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5 Behind-the-scenes Video Ideas For Businesses

When you have video marketing goals that are focused on showcasing your personality, humanising your business, and presenting yourself as authentic to your customers, the best videos that can achieve these are behind-the-scenes videos. While these videos should not prominently feature your products or services compared to other video types, they provide more value in terms of branding and establishing a more personal connection with consumers. This article will give you 5 behind-the-scenes video ideas for your business as well as 3 reasons why you should create them.

behind-the-scenes business

3 Reasons Why You Should Create Behind-the-scenes Videos For Your Business

1. Behind-the-scenes videos make your customers feel more special and valuable.

What makes behind-the-scenes videos so unique and different from other video types is it gives your audience a peek behind the curtain of your business. While they may usually see your finished products and online posts in other videos, behind-the-scenes videos show the process and the people that create them.

Behind-the-scenes videos make audiences feel like you are giving them an exclusive look as a token of gratitude for being loyal and faithful customers which helps them feel more special and valuable.

These videos give them an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for everything that you do to provide the best products or services.

2. You will be able to establish more trust with audiences through behind-the-scenes videos.

Since behind-the-scenes video content allows everyone to be more genuine and authentic, it can go a long way with establishing trust with your audience.

When consumers get the feeling that they know who you actually are and that you are being transparent with them, they will believe more of what you say and what you sell.

This helps to show them that you have nothing to hide and that in the process of making your products and your online posts, you are always doing your best with the intention of providing the highest quality to your customers.

3. Great behind-the-scenes videos will humanise your company.

Letting your audience find out who and what is behind the success of your products and your business helps them figure out all of the important people that drive your company. These videos encourage audiences to view your company as a group of friendly and interesting people that do their best to make customers happy.

With behind-the-scenes videos, viewers are able to attach faces and voices to the names of your team members which humanises your company.

When customers remember that your company is human at its core, they can connect with you on a more personal level which can lead to a deeper long-term relationship.

5 Behind-the-scenes Video Ideas For Businesses

1. Introducing your team members

These videos give you the opportunity to introduce all of your important team members as well as what their roles are in your company.

Use this video idea to help your audience attach a human face and side to your business. You get to humanise  your business while also informing more people about what everyone works on to make sure your products come out great.

Here is a great example from HubSpot which takes a more creative and humorous approach to introducing their own team members.

Video Link:

With this approach, HubSpot does not take itself too seriously so that they can portray their fun and collaborative work culture to audiences that may be interested to apply for them.

2. A day in the life video about your team members

This video lets you focus on a specific team member of your company and follows them throughout their day. A day in the life video gives audiences a better understanding of the daily duties and tasks your team members go through on a usual work day.

This video idea can be interesting to audiences that want to know more about what people usually work on in certain types of positions in a business. You can get to show consumers how different a typical day is for a sales manager compared to someone like a marketing manager or an operations manager.

Here is an example of a day in the life video from Bumble which follows their Director of Strategy even before she arrives at the company’s office.

Video Link:

What makes this video even more interesting is that it starts off at her home and follows her even while she is driving to work. It shows what she does to prepare for work so that when she does get into the office, she already knows what she needs to do.

3. Giving viewers a look into how your products are being made

When you give viewers a look into how your business creates its products, you make them feel more valuable. This is because you get to be transparent with your production process so everyone can see the steps it takes to make your products.

Giving people a glimpse into your production process can be more appropriate for fast-moving consumer goods that make use of factories and warehouses so that consumers can see the scale of how much is actually being produced in a specific factory.

Here is an example of a peek into the production process from Founders Brewing Co. as they intercut interviews of employees with footage of them doing all the different tasks of creating the beer in their factory.

Video Link:

This video is a great example because it acts as both a company history video and also a behind-the-scenes video where viewers get to see how they make their beers and what makes them so special.

4. Doing office tour videos to show all the details in your company’s workspace

When you know you have an office that looks great, you might as well show it off to your customers. Doing an office tour video allows you to portray your brand in the best possible light.

This video idea lets you show off your team in their actual workspace as well as your company culture and identity that is showcased in the office.

Here is an example of an office tour from Spotify as it takes viewers on a virtual tour around their office in New York City.

Video Link:

What makes Spotify’s office tour so entertaining and unique is that you can see their identity in all of the different rooms in their office. There are always different types of elements and expressions of music everywhere around the office as this is their main focus.

5. Learning more about the personal lives of specific team members

Your team members are more than just employees in a business. To remind your customers about this fact, you can create behind-the-scenes videos that let customers know more about the personal lives of your team members.

This video idea paints a bigger picture that shows how everyone lives normal lives outside of their work and still have a lot to share even when it is not about what they do for your business.

Here is an example from Patagonia where the video talks about their policy of allowing employees to bring their children to work every day.

Video Link:

The video focuses on the perspective of your team members as parents instead of just employees. The team members who are parents share their experiences of working while their children are around and how it has had a positive impact on both them and their children.

If you want these behind-the-scenes video ideas to come to life for your own business, then our team at fewStones can help you produce them.

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