What is a Video Production Company?

A video production company is usually referring to a team of experienced creative professionals who specialize in producing high quality video content that can be used for marketing or broadcast purposes.

All the stages of the film production process will be overseen by the video production company, from the creation and ideation of the video concept up until the uploading of the final version of the video.

Other steps along the whole video creation process will include consultation, scheduling, scripting, casting, shooting, and editing among a few more other steps you need to do.

The key to any top video production company is the crew that is involved because it does not just take one person to create well-executed video content. Depending on the size of the video production company, there will be teams of varying numbers that are able to work on every project.

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The main roles within a video production company are the directors, who are in charge of leading the whole production in terms of creativity, the directors of photography, who handle the cameras and all the visual elements of the video, and the editors, who are experts at tying everything together during post-production. These roles are the most important when it comes to shaping the whole production.

It is important for you to be able to consider the objectives and goals you have for your video at every stage, especially if the video that is being made will be for content marketing.

Constant and clear communication is key from the very start between your business and your chosen video production company because once everything is clear on your goals, target audience, key message, and distribution is for your video, the production and post-production phase can run smoothly.

Why Should You Hire Top Video Production Companies in Singapore for Your Business?

Now that you have a clearer understanding of what video production companies are and what they do, here are a few reasons why you should hire a top video production company to help create your business’ video content:

You Will Be Assured of a Great Output Made by Professionals

A professional top video production company will always be able to create a high-quality and effective video product that aligns with the goals and objectives of your business.

An experienced team of professionals who are experts in the processes in video production can help you focus on other areas of concern when it comes to creating your videos. These experts have had a lot of prior experience and are willing to adapt to whatever you need as long as it aligns with your objectives and is within your budget.

If you want to take a chance with having some of your company employees plan out, shoot, edit, and produce your videos, you may be giving them work that is outside of their expertise which can lead to having decreased time on their typical daily duties. This will most likely lead to reduced production among all their tasks.

Hiring different freelancers can also pose problems in terms of timing and having to schedule all of them and also, they may have their own separate creative decisions that may conflict with themselves or even with your own.

Having a partnership with a top video production company is a win-win situation because you will both share the success when your video is done right. They want to help your business succeed and they don’t want their name on a video that isn’t executed well.

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It Frees Up More of Your Time

As mentioned before, there are a lot of separate and equally challenging work that goes into making excellent videos. By taking the step to outsource and hire a top video production company, this allows you to free up a lot of time since you will not have to worry about most things related to your video as these video production teams will handle almost everything from start to finish.

These video production companies enjoy the whole video creation process and are also pretty good at their job if you find one of the top video production companies in Singapore.

If you are contemplating doing all the work on your own or even just within your company employees who have limited experience with making videos, you have to consider how much time you will spend in every phase of your video production. You have to conceptualize, come up with scripts, shoot, and eventually edit everything. The whole process might become too overwhelming and frustrating when you see how much time you are consuming away from your business.

Hiring a video production company frees yourself up to continue to focus on running your business properly so that the video that will be made will boost your business and won’t distract you from the other integral aspects of your business that you should work on.

You have to think about the overall cost you will have by trying to do your video in-house and creating a video you will not be proud of compared to the cost of hiring professionals but will result in having a great video that can give you a great return on investment. Avoid the unnecessary hassle and stress and hire the professionals to do the work you are not all too familiar with.

You Are Guaranteed to Have More Originality

Since top video production companies have had prior experiences with different types of clients, they have to have fresh and creative ideas so that their videos do not become stagnant. These production companies have to be updated on all the latest trends across the industry so that they can provide a creative vision that will reach your target audience.

Having to be aware and up-to-date with all the trends online and anywhere else is something that takes a lot of research and studying from workshops and conferences. This information will help them create the best type of video for you and your audience.

These professionals from top video production companies will know how to create a video that will have your audience connect at an emotional level and this is because they know all about proper storytelling. These videographers have the necessary information to deliver your brand’s message effectively across all the digital media and social media platforms that you need.

