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Freelance Video Editing Singapore

The word ‘freelancer’ has over the years risen in popularity after skilled and experienced professionals realized the lack of enough positions in actual companies.

This has made possible a whole myriad of websites that allow freelancers to advertise and showcase their skills and get ready employers with jobs that fit their expertise. It however has not taken away from the effort and work required to be an established freelancer with regular well-paying jobs.

One of the most popular on demand skills is freelance video editing. As the name suggests, you work as an independent contract, on your own terms, but with no compromise on skills or professional work ethics. Simply put, as a freelance Video Editing Singapore professional, you are expected to maintain high levels of professionalism while ensuring that all the expectations of your clients are met.

Expectations in Freelance Video Editing

  • Freelance video editing revolves around the transformation of storyboards, piecing them together, and coming up with full professional videos that meet or surpass the current trends and standards. It includes application of transitions, overlays and video titles all requiring full knowledge of the software that are applied for these purposes.
  • Acumen with accumulated skills that allows one to give edit recommendations to be followed based on the current established practices.
  • An organized freelancer with a methodical workflow to allow flawless flow even when the job is handed to or taken over by another professional.
  • Be proficient and able to work around the various video editing software, programs, and equipment
  • Ability to also manage and supervise the technical aspects while others handle the actual work.
  • Somebody capable of working on both big and small projects and events and work in teams as well.  A freelancer will in numerous cases need to work with other independents or companies in some projects. His / her ability to do this determines the outcome of any such project.

Getting Freelance Video Editing Jobs

On hearing about the vast numbers of independent workers who are doing it all by themselves, a lot more fresh and old graduates choose to take the same path too.

Just like with any other job, there are determinants that play a role in whether you’ll be among the successful ones or have a grueling time.

To make it a walk-in-the-park, contact us and find out what is required to make certain you’re always on the fore-front of any new gigs. Below are unique factors that’ll help you get more jobs than you can handle.

  • Showcase that you have the requirements, skills and experience in the field. There is no better way to do this than to have proof of what you can do (including explainer video Singapore per example). This is achieved in various ways. One is by creating your own website acting as your headquarters so to say. Make it simple with the objective to show who you are and what you can and have been doing. It will be essential later on when you decide to apply a marketing approach.
  • If you don’t already have one, mull over a presence on social media. It seeks to add to your digital print since people spend a lot of time online. Bumping into your professional well designed page will be nothing short of an invitation to any would-be client.
  • Brand yourself to seem and appear more professional. When people see a freelance video editing software professional with actual proof to his/her work, they are more than willing to work with you. This also allows you to break free from the hold of all other video editors and stick out like a sore thumb.
  • In the spirit of standing out, jump right into the local listings. This is especially if you are looking for jobs locally. What this does is it allows those searching locally to come across you right away. In so doing you are winning the fight from all the possible sides.

As you’ll come to find out, freelancing as a video editor is a competitive industry. It’s for this reason that you’ll need a competitive edge, an upper hand.

It comes in the form of a well written and compiled resume. Also, have your video reels at hand as it gives a sneak-peek, a foretaste of what they (the clients) are bound to get.

Read around and find out what clients are looking for in film editors then go back and frame your resume to suit the prospects. This is more like showing up for a job application well suited up compared to walking in-in shorts and t-shirts.

Becoming a Force in Freelance Video Editing Singapore

Apart from the afore-mentioned ways of actually getting jobs as a freelancer, it is good to ensure that you’ll be better served in the future by staying ahead of the pack.

  • Know and understand the real meaning of being a freelancer. As an independent, most misunderstand the meaning and assume that it means working when you want and doing exactly what you want. As much as this is what it implies, you have to draw the lines between how much you work if any at all. At the end of the day, the client determines how much work needs to be undertaken. This is in the form of the size and scope of the project. Simply put, avoid the tendency or temptation to work as few hours as possible and then fail to meet deadlines.  It ruins your reputation and you come off as highly unprofessional.
  • Avoid being over-choosy and over-selective when it comes to picking jobs. This might lead to lack of jobs since there are other freelancers out there willing to go the extra mile for their clients. If not, you might be better off thinking about joining a company instead of going it alone.
  • What separates the really valuable and in-demand freelancers from the rest is that they are always advancing their skills. They keep up with the times and technologies. Failure to do this leads to losing clients who require a certain level of service that you just cannot offer or satisfy.
  • Network, Network, Network. I cannot stress this enough. Contact us today and find out how you can reach out to other professionals and major players in the world of freelance video editing. Other freelancers are constantly looking. When they get extra gigs and have their hands and schedules full. They are more than willing to delegate the work and the clients to those they deem fit and good enough to carry it out.
  • Checking out job boards is another strategic way to stay afloat even during times of economic hardships.  Armed with a nice, perfect portfolio, you’d be surprised what it can do for you. 

With this knowledge, I would say you are better prepared than most other freelancers to forge ahead knowing all that awaits you. Simply visit Freelance Video Editing Singapore and get what it takes to be successful at freelance video editing.

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