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Let us know if you’d like write for us too. homepage Review: Next-Level AI-Powered Stream Highlights Review: Next-Level AI-Powered Stream Highlights Calling all gaming enthusiasts and esports fans! Get ready to embark on an exceptional journey with, the ultimate online platform tailored exclusively for you. Are you prepared to plunge into the electrifying realm of competitive gaming? If so, hold on tight because is here to provide an

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How to Create an Employee Training Video

Videos are one of the most popular content types nowadays and a training video is one of the best ways to communicate important information. Knowing the process of creating these training videos can be a great help for your employees and your business as a whole. A great employee training video helps team members become

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The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Video Production

Are you looking for corporate video production in Singapore? Get an Instant Quote Our Services Live Action Video 2D Animation Video Personalised Video Live Streaming Find out more about us Check out our guide below Over the years, we’ve seen the churn for corporate videos that are meant for marketing. Today, videos are used in

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8 Tips for Effective Remote Employee Training

Employee training is an important part of providing the best employee experience for a company. However, training programs for remote teams have unique challenges. It is important to create training programs that are just as good in the office as well as any other location. You will need to follow all 8 of these tips

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5 Best Software to Create Learning Videos

Creating learning videos is one of the best ways to create high-quality video content for your employees and your customers. You will need to know about the specific software which will help you make the most out of these videos. The best software for learning videos aren’t just great for editing videos, but they should

Step-by-Step Guide to Create an Interactive E-learning Video

Step-by-Step Guide to Create an Interactive E-learning Video E-learning videos are widely used nowadays since they are perfect for training your employees and entertaining them at the same time. The only problem is that creating an e-learning video from scratch is a chore, and you have a lot of work to do if you want

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7 Examples of eLearning Animated Videos

Animated videos are very effective tools that you can use in eLearning. Animated videos help engage the learner, keep them interested, and help create memorable learning moments for all types of learners. They do a great job of explaining complex and abstract ideas in an entertaining manner. These videos give people the chance to visualise

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How To Create Engaging eLearning Videos That Your Employees Will Complete

How To Create Engaging eLearning Videos That Your Employees Will Complete In many places, training and education is often associated with a formal environment. Whether in a session room or in front of the computer screen, one can witness a conventional approach where learners have no choice but to listen to the teacher or trainer

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6 Best eLearning Videos to Inspire Your Company Training Program

Nowadays, video has become one of the most powerful tools for transmitting information. The use of videos has been especially important when it comes to delivering crucial information to employees during training. Making use of great eLearning videos makes the company training experience a lot easier and quicker for employees. These eLearning videos can cover

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