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10 Product Videos So Great You’ll Want to Copy

Finding ways to inform consumers about your products in an entertaining and engaging way is one of the most important tasks for any business. One of the best types of content that can address this is video, specifically, product videos. To make sure that your product videos will resonate with consumers, it should not just focus on the product itself. It should be about what problem the product is solving, how it can be a solution, and what the overall experience is when using it. Check out the 10 product video examples we love and the insights we’ve learned from them below!

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What are Product Videos?

Essentially, a product video showcases how a product or service works, highlights its key benefits and features, and gives consumers an idea of how it looks in action.

A product video can also include a creative and engaging story that can show how your product will function in the real world and what impact it can bring to the lives of consumers.

When you incorporate stories into these videos, they can create a more impactful and lasting impression in the consumer’s minds. This leads to consumers feeling like they experienced the features instead of it just being explained to them.

When you clearly demonstrate the benefits in your product videos, you will be able to build more trust for your brand which should eventually drive sales as well.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Create Product Videos

These are the 4 reasons that will make you want to create product videos for your own business:

1. Product videos will educate your audiences.

Product videos will do a great job of helping your audience learn more about your product when it is done well.

It will not just tell and show what the product can do, but more importantly, it should also educate them on how it can greatly improve their daily lives.

These videos can give audiences a better idea of how your product or service works and how it can solve specific problems that they are facing everyday.

With product videos, you will be able to educate your audiences in a way that is informative while still being entertaining because people like to watch videos to learn about a product or service.

66% of consumers would rather watch a short video than read text to learn more about a specific product or service. (Elite Content Marketer)

2. These videos save a lot of valuable time for both your consumers and sales reps.

Product videos allow you to also be more efficient with the information that you are providing to audiences since video allows you to communicate a lot in just a short amount of time.

These videos can be a powerful time-saver which you can just send to any customer that will want to learn more about your business and products. Consumers will be able to digest everything in a matter of seconds.

This will be a much more efficient process compared to having your sales reps explain a product to each individual prospect that wants to learn about your offerings.

3. Product videos will increase trust in your brand and your product in particular.

When you create product videos for your customers, you are already giving them the chance to experience and try the product virtually before they make the purchase. This is important as a lot of consumers watch videos before purchasing.

55% of consumers use videos of products as a basis for their purchase decisions. (Google)

This makes you more trustworthy as you are giving consumers real proof of how your product looks and what it actually does in real life.

4. You can have increased conversions with effective product videos.

Product videos are great at giving customers that extra push towards the right direction. This is because these videos can provide consumers with information that they will need before buying something.

When you give them an in-depth look at how your product works and how they can use it in their lives, it will be easier for them to visualise themselves using it.

This can show the true value of your product which can make your target customers more confident that they are making a smart decision when purchasing your product.

73% of consumers who watch product videos will be more likely to eventually make a purchase. (Animoto)

10 Best Product Video Examples

1. Headspace

Headspace is an app that focuses on meditation for all types of people. Their product video is an animated, modern, and relatable look at how the app can make the lives of their users a lot more calmer and happier.

It shows how the app works for different types of users with their own goals and it also does a good job of communicating a lot of information without feeling overwhelming to the viewer.

Video Link:

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is an educational app for language learning and uses gamification which encourages and engages users whenever they take lessons.

This product video is simple yet effective without any narration as it just shows the different features of the app in an understandable way.

Video Link:

3. Airtable

Airtable is a cloud collaboration service offered to businesses. Their product video is an animation that also shows screenshots of how the software actually looks like.

The video starts out with general concepts but as it goes on, the information becomes more detailed and specific and include more specific features as well.

Video Link:

4. Zendesk Sunshine

Zendesk Sunshine is an open and flexible customer relationship management platform. Their product video immediately starts out with a pain point to hook you in.

This makes the viewer immediately feel like Zendesk understands the problems they go through and that they are willing to offer a great and effective solution for them.

Video Link:

5. Tasty

Tasty is a food recipe network which has amassed a large following in their social media accounts. They created a product video for their app which shows how easy it is to use it.

It simply talks users through the process of buying food through their app while also showing how it actually looks like on their phones.