Having a fresh pair of eyes from outside your business is great as they can inject you with a lot of fresh ideas that you may not have thought of before. Collaborating with these professionals allows them to evaluate your business and suggest new ideas and new perspectives that you can use for all your different marketing platforms, especially videos.

Gives You Access to High-Quality Equipment

Since you want to put out your video content in the best quality possible, you should be able to shoot with equipment of the highest quality. Shooting videos from a phone camera may look good if you’re going for a more natural vibe, but if you want to have a video that looks great, you have to use professional cameras.

Normally, you wouldn’t have the resources or even the budget to buy a professional camera for a shoot. That’s why it is much more beneficial to hire one of the top video production companies in Singapore because they already have their own high-quality equipment ready to be used for your needs.

These production companies don’t just have high-quality cameras, but also other important features needed for a great shoot like lights, tripods, and camera stands.

If you want to make sure that your output will come at as great as possible, you should not go wrong with professional videographers that have had relevant experience handling their high-quality equipment.

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Maximizes Your Budget

Working with a top video production company for your video can save you a lot of money in the long run. When your video turns out great, you can be able to use it for different campaigns and you can even repurpose these videos in different formats that you can use for specific social media platforms.

It is much easier and cost-effective to hire a production company that already has its staff and equipment ready instead of having to hire separate people and to purchase high-quality cameras.

Hiring a video production company will give you a great return on investment because when your video does well, it  will make up for all the funds you spent for hiring a video production company while still making a profit.

A Simplified Look at the Video Production Process

Here is a simplified look at how the process of video production looks like during its three key stages: the pre-production stage, the production stage, and the post-production stage.

The Pre-Production Stage

In the pre-production stage, you should come up with the objectives, goals, target audience, key message, and concept of your video among other things.

You have to create a solid strategy for your video content so that everything after this pre-production stage will run as smoothly as possible. You have to think about how you will create the video, where you will distribute it, how you will repurpose it, and how you can achieve this within your budget and the timeline you have set for the whole production.

It is vital for you to develop your creative approach and flesh out your main idea or concept as this will be the basis for everything you want to put in your video. From there, you can now collaborate with the video production company when it comes to writing your script based on what your main concept is.

After the completion of the script, it would be advisable to create a storyboard alongside it to easily visualize how your video will be made. This can give you a better picture of your lighting, framing, and transitions of the shots that you need. You can create these through drawings, photos, or even stock videos as well.

The last thing that you need to sort out before you can start filming is planning and scheduling your video shoot. This is where you discuss with the video production company on shooting locations, how much crew is needed, having actors or presenters, how much equipment to bring, the schedule of activities, and contingencies if there are things that go wrong.

The Production Stage

When it comes to the actual days of having to film for your video, it is best left for the professionals to do the work that you hired them for, unless you will have an appearance in the video.

All the planning and conceptualizing you did during the pre-production stage should make your shoots run easily and without much hassle.

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The director of the shoot will be there to ensure that everyone who will perform on camera will give their best performance, see that the video is well-shot in terms of lighting and framing, shoot the required amount amount of footage that would make editing easier, and follow the script, storyboard and the key message closely.

The Post-Production Stage

Once all the filming is done, it is now time to start the post-production process. A huge bulk of the post-production relies on editing which will be handled by a skilled video editor. They will go through all the footage that was shot and select the best takes that will be used for the final video. They will then cut the film together according to your script and storyboard so that your key message is evidently displayed.

This is the stage where graphics and special effects are added, if necessary. Along with that is having to take into account what music will be used for the video which is an important factor.

Once the editing is done and a final version has been approved, you can now distribute your video to the platforms that you intend to broadcast to, whether it is on television, on your website, or on all the different social media platforms.

What Are the Traits That All Top Video Production Companies in Singapore Have in Common?

