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8 Best Product Promotion Videos and How to Create Them For Your Business

Creating videos that will help promote your business and products is one of the most essential parts of video marketing. Product promotion videos are a great way to let audiences know more about your product. They are something that you can use on many different platforms.

What are Product Promotion Videos?

A product promotion video is a video that is used to promote a specific product of a business. It is used to either educate, inspire, or entertain all types of customers, whether they are potential or existing.

They are typically short videos that get to promote a product and inform audiences of its key benefits. They can also include call to action prompts which urge consumers to take a step forward.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Product Promotion Videos

1. Consumers would rather watch a video than read about a product.

Videos are one of the best ways to promote your products. This is because it is something that everyone is looking for when they want to learn about products.

72% of consumers and even 59% of executives prefer learning about products through videos about it instead of reading text. Videos can help you display your products in a more engaging, contextual, and efficient manner.

2. People can retain messages and information better from videos.

When you promote your products, it is important that people are able to retain messages and information that you communicated. This makes them more likely to search for it and even buy it.

With product promotion videos, viewers are able to retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to just 10% when reading it in text.

3. Videos help humanize your business.

When you use real people to talk about or use your product in your product promotion videos, you are allowing your audience to see a face that can be attached to your company and its product.

Displaying this strong element of humanization through a video can help consumers to see themselves buying and using your products in their daily lives.

4. Videos are an effective touchpoint with consumers.

To effectively promote your product, your approach should cover multiple channels and touchpoints like print, TV, social media, or videos. Video has emerged as one of the most effective touchpoints with consumers because of how memorable and engaging they are.

Videos have become so effective that 93% of marketers are using video now. Videos allow you to communicate all your marketing messages about your product as clearly and as efficiently as possible.

5. You get to clearly showcase your products’ key features through product promotion videos.

Product promotional videos give you a chance to showcase your product and display all its key features to consumers. A product description and even numerous detailed photos will not be able to show how well a product works as well as a product promotion video.

97% of marketers say that videos have helped users gain a clearer understanding of their products. (HubSpot)

In a video, you can provide a certain context in which the product can be in. You can also demonstrate how it works and how it can benefit consumers. Seeing the product at work can be what will push consumers to eventually try it out.

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When You Should Use Product Promotion Videos

Product promotion videos are great for attracting new customers by creating awareness for your upcoming products. If you are a new company with a new product, having a promotion video can introduce them to your brand.

These videos can also work with your current customers as well. You can draw them in again by reminding how good your brand and products are while also having your promoted product give them even more reasons to believe in you.

What Your Product Promotion Videos Need to Be Successful

1. Product promotion videos need to be entertaining and engaging.

While it is great to get people to watch your video, it is just as challenging to create content that will keep them watching instead of just closing your video immediately. One important reminder is that you should be able to hook your viewer immediately at the start of your video.

To keep them engaged all throughout, you can try to show a story which narratively revolves around your product. This will keep them curious to see how the video will end.

2. Put an emphasis on your product and how it can help people in their daily lives.

Product promotion videos give you a chance of showing consumers what your product looks like in real time. This video should put a focus on your product, its key features, and how it can be used.

To do this, you can have detailed shots of your product. You can also put them in context on how consumers can use them in their daily lives. This gives them an idea of how this product can be integrated into their lives. This imagery can be enough to push them to eventually buy your product.

3. Make sure these videos are short and sweet.

It is important that these videos are short and sweet so that you are more likely to keep the attention of your audience. Having a video that is too long will just bore your audiences and make them leave before finishing the video.

It is better to give yourself a time limit of around 1 minute. This limit allows you to focus on creating something that is engaging, entertaining, and informative in that amount of time. This keeps your video focused and not something that tries to cover too much ground.

4. Display your brand’s personality through these videos.

Product promotion videos help you showcase your brand’s personality by adding a human face to it and also by allowing you to connect with them emotionally. Videos create an emotional connection with your audience. This connection will push them to consider buying from you and eventually being loyal customers.

