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explainer video singapore

Explainer videos in Singapore help to influence buying decisions

We all know how important content is, not just from a search engine point of view but from a consumer/visitor point of view too. Explainer video in Singapore is the cornerstone of your growth in Asia. While we don’t blame you for focusing your attention on written content, and we certainly don’t think you should

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Motion Graphics Singapore

Today, one of the most effective types of videos for digital marketing is motion graphics. They take the idea of infographics a notch higher by adding motion effect. People prefer motion graphics in Singapore because they capture more attention compared to simple text or blog posts on the same subject. Besides, they help to clear

corporate videography services singapore office

Corporate Videography Services In Singapore

Do you want your business or organization to succeed? Of course, you do! To achieve this goal you need to use videos. Over 80% of marketers are of the view that using videos is among the best strategies for engaging the target audience and building a positive brand. Even as everyone agrees that “video is

videographer singapore

Videographer in Singapore

Today, the world is adrift from the conventional textual content marketing to videos. Every day, over 4 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched. By 2025, marketers predict that more than 50% of people under 32 will be watching videos. These numbers lay bare the fact that businesses and individuals who want to grow their

holiday season

Leverage on (HO HO) holiday corporate videos to build brand presence!

Only a month to Christmas and the ho-ho-holiday season! Are you excited? This time of the year is magical and exciting – and that sells. If you haven’t already created holiday corporate videos for your brand, you should. For some companies, this festive period means a well-deserved break and downtime but for others, it is

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The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Video Production in Singapore

Creating a Story That Sells – How to Make a Great Corporate Video Storyboard The name alone helps explain what it is – a visual representation, either with computer-generated or hand-drawn images of what is going to happen or appear on screen in each scene of your video. On the inside of each board, there

video scriptwriting

Corporate video scriptwriting practices that will convert

A corporate video without a script is akin to a building without a foundation – the strength of good corporate video production in Singapore lies in the video scriptwriting. You’re going to need a script. Video scriptwriting helps you build the backbone of your video, develop the step-by-step process to get your imagination transformed into visual &

google search engine

Why are videos good for your SEO?

A long time ago, users only had a handful of options for the services they need, and stayed loyal to them. A while back, users are bombarded with too many advertisements and became indecisive and frustrated with too many choices. Today, consumers want full control of their buying process and turn to the one place

iPhone video

Why marketers should jump on the Vertical Mobile Video bandwagon

Quick, tell me how often do you go on Facebook or Instagram? If you are an avid user scrolling through these social platforms on your smartphone, you’ll probably know that vertical mobile videos are taking the content universe by storm, as opposed to 16:9 horizontal videos. While vertical mobile videos were unwelcome during its introduction

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