Here are eight important traits you should look for in all the top video production companies in Singapore when you have decided that you would want to collaborate with one of them:

They are experienced.

While you may try to cut corners on cost by hiring interns or students for your video production needs, these will definitely not be as well-made and well-polished as those made by professionals.

The video production team that you hire must have plenty of valuable past experiences in filming and editing so that you can be assured that they can prepare well for whatever demands you have for your video that is within your budget.

They are invested in your company.

When it comes to choosing the right video production company for your business, another factor you should consider is how invested they will be in your company. While a lot of companies may have experience, they may not be as willing to work with you compared to other companies.

Find a video production company that is friendly, inviting, and genuinely interested in your products and your company. You will have to work closely with your chosen production company so you have to find one that values and understands your business and has a personal stake in making the best video to help your business out.

They are collaborative.

The best video production companies in Singapore is able to help you when it comes to brainstorming ideas, concepts, and messages that you need for your video. They are also willing to educate you on things like lighting, angles, and editing.

Look for a production company that is actively offering good, creative ideas while you are working together instead of a company that may just sit back passively. They should be engaged and be willing to give you tips and feedback on what works and what doesn’t. You have to work together to make this video shoot successful so you might as well find a company that you can have a great working relationship with.

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They communicate well.

Communication is definitely key when it comes to having to collaborate with another group. Finding a video production company that is able to communicate consistently and clearly to you throughout the whole process will be very valuable towards creating a great video output for you.

The more you are able to converse and talk about what you need to do to make your video successful, the more likely it is for you to communicate the key messages that you will display on your videos to your audience. You should not hesitate to communicate with a good video production company since you are working on this video project together.

They are organized.

The top video production companies in Singapore are always well organized since their business heavily relies on following a schedule throughout all the three important stages of video production.

They are able to analyze everything well, maximize the different experts they have on their specific field of work, and produce a high-quality video that is filmed, delivered, and distributed on time. These companies should be able to help you work out all the details that you need for your video production so that once one stage is done, you can easily focus on the next thing that you need to do.

They are punctual.

In the corporate world,  time is of the essence and this is something you should also take into account when hiring a video production company. Try to look for indicators of punctuality even before finding a company to work with you. Find out which companies pick up immediately if you give a call or those that reply within a reasonable amount of time. These are the companies you should be looking at.

You have to be as efficient with your time as possible and that rings especially true when it comes to the whole video production process you will face. So, it is evidently critical for you to find a video production company that is respectful of your time and punctual when it comes to everything that you have scheduled throughout your whole collaboration.

They are creative.

When it comes to creating your video, it is important that it is able to differentiate itself among the rest of the videos that your audience will see. This is why you should also prioritize a video production company that values creativity and can think outside the box to help you stand out and truly capture your audience.

Try to look for video production companies that have made different types of videos for several different clients so you can see how versatile and creative their videos are. Some repetitive styles and trends may not be as noticeable to some, so make sure you check out their portfolios for videos that stand out to you and could work well for your videos as well.

They are passionate.

In a creative industry that video production companies are in, it takes a lot of passion and drive to help them continue with the type of work that they do. These directors, producers, videographers, and editors are driven by art and require passion to keep them motivated throughout the day.

There are a lot of different ways to find out if a video production company has this passion. They are truly passionate if they are genuinely interested in your project, are trying to suggest different innovative ideas, and are always by your side throughout the whole video production process.

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When you finally decide on wanting to collaborate with top video production companies, there are a lot of things you have to educate yourself with and consider so that you can go through the whole process properly to create a successful video.

If you want to collaborate with top video production companies in Singapore, where you are guaranteed a great working relationship and a well-made video, then our team at fewStones is ready to help you out.

You can be rest assured that fewStones possesses all the important traits that you should be looking for in top video production companies in Singapore.

Our professional video team at fewStones are able to create eye-catching video content that will help your business, whether these are video advertisements or corporate videos.

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