What Does A Video Production Company Do?

Every time you are about to watch a movie, a video production company takes this chance to show who they are. In most cases, it comes in the form of a logo in still picture with an image and title, while in others, a video is employed. 

Whether it’s an image or a short 7 seconds video clip, it is a way to let the audience know who was in charge of bringing you the video you are about to watch.

This, however, is not the case with every other video although it’s a natural in films. So, what does a video production company do?  To get a better understanding of this, it’s essential that we first shed light on what a video production company is.

What Exactly Is A Video Production Company?

To begin with, a video production company is known by various names namely:

  • A production house
  • A production team
  • A production studio

A video production company would therefore be a business that plays a major role in bringing performing arts including radio, TV, as well as interactive arts to the audience. The audience in this case is you and I – those who are consuming, watching, or listening to the final product.

A production house requires people with diverse skills in line with fulfilling the varied roles and talents necessary – whether it’s meant for TV, radio, or theater.  In essence, a lot of brainstorming and conceptualization takes place before that viral commercial video that sets tongues wagging is created. 

Now that we understand what a video production company is, it’s important that we further shed light on the roles of a video production company.

What’s The Role Of A Video Production Company?

Fallaciously, Most people are under the impression that a production company’s duties and responsibilities start and end at writing scripts, shooting videos at a whole set of scenic filming locations, cutting and editing videos, as well as distribution of the produced video.

I don’t mean to bust your bubble but a video production company does more than what we’ve mentioned above. Put another way, it’s a whole lot of meticulous planning, creative briefs, to mention but a few.

To fully understand the role of a video production company, it’s essential that we shed light on the three main aspects (stages) of video production. These are: pre-production, production, and post-production.


As the first step undertaken by a video production company, it entails, as with anything else, setting of goals, deciding what needs to be done, as well as the final objective of the whole project. This is thought of as the most crucial stage as it establishes how everything else will fall into place. It is the section that contains:-

  • The budgeting
  • Organization
  • Research
  • Planning
  • Problem solving.

The budget is set to ensure that the process does not go overboard and that every last cent is well spent and can be accounted for.

The organization part revolves around bringing the required parties together and handing out the different roles each person will play.

Research is indispensable in finding out what resources will be required, the target audience, how best to reach them, as well as the theme of the video and its feel. Other factors include setting timelines, deciding locations, and finding out the characters that will be in play.

This part necessitates having a representative of the client (or the client himself) as his input is very much necessary at this point in time. If he or she is tied down, the meeting can as well be done over the phone since the actual work will be done by the video production Singapore company.

Planning is where a site visit might be scheduled. It all boils down to the scope and the role that the site plays in the whole production. It is also at this stage when preparation for the shoot is done.

The video producer has the role of making sure the production phase will not face any hitches or run into any form of headwinds. It involves having the scripts not just ready but approved and having the characters well vetted. The schedule has to then get finalized as well as the filming locations.

The production stage

At this point, most of the planning work has been taken care of.  This is where all the shoots for the video will be taken as well as any additional visuals, inspirations, or suggestions.

The producer is expected to understand all of that and it should be very clearly communicated to all parties involved.

All the characters are at this point ready with their parts, scenes, settings and most importantly, more than ready for the camera. Additional tasks at this stage include:

  • Fixing and mounting the video equipment and peripheral apparatus that are paramount to the production including those for the sound and lighting.
  • Doing voiceovers especially in those projects where they are needed.
  • Doing b-rolls which are basically the additional footage that are used as part of the production storyline. 

Post-production stage

This being the final stage, the majority of the task falls on the production team. They take charge and breathe life into the project by piecing together all the different sections and adding the required effects to the videos.

At this point you are probably getting a pretty clear picture of what a video production company does. This part entails both the creativity of the team as well as their proficiency.

As they are busy doing their magic, they have to come up with a final draft that will then be looked at by key people including the shareholders. There are then two additional stages at this point namely:

  • The first approval followed by a revision. The revision only happens after the initial version has gone through some editing and it happens that there are changes that need to be undertaken.
  • The last stage is the final delivery. It can only be done after the previous approval and revision has been carried out to satisfaction. The video is then exported based on whether there are specific requirements for the platforms that it is exclusively meant to be used on.

Bottom Line

If you had no idea of what a video production company does or has been one of those people who never fail to ask the question “what does a video production company do? – this article has steadily walked you through the process.

With such an effective video production process, you can rest assured that your video production task will be handled not only by professionals but also tailored to your tastes and preferences.

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