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10 Successful Videos With Emotional Appeal

Creating videos that resonate with audiences can be a challenge, especially if you want to make something memorable. One of the most successful ways to achieve this is by creating videos that emotionally engage viewers. When you have emotional videos, consumers will view your brand more favourably, feel more attached to the video’s story, and will probably remember it for a longer time compared to other videos. This article will cover 10 successful videos with a strong emotional appeal which should inspire you to create your own emotional videos.

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10 Successful Videos With Emotional Appeal

1. Budweiser

For its 2014 advertisement, Budweiser took a different and more emotional approach which helped it go viral. The video is entitled “Someone Waits For You At Home”. It places a focus on the more serious side of alcohol by focusing on the relationship between a man and its dog and how the dog is waiting for its owner to come home after he goes out to drink with his friends.

The video promotes responsible drinking in a way that is more emotional instead of just saying it directly to audiences. Since people treat their pets like family, they can also be affected by your alcohol choices.

This emotional video was able to display how much the Budweiser brand cares about the wellbeing of its consumers.

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2. Google

Google’s emotional video, called “Get back to what you love” communicates the message of hope to everyone who has had a difficult time during this pandemic as the video looks forward to more normal face-to-face activities in the future.

Their execution for this video is quite simple and clever. They only showed the Google search website being navigated as the user deletes searches like quarantine, social distancing, and lockdown to signify that we can hopefully get back to pre-pandemic days.

Google ends the video with a final search of “covid vaccine near me” to encourage everyone to learn more about the vaccine and to get it so that we can all go back into the world safely.

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3. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s emotional video is focused on the people who have had to make sacrifices during Christmas to make other people’s Christmas feel more special. These are the people that have to work long hours during the holidays which prevents them from seeing their families.

After letting these three people share their experiences and the sacrifices that they go through when working during the holidays, Coca-Cola surprised them and their co-workers during their work with their own gifts like groceries and a celebratory meal with their family.

Since Coca-Cola wanted to just focus their efforts on giving back to people by doing something special for them without any benefit in return, they made themselves more generous, trustworthy, and human to their customers.

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4. GoPro

For GoPro’s “Be a Hero” campaign, its most emotional video from the series uses actual footage of a fireman rescuing a kitten from a burning building. What makes it so unique for GoPro is that it is a departure from their traditional branding of being adventurous and extreme.

This allowed for a more emotionally engaging video while it also helped them reach a wider audience outside of their usual target audience of those that are adrenaline junkies and fans of extreme sports.

This video shows that GoPro can push the boundaries of their brand’s image in an effective way by doing a different take on how to be a hero like in the case of the fireman.

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5. Cricket Wireless

This Cricket Wireless video features John Cena and comes across more as a heartfelt and emotional message rather than an advertisement for a wireless service provider. In the ad, he plays chess with a young interviewer while answering all of his questions.

By the end of the video, he gives an emotional message of being grateful for the internet because it connected him with all of his fans around the world and how it has become a vehicle for his fans to tell him that they love him. He ends the video by directly telling the internet that he loves everyone back.

This is a great way to connect with viewers emotionally as it places a focus on them through a celebrity that is universally loved without resorting to hard selling any of their products.

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6. Alibaba

Alibaba created an inspiring emotional video about the Kenya Ice Lions. The video is a romanticised version of the true story of Kenya’s first ice hockey team and their dream of playing in the Winter Olympics.

It is a great story about underdogs and how ordinary people can overcome incredible odds when they get the right support. The video does a great job of making viewers feel exhilarated at seeing people achieve something unbelievable.

What makes this video so effective in making viewers emotional is that the message is focused on the smallest audiences. When you showcase an underdog and the hardships they have to go through to achieve their goals, everyone will feel impressed.

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7. Microsoft

Microsoft created this video to showcase how much AI can help unlock new accessibility options. These accessibility options make it easier for people with disabilities to learn and communicate in their daily lives.

It is a feel-good video which mentions the brand and the specific program that is being used, Soundscape, but still places more focus on the impact that the AI has in the lives of people that truly need it.

The video shows how this product can change the world. It is accompanied by inspiring music in the background to uplift the viewers as well.

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8. Always

For their “Like a Girl” campaign, Always created a video which addresses what doing things “like a girl” meant to different types of people at different ages. The video first showed adults doing things like a girl and then showed how young girls did it.

Their different actions showed that there is a negative connotation in doing things like a girl that only adults understand. For young girls, doing actions like a girl doesn’t mean doing things differently and this is something that needs to be addressed.

This is an emotional video which tackles self-esteem issues that women face during puberty. Always wants to tackle this by redefining negative phrases like “like a girl” into becoming something positive and inspiring.

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9. Google Earth

For Google Earth’s video, it recounted the journey of Saroo Brierly. He talked about his experience of being separated from his family and the journey he took to find them again. What made his story relevant to Google Earth is how he used Google Earth to note familiar places that are around his original home.

By incorporating their product into this emotional story of loss and restoration, Google Earth was able to position itself as something that can be life-changing and transformative without trying to do a hard sell.

This video with an emotional appeal lets you communicate to users that you are not just creating products to make money, but more importantly, you want to create something that can significantly improve their lives.

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10. Reebok

For Reebok’s video, they put an emphasis on the number 25,915, which is the duration of an average human life. What Reebok wants us to do for all of our 25,915 days is to push our bodies to become physically better every day.

The story of the video goes in reverse as it follows a woman’s relationship with running. It starts with her still going to running events even at an old age and the video goes through her previous experiences with running when she was younger.

While the video does not contain any spoken dialogue, the message of making the most out of all of your days by honouring the body that you have been given is strong and urges people to put in the work with Reebok at their side.

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Hopefully, all of these emotional videos will inspire you to create your own videos for your company. If you are looking for a video production company in Singapore who can help you produce videos, then our team at fewStones can help you out.

Whether you are looking to create emotional live action videos or emotional animation videos, our video production experts will guide you throughout the whole production process.

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