Showcasing how your brand is like and what values you have through your products helps inform viewers of your beliefs which others will find relatable as well. Making them feel positive emotions will get them to look forward to more videos and products from you.

5. Do not forget to include a call to action prompt in the video.

When you get to promote how good your product is, you have to remember to urge audiences into action. Including a call to action prompt in the video is the factor that will convert them into buying customers.

Even if your video will be entertaining, engaging, and informative, all your efforts will be wasted if you don’t direct customers to comment, subscribe, share, sign up, purchase. It is important to make things easy and understandable for your viewers so that they will know what their next steps should be.

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How to Create Great Product Promotion Videos

1. Establish the concept of your video.

To start out the process, you have to first settle on the objectives and concept of your product promotion video. These will be the foundation for everything else you have to do as you go further along in this process.

You have to establish what product or products you are promoting and how your video will present your products. This is when you think about what approach your video will take. Is your product providing new opportunities for customers or is it going to address a pain point that they regularly experience?

Focus on using catchy keywords and concepts in your video. This helps your audience remember a few key takeaways about your product and its features in the video.

2. Create a script for the video.

Once you have a concept and established what type of product information you want your audience to receive, you can create your script. This script gives you a more detailed approach to how you want to communicate everything. If you have not had much experience with creating a script for a marketing video, you can click here to learn more.

It is important to keep your video and your script short and compact. The sweet spot should be around thirty seconds and one minute for videos like these. Remember to include the keywords and phrases you want to focus on. This helps make your videos more memorable for audiences.

A good script is vital to the success of your product promotion video because this is what your audience will see and hear. Having great copy can help make your videos stand out and be remembered for a long time.

3. Craft a storyboard.

While your script focuses on the essential words and phrases you want to communicate, your storyboard focuses on the essential visuals that your product promotion video will have.

This is where you will set up all the different frames and shots you want to see on your video. This can be done with hand drawings or with templates that can be found online. This gives you a good idea of the flow of your whole video. You can click here to learn more about how to craft a storyboard.

Crafting a storyboard lets you plan out all the important frames and graphics you will need to help promote your product. Planning these as early as now will eventually make your video shoot a lot easier and smoother.

4. Shoot your video.

Once you have properly planned out what you want your video to say and look like with a script and a storyboard, you can now start with shooting your video.

There are a lot of options depending on your concept and how you want to promote your product. You can shoot on location, in a studio, or even create the video through a video editing software.

You can probably use a studio to get clear close up shots of your product and then shoot on location if you want to show your product being used by people in the relevant and appropriate context.

5. Edit the footage from the video production.

Once you have shot your video and filmed all the footage that you need, it is time to put it all together. This step is where all your footage from the production will be edited by video editors.

The editing stage is where you decide which shots and which takes will work the best for your video according to what you planned out with your storyboards. This is also where you should sort out the order of shots so that the video will run smoothly.

This is also where you can include graphics which can help highlight your products, its key features, and the essential information that you want your audience to notice immediately and remember.

6. Upload and promote your product promotion video.

Once the edit of your video is finalized, you should now upload it to all the necessary platforms. This may be on air or most likely, online.

If you are posting it online, you have a lot of different options like on Facebook, YouTube, and even Instagram. You can post them as videos or you can post them as video advertisements on these platforms as well.

After uploading, you can now start to promote your video in all the different platforms where your target audience will be. You can promote it on social media, send it through emails, and place them on your website so that consumers can learn more about your video and your product.

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The Best Product Promotion Videos

1. Slack

Slack is an instant messaging platform that is designed for corporate and business projects. It positions itself as an alternative to using various emailing and messaging platforms all at once.

The company’s launch of its app was accompanied by an engaging and comedic product promotion video. The video told a story of a company that started using Slack in their workplace.

Even though it was scripted, it had an interview format that made the video feel authentic and natural. In between the cuts of the interview, are some short and funny moments and animated graphics which displayed how the app looks like.

