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holiday season

Leverage on (HO HO) holiday corporate videos to build brand presence!

Only a month to Christmas and the ho-ho-holiday season! Are you excited? This time of the year is magical and exciting – and that sells. If you haven’t already created holiday corporate videos for your brand, you should. For some companies, this festive period means a well-deserved break and downtime but for others, it is

video camera

The ultimate guide to corporate video production in Singapore

Trends are favouring video, and that’s not surprising! Humans are visual & audio species and it is natural that we get reeled in by video content more than text or image content. Corporate video production in Singapore is no longer an option – it’s essential. Over the years, we’ve seen the churn for corporate videos


Corporate video scriptwriting practices that will convert

A corporate video without a script is akin to a building without a foundation – the strength of good corporate video production in Singapore lies in the scriptwriting. You’re going to need a script. A script helps you build the backbone of your video, develop the step-by-step process to get your imagination transformed into visual & audio deliverables. If you’re thinking

google search engine

Why are videos good for your SEO?

A long time ago, users only had a handful of options for the services they need, and stayed loyal to them. A while back, users are bombarded with too many advertisements and became indecisive and frustrated with too many choices. Today, consumers want full control of their buying process and turn to the one place

iPhone video

Why marketers should jump on the Vertical Mobile Video bandwagon

Quick, tell me how often do you go on Facebook or Instagram? If you are an avid user scrolling through these social platforms on your smartphone, you’ll probably know that vertical mobile videos are taking the content universe by storm, as opposed to 16:9 horizontal videos. While vertical mobile videos were unwelcome during its introduction

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