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Motion Graphics Singapore: The Beginner’s Guide

Today, one of the most effective types of videos for digital marketing is motion graphics. They take the idea of infographics a notch higher by adding motion effects.

People prefer motion graphics in Singapore because they capture more attention compared to simple text or blog posts on the same subject.

Besides, they help to clear the limitations that come with shooting live-action videos. In this post, we will dig deeper and tell you more about the benefits of motion graphics and how to select the best firm to work with in Singapore.

What are Motion Graphics in Singapore?

Motion graphics combine animation, graphics, digital footages, and audio to create a type of digital video. By using effects of colour, layouts, images and styles, the videos make it easy to relay your messages in a simplified yet effective way.

The process of creating motion graphics starts with crafting static graphics. Then, the graphics are given time movements that help to tell the story of interest.

Voiceovers are also added to help the videos convey the message of interest. The ultimate product is an easy-to-absorb type of digital video with a specific beginning and an end. Motion graphic videos are very useful in adding flavour, especially to presentations. They are also recommended for finishing flairs to live-action videos.

In most cases, motion graphics come with unique benefits. If you have information that is too complex to present using still images such as infographics, motion graphics will come in handy. They are very effective because they can present different images and employ audio and videos to provide a bigger picture.

Because of the visual and audio effects, they are considered more memorable compared to texts.

Common Applications of Motion Graphics

Like other types of videos, motion graphics can be used in different ways to communicate specific information to the target audience. Here are the most common areas where you can apply them:

  • On video and movie titles: Many marketers use motion graphics on titles to serve as introduction. They help to make videos to look more attractive and encourage viewers to watch to the end.
  • Logo graphics: If you have a logo or website, adding motion graphics will make it stand out. This method is used to increase click-through rates in digital marketing.
  • Social media: Today, people rely on social media for most things, including entertainment, news, and tutoring. To make your content more attractive, drive traffic and conversions, you can add motion graphics.
  • Information sharing: If you intend to share or convey information in a simplified yet effective way, one of the best methods to achieve the goal is using motion graphics. The video allows you to convert ideas into animation and to add other features to make the information acceptable and easy to understand.

Benefits of Motion Graphics in Singapore

Motion graphics are an effective method of storytelling because they engage both auditory and visual receptors. But these types of videos also come with additional benefits, including the following:

  • Cheap and easy to prepare: When you compare other videos such as live-action videos to motion graphics, you will realise that the latter is cheaper. Besides, it is less complicated and can be created faster. This makes motion graphics very effective, especially when you want to put through an urgent message to a specific audience or working on budget.
  • Attractive: When you run ads that are designed using motion graphics, they appear more attractive compared to plain text ads. This is very important in attracting more traffic to a specific point, such as a landing page.
  • Effective in brand recognition: Because motion graphics are eye catching, the message you want to send through easily sticks in people’s minds. This means that your clients will easily recognise your brand when they see the motion graphics on different platforms.

To enjoy these and other benefits, the secret is identifying and working with the best motion graphics firm in Singapore.

The good thing about video production professionals in Singapore is that they also deliver their services even in other Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

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How to Work With a Motion Graphics Firm

Here is how you can work with a motion graphics firm so that you can achieve the best motion graphics for your business in Singapore:

Make sure that your story is clear to the motion graphics team

Unlike static visual communication that focuses more on presenting facts, motion graphics and videos typically focus more on using information to tell a story. Make sure that you get to coordinate with the motion graphics team about what your story is and what you want your audience to feel after watching it. This will ensure that their illustrations and visualisations will contribute to your story.

Communicate constantly all throughout the process of working on the output

Creating a motion graphics video will involve a lot of team members both from your company’s team and the motion graphics team. To make sure that all the producers, writers, designers, and animators are all on the same page throughout the whole process, everyone has to communicate clearly and constantly. Having an established team dynamic and an organised system of checks and balances between your company and the motion graphics team will ensure you of a great motion graphics output.

How to Make Motion Graphics Work for You?

When you decide to use motion graphics, the first step is creating the best videos. The best way to craft winning videos is by working with experts. But you need to do more. Here are some tips:

  • Take time to understand the target audience. This means that you will be able to craft a storyline that the targeted audience can easily associate with.
  • Share the videos in multiple platforms. Once you have created a great marketing video, using it on your website alone is not enough. Instead, you should share it in multiple platform including social media and guest pages, among others. The focus is increasing reach to the target audience.
  • Make motion graphics mobile friendly. Today, most people use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, to access marketing information. Therefore, making the video mobile-friendly will increase reach and drive more conversions.
  • Be Consistent in creating motion graphics for your brand. Although motion graphics are very attractive, you cannot rely on a single video only. Instead, you need to be creative and create the videos regularly for the target audience. This will make your target audience to keep coming back for more.

