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Company Video Content: 8 Elements of a Successful Video

As a company, it is crucial for you to create different types of content that allows you to effectively communicate who you are, what your products or services are, and how you can help consumers. With company videos, you will have all of the freedom and creativity to deliver your message. This article will be your guide to creating interesting company video content. Stay tuned for our favourite video examples below!

5 Reasons Why You Should Create Your Own Company Videos

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1. You can clearly convey your brand messages through a company video.

Since videos provide viewers with an audiovisual experience, it is much easier for them to digest and understand your messages through this medium.

The brand messages that you convey will become more recognisable and memorable to audiences compared to reading text or looking at photos because it stimulates both your sense of sound and sight.

Videos are especially great when your messages are a bit complex to consumers. Explaining through videos makes the message and information less overwhelming and can even be entertaining to them when done right.

2. You can use company videos to increase trust and relatability.

Company videos are one of the best ways to present yourself as relatable and trustworthy to your potential customers. A company video allows you to explain in detail who you are in just a short amount of time compared to reading text.

With company videos, you can put a face to a name which can let your audience see the genuine nature of your business, your employees, and your offerings.

When you get to display all of your values that make you more trustworthy to potential customers in your company video, they will be more confident in choosing you and buying from you.

3. Search engines like to favor videos in their search results.

The most popular search engines like Google place a higher priority on videos in their search results pages. When you have a company video and upload it on your website, a landing page, an article, or on a video platform, it  will probably make it rank higher in the results.

When incorporating these company videos will improve your search rankings, it will also help potential customers find your company and your videos a lot easier when they search for related keywords online.

4. You will be able to reach a lot of customers when you create videos

When you are in the process of creating a great company video, one thing you have to think about is how you can make it shareable for your viewers.

To make your video shareable, you will need to make it relevant to your viewers and make sure your message easily resonates with them. When you do this, they will share it with their friends and family on social media.

When your company video gets a lot of shares on social media, you have the opportunity to reach and engage with more potential customers which means more chances of being considered and even purchased.

5. Company videos allow you to build stronger brand connections.

Your company video lets you bring your brand to life. With this video, you can create authentic and instant interaction with different types of audiences who can react and reply in real-time.

This allows you to build stronger brand connections because you get to tell stories and your viewers will be able to listen, relate, and even share their own opinions.

Having these connections can be a great foundation for you to build loyal customers who are always willing to consume your content, buy your products, and provide honest feedback so that you can improve in the future.

Company Video Content Guide: What Should You Put in Your Video?

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1. A powerful message

A powerful message does not immediately mean that your company video should always be inspiring or even larger-than-life.

Having a powerful message in your company video simply means that it is clear, important, and impactful. This means it can still be simple as long as viewers can easily understand what you want to communicate in the video.

For example, if the message of your company is that you deeply care about your customers, make sure that you get to feature real customers in the video and even a tagline that focuses on them as well.

2. A strong emotional appeal

Your company videos should also have a strong emotional appeal. Tapping into the emotions of your audience is crucial because it can be a significant driving factor for them to share your video or even purchase your products.

Having a strong emotional appeal does not always mean incorporating sad or touching stories in the video. As long as you can make your audience react emotionally like making them happy, excited, or amused, your company video will have done its job.

Invoking an emotional reaction from your audience is important as it shows that your content is engaging and will make them more likely to convert.

3. An effective combination of visuals and audio

What makes video so captivating compared to other types of content is that it maximises the combination of both visuals and audio.

When you create your own company video, you should make sure that the combination of visuals and audio will be effective and not just something that is lazily put together.

Make sure that your audio properly corresponds with your visuals and vice versa. If you want to have an uplifting message, try to use inspiring background music or if you are explaining a product with a narration, use background music without lyrics to avoid confusion.

4. A good sense of professionalism

Whether your corporate video is supposed to be serious, fun, or a mix of both, you must still maintain a good sense of professionalism in it. This is because you are describing what your business is and you still want viewers to take you seriously.

Some examples of highlighting how professional you and your team members are by showing your pleasant work area, your smooth processes inside the office, and friendly customer service.

Showcasing the professionalism of your company immediately in your company video will immediately establish your credibility which will mean that more viewers will instantly trust you.

5. A focus on the benefits for your customers

Your company videos should always highlight the benefits your customer will have when they decide to support your company by buying your products.

You can do this effectively by addressing their main pain points and telling them how your company provides great products that are exactly what they need to solve their problems.

While there should also be a focus on your company in this video, you should not forget to communicate to the customers that you want to help in the first place.

6. An appropriate video length

All of your efforts put into creating your company video will go to waste if viewers will not watch until the end of your video.

Your video should reach a specific time where it is long enough for you to communicate your key messages clearly while also being short enough so that viewers will feel engaged all throughout the whole runtime.

A good range to target is at around 1 to 3 minutes as an appropriate length for your company video. This short runtime will guarantee you better viewer retention and less drop offs.

7. A compelling call to action prompt

Your company video will not be complete without having a compelling call to action prompt for the viewers. This prompt instructs viewers to perform an action that will lead to a conversion.

Without a call to action, even if viewers will appreciate and enjoy your video content, they will just leave it at that and not perform any other steps with your brand.

It is important that your call to action prompt is easy to understand and follow so viewers can perform the actions easily and instantly so that they can convert.

8. A high production value

Lastly, your company video needs to include a high production value. When you have a high production value, it shows your professionalism because it shows that you have put the proper budget and work into creating the best possible video for your company.

This professionalism when creating high-quality videos  will reflect well on how your company will be perceived. When viewers see how great your company video is, you will immediately establish brand credibility and trust.

Best Company Video Content Examples


Video Link:


Video Link:


Video Link:

General Electric

Video Link:


Video Link:

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