Video Link:

6. Lego Life

Lego Life is Lego’s app that is mainly targeted towards children. Since children are the main demographics, the narrator speaks directly to the kids watching the video.

It contains a lot of elements that are sure to appeal younger audiences like bright colours, fun icons, and a fun and upbeat soundtrack.

Video Link:

7. Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a console that stood out for being both a home and a portable console. This was revolutionary and it had a great product video that displays it fully.

The video shows the different ways of using the console and the different types of people that would use. Nintendo was able to appeal to different types of customers with this product video.

Video Link:

8. IKEA Place

IKEA Place is an augmented reality app that interested customers can use to find out if a specific piece of IKEA furniture would fit or look good in their homes before they buy it.

The upbeat video explains what the app does and even shows the step by step process and what it actually looks like for a user.

Video Link:

9. Sonos

Sonos is a home sound system brand and their product video features animations and graphics while still highlighting their products as well.

The video showcases where their speakers can be placed in your home and the application that you will use to control everything.

Video Link:

10. Google Home

Google Home is Google’s voice-activated speaker that is powered by their Google Assistant. The product video introduces what the product looks like and the different features it has.

The video showcases the product by giving a 360 degree view of how it looks from all angles as well as other parts of the device that cannot be immediately seen like its inner speakers.

Video Link:

When Should You Use Product Videos

One thing that is great about product videos is that they can be used in almost every stage of the marketing funnel. However, there are times where it is especially more useful for specific situations.

These situations can include customers scrolling through your website to learn more about your products or communicating with sales reps to obtain more information.

A product video is helpful with establishing what your products do and can ease any other doubts or concerns some of your customers may have before buying.

Here is how product videos can be effective for every stage in the funnel:

Awareness Stage

Consumers are going to be more likely to trust a brand that willingly shows how their product looks in detail through product videos.

Consideration and Evaluation Stage

Product videos can be effective in answering frequently asked questions about your products and clearing up any concerns or other inquiries about it.

Decision Stage

You can showcase all of the strengths and benefits your product has like its quality, ease of use, and unique features with a product video.

How to Create Engaging Product Videos

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Creating product videos for your business requires a lot of tasks that need to be done to make sure that they will properly convey the message and the information you want to communicate to your target customers. Here is how the process of creating product videos usually goes:

1. Start with setting the goals for your product video.

Just like for every type of video content that you create, you will have to start out with setting the goals that you want to achieve with your product videos as a guide.

This will help you when it comes to brainstorming video ideas and types so that you can immediately check if an idea is aligned with your goals.

Depending on what your business needs are, it would be best to consider creating a product video to achieve any of these goals:

  • Building brand awareness – introducing a need for your product and making your brand stand out
  • Generating leads or sales – convincing potential customers to get in contact with you or purchase your product
  • Explaining key features – educating current customers which can improve adoption and even retention

Creating clear goals will make it a lot easier for you to determine your video’s content as well like what video types or ideas you should use.

Once you have set your goals, it becomes significantly easier to proceed with the next steps like deciding your target audience, writing the script, and where to upload your videos.

2. Determine who your target audience is and your unique value proposition.

When your goals are finally set, you must move on to finalizing who you want to address so you can come up with an effective message to convey to them.

Knowing who your target audience is will help you choose the best language and tone to address them which should make your product videos more effective.

After that, you will have to focus on what you want to emphasize in the video. Think about the unique value proposition your product brings and why your target audience should care about it.

Some ways of determining your target audience and your unique value proposition include asking your sales team as they talk to your customers all day long. They know how your customers speak and what they care and worry about.

If possible, you can also talk to your customers directly. You will be able to get firsthand experiences of how they use your products and reasons as to why they prefer your products over others.

Lastly, you should also consider monitoring your brand discussions on all of the social media platforms. This means keeping a close eye on the comments and posts people make about your brand and its products.

This will give you a better idea of how they communicate about your brand whenever they are not directly speaking or inquiring about you.

