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Videography Course Singapore

At this point in time, we all appreciate the value played by videos in just about all aspects of our lives. It has found its way to be the trailblazer when it comes to marketing as can be seen on the major sites the likes of Instagram, Facebook, as well as Tik-Tok to mention but a few.

A few years ago, images and different forms of graphics communicated well enough until the transition to photo-album and ultimately, a final transition to videos. With all this in mind, have you asked yourself why video is now playing such a crucial role in today’s marketing?

fewStones‘ pennyworth is that it is both a versatile and effective medium that grants the user the ability to effectively communicate their message to the audience. It’s safe to say that it has substantiated its success at a much higher rate than when you combine both direct mail and print, two of the most powerful mediums of communication.

With this to ponder on, it seems only right to weigh up what you stand to gain from acquiring the knack and handiness required to make a video that should and will have the desired effect on your clientele. Let’s take a look at what you stand to gain from Videography course Singapore.

  • You will come out of the course a professional and skilled videographer
  • Gain the knack to employ and apply   state-of-the-art lighting equipment as well as the hi-tech cameras that become your main tools of choice
  • The ability to carry out any kind of Videography or shot session no matter its size or complexity
  • The proficiency to not only process but also offer superior packaging that makes an impact on your clients.

Who should take a Videography course?

 Apart from those who are in the field of Videography, there are millions of others who find it mandatory to pursue the course. In the midst of this group are people who have blogs, Vlogs, as well as the influencers who have huge followings on social media.

Online business owners who had not yet adopted videos into their marketing have been on the receiving end for their failure to embrace the technology. It has been more than an eye-opener for people such as

  • YouTubers
  • Information Technology students
  • Freelance video editors
  • Travel enthusiasts
  • Wedding videographers
  • Wedding photographers
  • Filmmakers
  • Cinematographers
  • Product photographers.

This is just but a short list of those who have recognized the necessity to stay at par with the ever-changing technology where they cannot afford to be the only ship ashore while the others have set sail.

What to expect when taking the course

As expected, there is no prerequisite for a Videography course. The students undertaking the course come from all walks of life with different skill levels.

They range from beginners who might not have had as much exposure to a camera all the way to the wizards who can do a whole lot with a camera and equipment to achieve the desired effect.

Why a Videography course?

By taking the Videography course Singapore, you’ll be fixing your position with an elite list of videographers who have gone through the nuts and bolts of video capture and editing with thorough instructions. This is paramount for anyone who wants to offer content that appeals to a variety of audiences. It is only achieved by implementing the concepts that are part and parcel of the art of video creation.

The course goes way beyond shooting videos bearing in mind the kinds of skills awaiting any videographer.

This is on the high road to becoming accomplished to the point of handling projects whether high or low budget based on the clients’ strict requirements.

To accomplish such roles, you go through demonstrations and a whole set of relevant examples relating to your level in the course accompanied by demonstrations. This is basically a walk-along with an expert holding your hand though the process.

Basics of Videography

  • There is a lot to cover in Videography signifying the start of a journey towards being a proficient and all-round film maker with the capacity to bring together raw footages, applying a set of tools in the form of editing software to end up with a well compiled and compelling visual story.
  • Camera operations are one of the basic aspects that’s covered when learning how to work with videos.
  • Last but not least, you’ll have learned and become adept with the ability to demonstrate proficiency in handling the camera. It includes non-linear editing as well as competency in operations such as focusing and framing.
  • These play a vital role in building up the whole person on the path to knowing the ins and outs of video capture to grasping the relationship between the physical processes and applying the digital forms to end up with a full and finished product.
  • The art of taking your reels with high tech equipment involves and requires understanding the tools and programs that are part of video editing. This is the essential role played by grasping Videography and having it under your belt.

What to Expect

While undertaking Videography course Singapore, expect to pick up a whole set of skills with actual practice by working at real-world projects.

In trying your hand at each of the projects, you rub shoulders with concepts that serve you in your career including video effects that give life to videos. Others include motion tracking and the ever-popular video stabilization.

As a content creator, you’ll be faced with the challenge of coming up with engaging and captivating videos. The introduction of such videos plays a huge role in establishing whether you keep the viewers’ attention or they lose interest in the first few seconds of viewing the video.

There are aspects such as animations and motion graphics that take any video project to a whole new level. With a Videography course, you get a blueprint that allows you to navigate the wide and shaky waters of video editing and come out having mastered the tools and techniques.

With the knowledge that there are different video editing platforms, contact us to impart the ability and skills needed to utilize the platforms. This is crucial for additional effects like color correction and the ability to export files of varied types and formats seamlessly no matter which platform you’re using.

This means you never get stuck with unfinished projects that you cannot move or transfer to another platform or software. Such missteps can cripple a whole project leading to missed deadlines which is not expected of a professional.

Gaining the ability to pick on the right video editing tools from the myriad of options available. This depends on factors like the kind of content you’ll need as well as the clients’ expectations. Other determining factors vary from feature-length videos to business marketing content.

The fun and games begin right after acquiring the foundational skills the likes of image grading and adding transitions. Contact us to help give your videos meaning as they slowly come to life with simple touches effects and tweaks. At this point, you can’t help but wonder what else you can do to add an extra touch to the video after you see the final product, a product of a Videography course!

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