Pricing Factors for Motion Graphics in Singapore

Here are some of the essential factors that influence how everything is charged when it comes to availing the services of a motion graphics team:


When coming up with your motion graphics video, its goal is to drive specific results that you chose for your company.

In order to achieve these goals, it is important to go over what your business is, its target audience, and the visual animation style you are looking for with the motion graphics team.

This would require a lot of research about your industry and the previous marketing efforts your company has made. Typically, going over your strategy for your motion graphics video will involve one or two meetings with the motion graphics team.


Writing the script to the motion graphics video is one of the most important steps of the process because it is crucial to find and communicate the right messaging to connect with your target audience.

A well-made script for a motion graphics video should be able to simplify complex concepts and reel viewers in with a story.

Motion graphics teams who have had a wealth of experience creating videos should have no problem creating a script for you as this will be a part of what you pay for as well.


When the motion graphics team has finalised the script with your help, they should now focus on visualising the important parts of your script.

The creative director and the concept artists of the motion graphics team will be in charge of coming up and finalising the rough sketches used for scenes in the video.

After you have checked and approved the sketches, more illustrators will be assigned to design all the scenes of the motion graphics video.

Voice-over Recording

Having a suitable, high-quality, and professional voice is needed for the success of a motion graphics video.

Here are some traits you should look for for a voice-over actor: correct and clear pronunciation, knows how to emphasise the most important parts of a script, speaks at the right pace that is not too rushed but not too slow as well.

The pricing of the services of a voice-over artist can vary depending upon their experience, equipment, and whether they can perform at a home studio or if you have to book them a studio for recording.


When the voice-overs and storyboards are completed, the next step is creating the motion graphics of the video. This is where the animators will add movements to your graphics and sync them with the voice-over recordings.

Depending on the style and scope of the motion graphics video, the amount of time and money spent in this step of the process can widely vary.

Music and Sound Effects

Selecting what music to use to accompany your motion graphics is another crucial pricing factor to consider. It is important to choose music that will complement the feel of your video and build an emotional connection with audiences.

There are typically two ways to choose what music can be used for your motion graphics video: creating a custom soundtrack or finding a track from stock music websites.

Creating a custom soundtrack offers more flexibility in terms of adding the appropriate mood based on your motion graphics video. This added freedom also comes at a more premium cost compared to the second option.

The more affordable option for your music is finding a track that you can use from stock music websites. There are a lot of different stock music websites that offer many different music tracks at affordable prices.

Best Examples of Motion Graphics

These are some of the best examples of outstanding visual art created through motion graphics:

Google Cloud

Pfizer and the New York Times




Tips for Picking the Best Motion Graphics Firm in Singapore

To create impressive motion graphics, one needs specific video production skills.  For example, one needs to be a pro in using software such as Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Maya 3D and After Effects.

Therefore, the best way to craft winning motion graphics is by using professionals. Here are some useful tips for selecting top motion graphics Singapore.

  1. Look for the professionals licensed to offer their services in your area. The best motion graphics firm to contact should have authorisation to offer their services in your country.
  2. Use referrals to know which motion graphics Singapore firms are committed to delivering customer value. If you have friends with amazing motion graphics on their websites, consider seeking referrals from them. However, it is still prudent to carry due diligence on the recommended firm to establish if it will deliver value to you.
  3. Work with professionals with vast experience in video production. Only go for the top motion graphics experts that have impressive experience in similar tasks. Ask the firm to provide a number of links to recently completed videos. If the motion graphics the firm has been creating are impressive, go ahead and use its services.
  4. Ability to create different types of videos for your brand. Although the marketing content of interest is motion graphics, it is important to cast your eyes wider. The firm you contract should also be able to create other types of videos including live-action videos, 2D animation, photography, corporate videos, explainer videos and TVCs.

To take advantage of the growing demand for videos in the digital marketing niche, you should start using different types of videos.

Besides, make sure to identify and work with top motion graphics Singapore firm that has demonstrated the commitment to customer value. Do not settle for any videos for your digital marketing; go for the best.

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