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Corporate Videography Services In Singapore

Do you want your business or organization to succeed? Of course, you do! To achieve this goal you need to use videos. Over 80% of marketers are of the view that using videos is among the best strategies for engaging the target audience and building a positive brand. Even as everyone agrees that “video is the new king,” creating winning videos is not easy. This is why you need the right corporate videography services in Singapore.

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What exactly is Corporate Videography?

Corporate videography is the production of different types of videos used for internal or external corporate communication. The most distinguishing thing about corporate videography is that it targets specific audiences as opposed to being open to the general public.

Corporate videography can be aimed at presenting financial results, showcasing a new initiative, or employee training. When done well, videos can greatly increase business engagement with the target audience and strengthen brand.

One of the main reasons for using corporate videography is to align business operations with emerging trends. Today, more people work online and prefer watching or reading content with videos. Therefore, this is a sure way of building better engagement and conveying large quantities of info within a short time.

Common Types of Corporate Videography Services In Singapore

When you decide to use corporate videos, it is crucial to appreciate that they come in varying types. Therefore, which is the best for your organization? Here are the main types of videos you can select:

Promotional Videos

These videos are used when you want to highlight a specific initiative, service, or product. For example, a company can use promotional videos to highlight a product before its launch.

Training videos

This is another category of videos that has become very popular. They are mainly used for on-boarding new hires, upskilling staff, and branding. The impressive thing about these videos is that they work pretty well with multiple audiences.

Conference videos

These videos are designed to convey messages to attendants of corporate events. They can be shown in conferences, meetings, or trade booths. Today, the videos are mainly used together with email marketing.

Corporate social responsibility videos

If your enterprise is involved with varying social initiatives, you can create related videos and use them for branding the business. For example, you can create corporate social responsibility videos about your organization’s focus on reducing carbon footprint or offering scholarships to needy students.

What are the Main Benefits of Corporate Videography

Before we can look at the process of producing your corporate videos, we are going to highlight the main benefits to anticipate. Why should you start using videos?

Increasing traffic to your site

Today, unlike any other time in the past, the marketing space has become very competitive. In digital marketing, business corporate videography is used to create top-rated videos to drive more traffic. Once you have thousands or millions of followers streaming to your page, you can move to the next step of conversion.

Improving user engagement

As the marketplace gets flooded with all types of data, the focus of every business is to get noticed. Corporate videos are very effective in drawing users’ attention and engaging them. This engagement is what your enterprise needs for a stronger brand.

Videos are very effective for SEO

Today, most search engines such as Google have demonstrated their preference for videos. Therefore, when you include videos in your marketing content such as landing page and about us, among others, it becomes easy to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). This helps to increase visibility, click-through rates, and conversions.

A great way to enhance your brand on the market

As your competitors work hard to win more clients, one of the things that can make you succeed is demonstrating a positive image. Corporate videos help to tell your audience about your business story to create a positive image. This will make your staff, investors, and other targeted audiences to change the perception about your business.

With a positive brand, your targeted audience becomes active business ambassadors who work every time to sell it out. Whether you were showcasing a new product or training videos, your brand will be stronger.

More people will want to be associated with you, and new opportunities will start opening. What a great way to grow your brand?

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A Closer Look at the Process of Corporate Videography

When people learn about the diverse benefits of corporate videos, the primary question that runs through their minds is, “How are these great videos developed?” The process of corporate videography Singapore involves three main steps:

Pre-production phase

This is the preparation stage of corporate videography. It involves processes such as budgeting, wardrobe preparation, location scouting, and developing the filming schedule.

Production phase

This is the main filming stage where the cameras roll. The filming crew sets the filming site, tests every item, and makes the corporate video under consideration. Here, everything has to go as planned to create the videos. Therefore, your corporate videography services crew must have a penchant for details and use every effort to deliver the targeted goal.

Post-filming phase

Before the corporate video is released, it has to be edited carefully to ensure that graphics, visual effects, sound, audio sweetening, and text deliver the anticipated impact. The corporate video editing is done by professionals who understand how to use software such as Logic Pro and Final Cut, among others. Once your video is finished, it is reviewed by the team before getting a go-ahead for publication or use.

How to Hire the Best Corporate Videography Services Firm in Singapore?

Now that you know the benefits of using corporate videos, it is time to start creating them. Note that although you can produce the videos, the best method is working with professionals. Why professionals?

Videographers Singapore love will know how to use the right tools and have created stunning videos before.

So how do you select the best corporate videography services in South East Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Hong-Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam?

Look for the corporate videography services Singapore with a demonstrated track record.

Because videography is a technical area, it is important to only work with firms that have ample experience. How long has the firm been in operation?

Check at the customer feedback for the selected corporate videography services Singapore.

One of the best methods of establishing how good a firm is, is by looking at feedbacks from past clients. Simply visit the selected firm’s feedback to read through customer feedback. If they were satisfied, you could also expect impressive videography services.

Ability to create a diversity of videos.

One thing you need to appreciate is that there are different types of corporate videos, including live-action videos, 2D animation, 3D animation, explainer videos, whiteboard videos, and photography, among others. Therefore, the best firm to work with should be able to create most of the videos.

To sum it up, if you want to enhance your company’s brand and grow the company to the next level, it is time to start using corporate videos.

A good videographer Singapore corporate market likes should understand the local context, know trends and be aware of sensitive topics.

By working with the best corporate videography services Singapore, you are assured of getting a wide range of great videos to propel your enterprise to the next level. With great videos, you can never go wrong!

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