It was a refreshing and lighthearted way of showing the dream scenario for its customers which is having organised and coordinated communication for teams that have to handle different types of projects.

Video Link:

2. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is a company that delivers razor blades and other personal grooming items on a monthly basis to its customers by mail. When they first released their product promotion video, they immediately made waves in the marketing world.

They created a promotional video that was funny while still being convincing which made it a viral sensation all over the internet with most marketers agreeing it is one of the best promotional videos out there.

The video gives audiences a tour of the company’s warehouse while the founder pokes fun at some of the hassles that come with buying overpriced razors that are bought from a store.

They were able to nail their target audience and immediately communicate to them some of the main pain points they are addressing while also explaining the key benefits of their products.

Video Link:

3. M&S

M&S, or Marks and Spencer, have its own section of food and wanted to highlight them through their own visually appealing product promotion video.

It is a satisfying and aesthetically appealing video that gets to highlight all the vibrant and stunning colors that come with M&S food.

There is an explosion of color that immediately hooks the viewers and the constant display of color encourages viewers to watch on. There are also shapes and circles that are made using the food along with acceleration and slow-motion shots that give a different look to the food.

The upbeat music also plays a pivotal role because it provides good energy and emotion that is aligned with what is shown in the video. This is a great example of how to put a spotlight on your products through video.

Video Link:

4. Dropbox

Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. In its early days it released a product promotion video to introduce itself to consumers.

It used cutout animation and it came with a finely tuned script that explained how the product works and why people will need to use it.

The video’s simple white background allows the video to highlight the graphics and animation which are important in making the message clear.

This simple approach to the video is an effective way to help those that have less experience dealing with technology understand how Dropbox can help them in their lives.

Video Link:

5. GoPro

GoPro is a company that manufactures action cameras which people use for various activities. To promote their HERO4 camera, they created a product promotion video that is engaging and entertaining.

For this video, GoPro didn’t even mention the product once, what they did was let all the videos do the work for them. They compiled footage from the HERO4 camera which was used for different activities all around the world.

The goal of the videos is to inspire their viewers to explore and experience the world on their own while documenting it in a way that does not distract them from their adventures.

They are showing firsthand experiences of people that were using their product and the footage that is shown speaks for how good the video quality is for these GoPro cameras.

Video Link:

6. Google Duo

When Google launched a new product called Google Duo, which is an app for audio and video calls, it had a video which was able to quickly explain the different features that set it apart from its competitors.

The product promotion video showed how the product works by simulating how someone would use it in their daily lives. It highlighted all the important features and benefits that the app had.

The video is quick and dynamic while showing real people living ordinary lives which is the appropriate context for the app.

Seeing the product in action is a great way for customers to easily see themselves using it which can in turn eventually lead to more people trying it out for themselves.

Video Link:

7. Spotify

While Spotify has become one of the most popular music streaming platforms nowadays, it first started out with a modest approach to its product promotion video.

Their first video had a simple but effective approach. It used motion graphics and kinetic animation all throughout and also included upbeat music.

With the video just being a minute long, it was able to clearly explain how the service works with its animation and without any use of a voice over.

This clever omission of someone speaking is a great way for Spotify to highlight its most important characteristic which is its high quality of music.

Video Link:

8. Square

Square is a mobile payment company and in one of their product promotion videos, they are not trying to sell their product by talking too much about themselves.

What they did for this 30 second video is have one of its customers give their testimonial on how much help Square has had for his business.

This testimonial is a great way to provide viewers with an authentic and genuine explanation about how the service works to people that actually use it often for their work.

In just a short video, it is able to cover all the important information that potential customers would want to know about the product and even includes some animation which demonstrates the process of payment.

Video Link:


These are some of the best product promotion videos and the reasons why they are successful. Watching all of these videos and seeing all the factors that made them great is an effective way to gather lessons on how you can make your own successful videos.

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