How to Make a Corporate Video?

You only have to look at the prominence video is getting in all major social media platforms to get a clear picture of its potential.  Corporate videos are one way you can capitalize on this phenomenal. It has become increasingly easier to market your company through corporate videos.

And the videos don’t have to suck because they are corporate. This is where suits and ties get to appreciate video as an artful marketing necessity. Like most people reading this post, I bet you don’t know how to make a corporate video?

Don’t worry. I’ll show how to make an amazing corporate video without boring you with unnecessary jargon and sideshows. Videos should be creatively packaged to elicit the right emotions from the audience. Remember, more than half of the people watching your video probably don’t know you or your corporate identity.

We no longer live in the video Stone Age, the video has metamorphosed to the future so candidly predicted back then. In the information age, even corporates are competing with cat videos. In order to inspire and motivate a potential million viewers to do something, you just learn how to make a corporate video. And not a boring one for that matter because that seemingly silly cat video is garnering a million views.

In simple terms, a corporate video is a video that focusses on the company itself and not the product and services. The word corporate is intimidating. But a corporate video shouldn’t. That’s why you should add genuine personality to the video. Let the video show the human side of corporate business.

In essence, the corporate video should connect emotionally with the audience. Besides, you will use the video to market your beliefs and culture as well. Before we even look into the process of making a corporate video, I would like to share some of the benefits of making a corporate video.

The Pros of Making a Corporate Video

  • A corporate video is good for attracting the right employees, or if you like, talent to the company.
  • The video offers a short and quicker method of sharing information with people interested in your company, which could be website visitors, social media followers, etc.
  • You will use the video to boost the brand identity and credibility to anyone who sees the video.
  • SEO; if you optimize the video it will be easily picked by the search engines bringing in much-needed traffic back to your website.
  • You get to showcase a friendlier, laid back personality that your company wishes to project to the target audience.
  • The video will be used for public relations and easier for media to create the right story for your company.

The process of how to make a corporate video is divided into three production stages:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production


The reason I would like creativity to supersede any pre-defined format, you could have heard or already formed in your mind is because it allows for great corporate videos. When video production is rigid, it ends up being boring. Needless to say, a corporate video should maintain professionalism while at the same time capture people’s imagination.

In its truest form, certain inclusions can’t be done away in making a corporate video. For instance, the head of the company should be included because he is regarded as the spokesperson of the company.

In between the scenes, you should create a section(s) where a regular employee speaks about the company culture and the work environment. Ultimately, the employees interviewed should show why it’s great to work for your company.

Of course, it’s not a complete corporate video if there is no section on the company’s culture. This is best expressed through the exciting events the company has had in the past. These events should showcase, the fun side of the persona your company wishes to project.

Lastly, you need to include an office tour. The office tour should follow the same format as in all the other sections. It’s should be personal and able to connect with the viewers’ imagination. Well, if you have a boring office, that’s where creativity kicks in.

Note, this video should involve genuine employees and not actors. The idea is to get that oomph from them even if it means capturing the authentic blunders they are expected to make. I mean, you don’t expect that shy, introverted accountant at your office to wow in the sight of intimidating cameras and lights.

Most probably, they will sweat heavily. The good thing, though, is no office has shortages of divas, wannabe actors and drama queens. The trick is to balance these personalities depending on the final cut you want to achieve.

In the end, we are looking for authenticity, not an Oscar nomination.


Ideally, you should go for shorter videos, they are easily shareable. Plus shows that people’s attention span diminishes after the 30-second mark.

The video footage should have a storyline. Even interviews require the use of B-roll footage to enhance storytelling techniques. For example, the accompanying shots should be part of whatever is being said by interviewees or voiceovers.

Everything will fall into place if you plan everything in a systematic order. Most of the ideas scripted in the pre-production stage will affect the production and post-production stages.

For example, you can’t plan the usage of B roll footage during post-production. It must be well documented in the pre-production section. A good videographer should at least have a clear picture of how the final cut will look like.

Things to Avoid When Making a Corporate Video?

  • Not keeping things Natural

If you plan on using a script to guide the corporate video production then ensure that the script is as natural as possible. You should not also get excited by the use of unnecessary visual effects. You are making a corporate video, not a blockbuster called “suits and ties: the movie”

  • Working with fake speakers

Do not include any footage with fake speakers, especially if they add too much drama to the shots. Work with authentic speakers to capture their true emotions. Surprisingly, in such videos, people connect with authenticity, not bad acting.

  • Being overly excited and resorting to complex transitions

The other rookie mistakes you should avoid are: editing the video with some really weird transitions. Again, this could be caused by excitement. Let’s not get carried away here. The transition should be simple and connected with shots. The more complex transitions work better with films.

  • Using complex corporate Jargon

And not forgetting the complex corporate words employees want to throw around in interviews. You know, those descriptive or otherwise corporate words everyone yearns to throw around. First of all, these words will alienate your audience especially if the video is shared on social media.  Secondly, they kill the very purpose of making this video. “Keep it simple. Silly.”

More Tips When Making a Corporate Video

I am thinking, what if probably you need to do some of the things in the house. I have shared some tips you can follow below when you wish to make a corporate video.

Choose a team that will help you craft the concepts for corporate videos. From a distance, it seems like an easy task until you get down to coming up with concepts. Before you realize it, you are brainstorming at 2200 hours over what seemed like a simple video.

That said, brainstorming will help. Even as you brainstorm ideas you should remember that the video is meant for the audience consumption. All concepts should be based on interesting the target audience.

The video should resonate with the audience. For instance, the video can highlight an event, perhaps, corporate social responsibility theme, to show your company cares about important things.

When designing the concept remember the video should have an ascending format, so to speak. It should gradually engage the audience to a climax and a near-perfect conclusion. Because the video should have some form of a call to action.

Lastly, do not overemphasize conceptualization at the expense of great visuals. Ultimately, the story will be staged through great visuals. The colors and imagery you choose should showcase your brand identity regardless of the style they are presented in. 

Once, the corporate video is done, share it online to get exposure for your company.


With the above information, I now know that you have an idea of how to make a corporate video. But it doesn’t have to be a burden on your shoulder. You’ll take a load off your team and yourself when you outsource corporate video making

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