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Video Editor Singapore: All that you need to know

Ask anybody in whichever field of work and they’ll be quick to mention that there is an art to their occupation or job. Video editing is no exception. As is with any other skill, video editing requires a keen eye for detail, a flare for creativity, a meticulous understanding of client needs to mention a few.

This simply means it is a whole art in itself as there are tools and resources specifically meant for the successful completion of video editing job or project. Chances are that you’ve shot a couple of videos while on picnic, dancing away in a night club, or simply recorded that momentous time your cute little baby was born.

You probably want that raw footage to be edited in such a way that some parts can be cut out, some special effects added, and ultimately, a favorite song of yours included into the video. Who do you go for that delicate task? You guessed it right – a video editor!

Who is a video editor?

If you are to get a good basic understanding of who a video editor is, it would fall somewhere around a person who can take different videos shot from the point they are captured by a camera to the full completion of a meaningful well edited final piece.

The only person capable of saying the project is a success and establishing its worth as meaningful is the client. This is informed by the fact that he knows his expectations and the job of a video editor Singapore expert is to bring that expectation to reality.

An editor is capable of working to achieve a finished television program, a promo, or in some cases, a music video. This requires a vast knowledge and ability to tinker around with a wide array of software at his disposal and surface with a video worth his time.

It is for this reason that we look at various aspects of being a video editor. To achieve this, we are going to do it in the form of questions with a view that it helps you make the all-important decision as regards video editing.

Who can be a video editor?

Come to think of it, there is no right or wrong way to answer this question. Anyone can be a video editor as much as they are willing to fulfill the various prerequisites to becoming professional video editors.

In most cases, as a video editor Singapore professional, you will be tasked with editing educational videos, broadcast videos, commercial videos, explainer videos, short clips, training videos to mention but a few.

This is achieved through the application of a variety of tools that allows you to have an easy time going about the process. The more software you can call on and utilize, the better equipped you will be to edit videos professionally and according to the tastes of your clients.

Where will I work from?

As with most IT professionals, you get the benefit of working both outdoors and indoors. Simply put, you enjoy the best of both worlds. You work outdoors if the video or footage will be taken outside. In other cases, the video shooting might happen inside and so you find yourself avoiding the natural elements only to face them another day.

The rest of the work namely the editing has to be done in an office setting like a studio. It is carried out on computers depending on the complexity of the task.

There are however simple undertakings that can be executed on a Smartphone with the right application. Bear in mind that it is limited in the functions and what it can accomplish.

It is for this reason some of the bigger and challenging tasks require a studio that is set up specifically to cope with such jobs. These studios carry both the hardware and software to tackle a wide range of videos regardless of the nature of their work.

Can I work from home?

This would require coming to an agreement with the video production company you work for. Of course, if you work for yourself as an independent or freelance video editor, you are at liberty to work from whatever place of your choosing. That said, some companies allow their video editor Singapore experts to carry their work home.

What are some of the skills required for a career as an editor?

  • By now, you already know that there are specialized computer and software skills that are compulsory for a video editor. It entails employing some of the most popular and sophisticated video editing software. Since video editing is very much entangled with the current and ever growing technology, there are always new and updated software thus the need for staying up-to-date. Also worth mentioning is that there are free as well as paid software. For individuals, this is a personal decision but for companies, it’s usually about working with the current standards as they can afford the costs of the software.
  • A flare for creativity is a plus. Creativity is especially helpful when clients have zero or a vague idea of what they want of their final video product. In such a scenario, it’s upon you to come up with a masterpiece that will leave the client extremely happy with the final product. As a video editor Singapore professional, this serves you well as you have all the tools required to melt your client’s heart.
  • Visual acuity. This is a skill that serves the editor well both during video capture as well as post-capture. It allows you to see where a scene could do with a slight difference in brightness, hue, saturation or light or where it would be worth retaking it again. Although this can all be taken care off afterwards in the studio, it never hurts to get as perfect a scene as you possibly can. It takes somebody with an eye for it to see that.
  • Being detail oriented.  Attention to detail cannot be downplayed among the skills needed for a video editor. There have been numerous shows and videos that have gone on to be the laughing stock of viewers for a multitude of reasons. Among them is when the directors or video editors fail to see a part in a scene which should either be cut or simply edited out. Such errors on the big screen can be disastrous and paint the video negatively. This is what can be sidestepped or avoided altogether by getting a Video Editor Singapore expertjust for the peace of mind that there won’t be embarrassing scenes in the final product.

What is the expected pay/ salary?

As a video editor, you can expect to get anything from US$48000 to US$72000 on an annual basis. Expected variations are brought about based on a number of factors like your acquired skills, academic qualifications, experience as well as the region and company you work for.

Do you have to be a graduate?

You don’t always have to be a graduate seeing as there are a number of self-taught video editors. You can acquire video editing skills from a brick and mortar institution or online from the comfort your home. What makes all the difference is your drive and willingness to improve your skills and be the best in your line of business.

What are the biggest challenges to being a video editor?

  • There are times an editor might be stuck alone in the studio with the software and the computers for your company. However, this is not always the case since at other times you might find yourself working with other editors or other employees of the company. For an introvert, this might be a reason to rejoice but for the extrovert who prefers working and being around others, he might have to live for the times when they have a whole team on the project.
  • Keeping up with the latest in video editing technology is another challenge. However, it is interesting to note that to be the best in the field, you’ve got no choice but to ensure you are on top of everything that happens in your industry profession-wise.

What are the perks of being a video editor?

Video editing does have its perks. They include:

  • Being paid quite handsomely to do something you love
  • Applying your creativity to your projects (including motion graphics).
  • Nice work hours that don’t extend until late at night.
  • Working on a variety of interesting video projects, meeting actors, actresses and others in the sports and film industry.

In conclusion, getting that perfect edit of your video requires the expertise of video editors who’ve been tried and tested.

fewStones’ core objective is editing videos to the satisfaction of our clients. As video editor Singapore professionals with many years of experience to boot, you can rely on us to handle all your video editing needs with utmost professionalism.

Simply contact us today and let us breathe life into that dull video you took sometimes back. You can rest assured that you will be impressed with the final product!

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