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10 Elements of an Effective Corporate Video

While creating corporate videos is crucial, it is not just an easy or simple task to perform. You will need to be familiar with everything that is needed to make these videos effective. Check out this article for the 10 elements that make an effective corporate video.

corporate video interview

10 Elements of an Effective Corporate Video

1. Relevant and attainable goals

One of the first elements you should think about when you want to create a corporate video are the goals you want to achieve with your videos.

Your corporate video should have a purpose, and that purpose is to help you achieve goals that are relevant and attainable for your company.

These goals will be the backbone of the whole video production process. From your target audience to your message, script, and even to decisions like what music you will use will all trace back to your video goals.

This is why it is crucial that this element is communicated clearly so that your team will not lose focus of what needs to be done when creating your video.

2. A specific target audience

Choosing an audience is another important task you should finalise early on in the video creation process. An effective corporate video will always include the element of having a specific target audience it wants to address.

Thinking and assuming that your corporate video will be suitable to all audiences will lead to a video that no one will specifically relate to.

This is why you should be as specific and as narrow as possible when deciding on the type of audience you want to target with your corporate videos.

When you know exactly what type of people you want to talk to, you can be much more focused and direct on your message. Knowing their likes, dislikes, interests, and problems is important in knowing the best way to speak with them.

3. A clear and emotional message

When you have figured out the specific target audience you want to communicate with, the next element you should focus on is what type of message you want to send to them.

The message of your corporate video should be clear and emotional so that your target audience will easily understand your message and will take the appropriate action.

With this element, you will have to focus on the key information you want to convey and how much of it you want to deliver in the video’s content.

Your corporate video’s message will be your guide when you will need to write your script.

4. A well-written script

For you to effectively communicate your message to your target audience, you will need this next element which is a well-written script.

A script will allow your video to remain focused on a single unified message without including any unnecessary information which will just distract or bore your viewers.

When writing your corporate video’s script, make sure that it sounds as natural as possible whether it is a script for a presenter or if it is dialogue between characters.

When you get to use realistic and simple language, you will have a better chance of being relatable to a wider set of audiences.

If you need any help with corporate scriptwriting, you can read up on this article: Corporate video scriptwriting practices that will convert

5. An in-depth storyboard

Once you have a script to help you actualise all that needs to be said in your video, you will need to complement this with a storyboard which will help you visualise everything.

A storyboard is an important element of a corporate video because it provides everyone with a clear visualisation of what you want your video to look like from start to finish.

Creating an in-depth storyboard helps you focus your ideas by making you think about all the practical details you will have to consider when you start shooting for the video.

At this stage, you should be able to sort out everything that is visual in your video like costumes, locations, effects, transitions, and cuts.

You can read this article if you want to see an illustrated guide to storyboards: What is a storyboard and why do you need one?

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6. The appropriate video length

Uploading with an appropriate length is another important element that your corporate video should have so that it becomes effective.

The most appropriate video length will really depend on the message you are delivering, your target audience, and the type of video that you will be making.

The ideal range for the length of your videos should be around 30 seconds at the minimum and up to 5 minutes at the maximum.

Whatever video length you decide on, you should keep in mind that your video should be as short as possible so that you can keep your viewers engaged until the end of your video.

7. The right choice of music

One important element to help you establish the emotional tone of your video is its music. Having the right choice of background music allows you to set your video’s tone and mood.

Using the right music can be what turns your good video into an even greater video. With music, you are able to hold the viewer’s attention, generate an emotional response, and deliver your message successfully.

Your music choice should depend on the tone, message, and content of your video. You can use upbeat music for videos like product introductions and more emotional music if you want to tell a story.

8. Captions to make your video more accessible

The element of captions is needed to make your video more accessible  to a wider audience. Corporate videos with captions greatly benefit those that are hard of hearing and those that watch videos on mute.

If the key message in your video is only spoken, it may never reach these audiences. This is why captions can become so important because they allow you to deliver your message even if people have their sound off.

9. A carefully formed distribution plan

Every corporate video strategy needs to have a solid plan on how it will be distributed to your target audience. An effective corporate video will be worthless if no one gets to watch it.

While your distribution plan will also depend on your goals and your audience, you will have a lot of different distribution options.

You can upload your video on popular video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo as well as social media platforms that love videos like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You should also place these videos in your company website and its landing pages.

10. Professional experience from video production experts

If you want to assure yourself of an effective corporate video for your company, you will need the assistance and the guidance of a video production company.

While doing your videos in-house can be an option, it can be a risky task, especially if you do not have team members with any professional video experience.

Hiring a video production company can be a great investment because you will be assured of an effective corporate video which will achieve all of your goals you set out at the beginning of the process.

If you are looking for a video production company to help you create your own effective corporate video, then our team at fewStones is ready to assist and guide you.

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