How to Find A Video Production Company?

Hiring a professional video production company to make videos for your business can be a great investment. If you choose a company that produces a high-quality product that helps to market your business.

The actual task of trying to find a video production company that will do this for you, though, can feel like a mountainous task.

There is a lot of risks involved, as you need to pay at least some of the money for their services before they have even made your video.

Wat’s more, the industry is full of video production companies all claiming to be the best. So, to find the video production company that is right for you takes a bit of work.

Fortunately, in the following post, we are going to help. We will walk you through the best tips that will help you find a video production company.

What Type of Video Do You Want to Make?

The first consideration you need to make before you even start talking to different production companies is what kind of video you want to be made.

You should have a good idea about what you want the video to be about, how you are going to use it when it has been finished and who you are targeting with it.

If you are interested in an animated film, for instance, it makes sense to seek out a company that has experience in animation with evidence of their previous work. You will be able to find the video production company that is best able to produce what you are looking for.

Don’t Get Too Caught Up With the Demo Reel

You will find video production company websites often feature a demo reel of their work. This normally consists of around a minute’s worth of clips from the projects they’ve worked on in the past. The object of the demo reel is to show they are a firmly established company that has worked with various clients.

Why would that be a bad thing? A demo reel shows a lot, but what it doesn’t show is the finished results. It is a pretty showcase of lots of “best bits”.

So, although it may pull you in, don’t be suckered into believing the demo reel is the best display of their talents and abilities. Take a deeper look through their website and find videos of some of the projects they worked on.

If you can’t find any, then this is a real red flag. Because, why would they not want to display the work they have completed in the past? What was wrong with it?

Speak to the Video Production Company’s Previous Clients

While you are looking at the projects they’ve worked on in the past, see if, you will be able to find video production company client’s information. When you are obtaining quotes from a company, ask if they can pass on the contact details of previous clients. If they are not prepared to do this, you should be very wary.

Speak to the clients and they will be able to give you a firsthand experience of what it was like working with the company and how satisfied they were with the results.

Another way to find out more about what a production company is like is by looking at Google and find video production company reviews there. Particularly if you use Google Maps and search for video production in (enter the city you are looking for a company in).

Don’t Just Choose the First Video Production Company You Find

It’s important to get several quotes from different companies, even if you are sure you know which you want to hire. This is the most effective way to ensure you get the right price for the kind of video project you need to be completed.

Although this may be a more slow-moving approach than you had in mind, the pricing within the industry from one company to the next can vary significantly, so it is worth the slog if you find a better deal in the end.

Consider Quality As Well As the Price

You will find video production company quotes are very indicative of the quality you can expect. Though that doesn’t always mean that paying more is best.

You need to think about how important quality is to the company and if what they consider a quality video is to the same standard you want and expect.

What do you get for the price they are asking for their work? If they are offering you lots of extras that you don’t need, could you find a lower price elsewhere?

Make Sure You Discuss the Timeframe

You mustn’t assume that any video production company you speak to will be able to start working on your video straight away.

Most companies whose services are in high demand will offer to write up a contract outlining a time when they can start work on your project. Although most animated and live-action videos will take around 6 to 8 weeks to finish, you will find video production company timeframes are different from firm to firm.

As many setbacks can delay live-action videos, a company you are interested in working with should be able to outline those possible setbacks and how they might work around them.


Given how much the industry has expanded over the last couple of decades and how important video marketing has become, it may not be hard to find video production company-style organizations based in your local area.

There are plenty out there. What is more difficult is finding one that offers everything you need, who can meet your deadlines and budget constraints and deliver a video that you are happy with.

Hopefully, with the tips we have provided above, you will be able to take a side-swerve past the companies that are not so good and find the right video production company that will help your business to progress and succeed.

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