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Explainer videos in Singapore help to influence buying decisions

We all know how important content is, not just from a search engine point of view but from a consumer/visitor point of view too. Explainer video in Singapore is the cornerstone of your growth in Asia.

While we don’t blame you for focusing your attention on written content, and we certainly don’t think you should completely abandon that type of marketing strategy, you may be missing out on sales by not using alternatives. Building a strategy around an explainer video in Singapore is one such alternative that could prove to be incredibly lucrative.

Why do we say that? More people are accessing the internet on portable devices like smartphones and tablets these days than ever before.

As a result, they are less interested in trying to read lots of text and prefer to watch videos. Obviously, there are various kinds of video content you could use, so why explainers?

  • Explainer videos get to the point better than others
  • Deliver useful information to your target audience, whether it’s how to use a specific service or product or the benefits.
fewStones’ Explain With Video explainer video

If you remain unconvinced, look at some of the great reasons we’ve highlighted below as to why you should include an explainer video in Singapore-directed marketing.

Creates a clearer and stronger brand identity

One common problem that many customers have that often stops them from following through on buying a product or using a service is they don’t understand what they are paying for. If they are feeling confused and uncertain, they are less likely to part with their hard-earned money.

With explainer videos, you can put their minds at eases. Allowing prospective customers to find out more about your product or service and how it can benefit them, can make all the difference between whether you get a sale or not.

Increase brand awareness

Following nicely from the point above, explainer videos are incredibly effective at increasing and boosting brand awareness. In fact, they do it quicker than all other tools.

How is this possible? Simply put, explainer videos are far more entertaining and draw viewers in quicker and hold their attention for longer. Whether it’s a floating hand, whiteboard or animated explainer video, the interesting visuals plus the information complement each other perfectly.

It helps to deliver a more cohesive and clearer message about what your brand is all about.

What’s more, because we live in the era of social media networks, when people find videos they enjoy, they are often keen to share them. The more people who see your explainer video in Singapore, the more people will be aware of your business.

Generates leads and motivates prospects

If the above occurs and your videos are not only reaching your target audience, but they are sharing them with their followers and friends, you will benefit from a plentiful supply of new leads. Explainer videos are universally known to be exceptional closing tools – of course, you have to sit down with your videographer or animator to define the clear goal or action you want the viewers to take.

Therefore, once you have leads checking out your videos, they are more likely to follow through on what they’ve learned and invest in your services or buy your products.

Start creating your explainer videos in Singapore

Explainer videos don’t have to be fancy or cost lots of money to create. What’s important is that they are made with your target audience in mind.

Giving your customers access to the information they need in an easy to digest format greatly increases the likelihood that they will want to do business with you. Do you need an explainer video in Singapore? Fill out an Instant Quote and we’ll be in touch with you!

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