3. Decide on what type of product video you will make.

When you have a better picture of who your target customers will be, now is the time to decide on what type of product video you should make. Here are some video ideas that effective while still being simple and easy to do:

Demonstration videos

This type of video allows you to show off what your product looks like and how it performs in the real world. These work great for product pages and even on social media platforms as well.

These videos do not have to be long but they should be able to give customers a clear idea of what your product will actually look like and the unique features it has to help them with their problems.

Short, looping videos

Short and looping videos will be similar to Boomerangs on Instagram of GIFs. These videos will just be a handful of seconds.

You will have to come up with something that is satisfying to watch so that users will not get tired of watching it again and again on loop.

Photos stitched together into a short video

This is a simple and easy video concept but when you use the right music, text, and graphics, the overall effect will look great.

This video idea is great for brands that are on a budget and they can use these for quick ads or social posts on social media platforms.

A scrolling screen capture of your products

Scrolling screen captures can work best when you have a long and extensive product page and you want to showcase as much as you can.

You can record your screen as you scroll down all of your products and just crop out unnecessary parts of the website. You can also add text and graphics to make it look more visually pleasing.

Review videos

Review videos are great for social media and video platforms and can help with building trust in your product and brand.

You can either film yourself or send your product to a content creator that is not affiliated with your company so you can get a more honest review and unboxing of your product. If your product is great, there should be more emphasis on the great features that it has.

video production setup

4. Draft a script and create a storyboard.

This is the stage where you can now focus on creating the bulk of the content for your product video. Creating a script and a storyboard will make it easier for you to visualise and simulate how you want your product video to look like.

Drafting a script for your product video

When writing your script, one of the first things you should set up is the context and the problems that your target audiences face. After that, you should introduce your product as the solution to these problems.

To make sure that your messages will be effective, you must remember to use the appropriate tone and language based on your target audience.

Your script is vital as it will include all of the important dialogue that will be said and shown in the video. You need to be efficient and careful with what words you will use for your script.

One effective way of doing this is not just focusing on what the features of your product are, you have to show how these features can actually help your customers.

You have to focus on what benefits your customers can get when they get to use the best and most effective features of your product so that they can know how it can help them with their problems.

Lastly, you have to include a call-to-action at the end of your script so that everyone watching can perform an action that will help you achieve your goals. In this case for a product video, you would most likely urge them to buy your product on your online store or in a physical store nearby.

If you need more script writing help for your product videos, you can also check out this article: Corporate video scriptwriting practices that will convert.

Creating a storyboard

Once your script is written and finalised, you are now ready to work on drafting the video’s storyboard. This storyboard will lay out exactly what you want to display in video in as much detail as possible as it is done frame by frame.

Storyboarding is when you and your team should be very detail-oriented. You will need to sort out any specific queues for music, dialogue, graphics, and everything else so that production and editing can become a lot easier.

This is when working with a video production company like fewStones can help a lot as they are more experienced with these. They can either guide you in making one or just make one for you.

A well-made and clear storyboard will save you and your video production company a lot of time later on during post-production when finalising your video.

5. Film or create the product video.

When you have done well in terms of planning for your video by clearly setting goals, target audiences and creating the best scripts and storyboards, the creation part of your video should be easy.

This can become even easier when you have the help of experts from video production companies as they will also prepare the necessary equipment and staff to help you out during the production of your product video.

6. Edit and upload your video.

When you have finished the production of your product video, it will now need to be edited according to what you planned out in your storyboard.

You can either have someone on your team edit the video or if you have hired a video production company, they can do all the editing for you.

Here are a few common options that you should consider when choosing where to upload:

  • Your website’s homepage
  • Nurturing emails
  • Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram
  • Video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo
  • Product pages on your e-commerce website

Deciding where to upload your finished product video will be based on the goals you set during the start of this process. If you want to achieve different goals in different platforms, you may simply repurpose your product video to accommodate a specific goal.

Now that you have seen the best examples of product videos and even a detailed look at the process of creating them, you will be able to emulate these great videos for your own business.

Working with a proven and experienced video production company like fewStones will make sure that you create the best videos possible.

Learn more about all of our different video services like live action videos, 2D animation videos, and 3D animation videos by clicking here for a free instant quote.

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