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corporate video interview

10 Elements of an Effective Corporate Video

While creating corporate videos is crucial, it is not just an easy or simple task to perform. You will need to be familiar with everything that is needed to make these videos effective. Check out this article for the 10 elements that make an effective corporate video. 10 Elements of an Effective Corporate Video 1.

business headshot horizontal

7 Tips on What to Wear For a Business Headshot Photoshoot in Singapore

Business headshots are vital when it comes to displaying the professionalism that you and your company have towards potential clients and partners. Can’t decide on what to wear? Check out our 7 tips on what to wear for a business headshot. 4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Hold Photoshoots For Your Business Headshots 1. A

music studio recording

Best Tips to Use Music in Your Videos

Incorporating music into your corporate videos is an essential part of the corporate video production process. While everyone knows that the best videos also have great music, choosing any song just for the sake of having it in a video is not enough. This article will guide you through how you should use music in

company discussion

Company Video Content: 8 Elements of a Successful Video

As a company, it is crucial for you to create different types of content that allows you to effectively communicate who you are, what your products or services are, and how you can help consumers. With company videos, you will have all of the freedom and creativity to deliver your message. This article will be

spotify on laptop

A Guide to Spotify Ads in Singapore

Spotify may not be one of the first options you will have in mind. But with over 381 million monthly active users, Spotify is an underrated channel to reach new customers. When you advertise on Spotify, you will have the chance to reach millions of listeners not just in Singapore, but around the world. This

engaging video shoot

8 Elements of an Engaging Video

Whether you want people to purchase your product, share your video, sign up for your newsletter, or visit your stores, one thing you will have to make sure is that they should engage your viewers. This article will be a guide to make sure you are able to produce an engaging video, provide statistics that

corporate training meeting with videos

8 Reasons to Use Videos For Corporate Training Programs

Having successful corporate training programs is an essential part of any company’s success. When you provide great training material in your programs for your employees, you will be equipping them with the proper information and skills that they will need to excel in their work. This article will give you 8 reasons why you should use

corporate training

10 Tips to Improve Corporate Training Videos

Creating the best training materials for your company is always important. It makes sure that your employees will become equipped with all the right information and skills to perform at their best in their work. One way of creating great training materials is by creating corporate training videos. This article will dive deep into what

employees engaging with video

How to Use Videos For Employee Engagement & Best Examples

With most employees having to work remotely, your company needs to make sure that all of your employees are engaged and invested. While you may think that this is too difficult due to the remote working setup, this isn’t the case. Great video content can be used to establish and even boost employee engagement. This

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