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Understanding the Video Production Process

Content is everything in the online world. All marketers and website owners know this. However, gone are the days when the written word ruled the roost. Video content is the most effective and powerful form of content. People are statistically more likely to share videos than they are dry blocks of text. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that most people are accessing the internet from their phones and tablets. With that mind, you may be interested in using videos as part of the next marketing strategy for your company, services or products. However, if you are inexperienced, it may be worth working with a professional video production company.

Before you look for the video production company that can help create and publish the video content your business needs for success, there is one thing you need to ask yourself. What is the video production process? Understanding the video production process is essential prior to hiring a corporate video agency.

Perhaps you are under the impression that they just write scripts, film video footage and then edit it all together. While that is technically what they do, there is a lot more to it all.

Understanding Types of Video Production Companies

Before we look more closely at the production process, it’s important to note there are two different types of video production company. The choice you have is between a:

  • Technical Video Production Company
  • Full-Service Video Production Company

Technical Video Production Company

First up we have a technical video production company. What does a technical-style video production company do? A video production company focused mainly on the technical side of things will take on the responsibility for the parts of video production you don’t want to. For instance, If you are okay with the filming side of things, but don’t want to handle all the editing and post-production, they will do it for you. It doesn’t even need to be anything that technical. If you have a video ready to go, they will just prepare it for posting and upload it for you.

Full-Service Video Production Company

Now we’ve looked at what kind of work a technical video production company handles, what, then is the difference and a full-service video production company do? A full-service production company, as the suggests, handles everything involved in the creation of your video.

That doesn’t just mean the filming and editing, but the strategizing, creative and message development, storyboarding and scriptwriting, finding and booking filming locations and the talent required. After the production is complete, they will then take care of all the post-production and then deliver the finished product to you.

It is their job to take all the hassle and stress out of the video production process and make things as easy for you as they possibly can. This allows you to concentrate on what’s more important – handling your business responsibilities, while they put their expertise into your video.

Now we’ve covered the basics of what the two kinds of video production company do, you may still have questions about the video production process. That’s what we are going to discuss next.

Understanding the Video Production Process

Although it may seem like a simple process of simply hitting the record button and capturing footage. There is more involved in video production. 

While video productions will vary in terms of budget, the effort involved, timeline, content, and style, there are three basic stages to all video production –

  • Pro-Production stage
  • Production stage
  • Post-Production stage


This stage is the first thing video production company do first when making your video. The video production process involves making plans, researching, solving problems and organization.


Once all the planning and preparation have been finalized and everything is in place the next thing the video production company does is the actual shooting and creation of your video. Depending on what video you are looking for this is where the storyboards, concept, and strategy are brought to life. All the raw footage, the animation, interviews, and visualizations are captured.

Some of the physical things the video production company do at this stage are technical things like:

  • Setting up all the video, lighting and sound equipment
  • Conduct any interviews required
  • Create the animation sequences
  • Record the voiceovers
  • Capture what is known as the b-roll, the additional feature necessary to support the story of the video


Once the production is completed, it’s time for the post-production stage. This is the last part of the puzzle to what a video production company do and its where everything comes together to make your final product. There is more to it than just clipping, snipping and editing shots together.

During this part of the process, the producer will watch through the footage recorded and make a transcription of any interviews that were conducted. Afterward, they will then piece together a story and then it’s down to the editor to use their skills to give everything a nice polish and make sure it all runs smoothly and cohesively.

Why It’s Important to Understand What the Average Video Production Company Do

If you have plans to make videos for your business, whether it’s to promote the company in general or you want to market a specific service or product, you may have had plans to go it alone. While it’s commendable and admirable to handle the production of your videos yourself – it may not be the best decision in the long run.

Not if you are looking for an effective and professional video. As we have seen, there is more to what a video production company does than you may have first thought. They are regarded as experts in their field, and therefore know the ins and outs of video production and all it entails. Trying to take a crash course in it or missing any of the crucial stages or tasks involved in their job could lead you to produce a video that is not the best representative for your business, products or services.

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