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Corporate video scriptwriting practices that will convert

A corporate video without a script is akin to a building without a foundation – the strength of good corporate video production in Singapore lies in the video scriptwriting. You’re going to need a script. Video scriptwriting helps you build the backbone of your video, develop the step-by-step process to get your imagination transformed into visual & audio deliverables. If you’re thinking of getting a stellar corporate video agency to hone your corporate video scriptwriting to perfection, speak to us about it! At fewStones, we’re able to create your video from ideation to the final delivery.

Best practices of an effective corporate video scriptwriting

What makes a script better than the rest? Today we’ll share with you best corporate video scriptwriting practices that will convert your viewers, inspiring them to trust your brand and to take action.

Where to begin? Writing a brief

A brief is essential in helping you reach the results you want with a video. This brief needs to help you understand the objectives, target audience and the message that you want to bring across – to build awareness or to take action.

When crafting your brief, ask yourselves these questions:

  • What is the purpose of the video?
  • Where is the video going to be placed? (Distribution channels)
  • What action would you like your viewers to take?
  • Who is your audience and what are they doing online?
  • How will watching this video benefit your audience?

With this, you’ll then be able to deeply understand your next steps to engage with them, creating a compelling and relevant script with a story that prompts these viewers to take an action.

Translate the brief into a simple story

For any video content, you will need to identify the 1 core message to communicate. The idea is to translate the brief you began with into a simple-to-follow story. The story needn’t be complicated, it is to provide a logical progression from a starting point. Find your Call-to-Action (CTA) and identify your audience’s behaviors. What are they usually saying, what do they like and how do they usually react to your product? Speak in your audience’s language – even if you’re B2B. If there is a jargon or buzzword that is heavily used with your target audience, adding that in your video scriptwriting would gain plus points! If you can include these phrases while being aligned with your brand voice, you’re checking the list of good corporate video scripting practices.

Be concise, precise and use more than words

We know that the average human attention span is decreasing. Being succinct is a good scriptwriting practice as it is one way to capture more eyeballs. The shorter your script, every sentence, phrase & word will have to be more impactful and earn its place. Try not to repeat yourself, prepare to cut the fluff and sacrifice some information and use simple everyday language over flowery complicated words.

Your video scriptwriting can also use more than words (not that Extreme song), you can definitely play up your script with music, sound effects, and editing. So do not limit your script to just dialogue. A good corporate video agency in Singapore will work out your sound & visual elements in the script to bring them together – for example using 2-column templates to write our script, making it easier for you to imagine how the video will progress on a second-by-second basis.

Read your script aloud

When you get the first draft of your script, read the script naturally and assess if it’s natural, understandable and relevant. Read it aloud to see if it takes longer to read your script and if there is a word or phrase that you’ll need to change. Don’t be surprised, more often than not, there is a word or phrase that stumps the talent – consider using synonyms when that happens. The idea is to keep the video script smooth and easy to digest.

Edit, edit and re-edit, then proof-read your script against your brief

Revisions, revision, revisions. You’ll definitely need to edit, edit & re-edit your video scriptwriting draft – it’s the makings of a great corporate video script. Remember to go back to the 1st step and check your video scriptwriting against the brief – does the script fulfill all the answers you wrote there? Sign off on your video scriptwriting only when:

  • Your script has achieved its objectives
  • Your script speaks to your target audience
  • Your script includes a compelling Call-to-Action
  • Your script uses a good mix of sound and visuals
  • Your script is short and simple
  • Your script is suitable in terms of length and content for the distribution channels – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or more
  • Your script is engaging
  • Your script has a logical flow

Summary: Best Corporate Video Scriptwriting Practises

How well your video will turn out is largely dependent on your ability to turn your video brief into a script. A good script will have a thorough brief, a good story, short & succinct mix of audio and visual elements and multiple revisions. These are corporate video scriptwriting practices that you should work on with your company or an video agency in Singapore. With this, you’re on the way to creating a good videos!

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