Pricing Guide Factors for Video Production Agencies in Singapore

Video content has become the most important and the most effective type of content to use regardless of your industry, operation size, target market, or product or service. With that in mind, companies are trying their best to implement impressive videos that audiences will appreciate to help boost their business in a variety of ways.

While you can consider creating videos for your company in-house, it will be more cost-effective to hire a video production agency in Singapore in the long run if you want to be sure you are making great videos that will have a lasting impact on your business.

Having a video production agency by your side will help make the video production process a lot smoother and easier just by having their presence during your video project. Since the people who are involved in the production agency are professionals in the industry, they are experts who know all the important details and information you need to create a successful video.

These services offered by video production agencies in Singapore do not come cheap but with solid planning and having constant collaboration with them, your video should be able to cover those costs and even earn more for your company in the long run.

This article will give you a better understanding of video production, why you should use videos, what different videos you can make, what is the process for producing videos, and the important factors in video production that you should remember.

What is Video Production?

Video production is not just having to press record on your video camera when you shoot. This involves a lot of different factors and elements that all have to work together to create a successful video output.

This process can especially be more intricate when your company hires a video production agency to collaborate with them in making the video since having them will assure you of a great video instead of taking the risk of having your own employees create one without much professional experience.

When you are working side by side with an agency in Singapore that specializes in video production, they will be guiding you throughout the whole production process which will ensure you that the video will come out great.

Why Should Your Company Use Videos?

Here are some reasons why your company should consider using more videos for all your different marketing campaigns and strategies:

1. Videos grab your attention more effectively.

Videos are a great way to hook your audience effectively. It is a lot easier to consume compared to other types of content like articles, blog posts, or photos. Videos have the ability to stand out on social media feeds because of its dynamic nature involving both visuals and sounds.

The success of your videos will lie on its ability to condense the information it has down into easily watchable snippets of content that is long enough to hold your viewers’ attention but is also short enough to make them want even more.

2. Videos can explain concepts a lot better and easier.

Videos are an effective way of showing and explaining how concepts, products, or services work. This can be especially helpful if you are launching a new company, product, or service. Videos make it a lot easier for consumers because they can get to see and hear about the information that is being communicated to them.

This is why a lot of businesses in Singapore create explainer videos and post these on pages where their customers would visit the most like their website and their social media pages. Having these videos help your customers understand your company and product more which can eventually lead them to understanding how the product can work for them.

3. Videos are more shareable.

According to Wordstream data, videos posted on social media get 1200 percent more shares compared to image and text content combined. Videos are being shared 20 times more often compared to others on other platforms like LinkedIn on LinkedIn feeds.

More and more people are sharing videos not just because they can be entertaining, but also because they can be informative and practical to their friends. Videos can also cover a lot of different topics and can provide a lot of information that can be communicated in a more concise and digestible manner compared to reading blocks of texts in an article post.

Professional camera for video production

4. Videos help build trust with your consumers.

Trust is the foundation your company in Singapore needs to create a long-term relationship with your customers. With this long-term relationship, you will be able to get a consistent amount of conversions and sales. Creating videos that inform and engage with your audience will help you build that trust with them.

You do not always need to create videos that entertain, you can also create informational videos that provide interesting and useful information to your customers. You can also have promotional and review videos which can help show your customers what your company or your products actually do and how it can help them.

5. Videos provide a great return on investment (ROI)

Another reason why videos are so effective is because they provide a great return on investment for your business. Even if you have to spend to hire a video production agency to create your videos, once these videos are made, they are effective enough to return your video production costs and even earn more from it.

These videos can be used in a lot of different materials for your company and can also help increase your conversion and sales. These videos definitely pay off and it also helps that video editing tools are constantly improving and are becoming more affordable.

Different Types of Videos Made by Video Production Agencies

These are 8 of the most popular videos that you can make with the help of video production agencies:

1. Webinars

Webinars can be a cost-effective and suitable alternative to in-person seminars or events in Singapore. These webinars can be an easy way for your customers and colleagues to learn from you and your guests about topics that are relevant to your company and industry.

Creating webinars also help you promote with paid ads which you can use to drive sign-ups for your webinars. These sign-ups can eventually become new leads and hopefully become sales as well for your company. You will be able to gather a decent return on investment even by just doing weekly or monthly webinars.

Another thing that is great about webinars is that it allows you to try out different video types for it. Live webinars can also act like a live interview video where you can answer questions in real-time. You can also have a live product review on  your webinar as well.

2. Behind the scenes videos

Having a great story behind your company can set it apart and telling that great story in an effective way  will definitely help you motivate your employees and gain your customers’ trust. This is why behind-the-scenes videos can work great because it can have a positive effect on more than one of your important stakeholders.

These videos help let your customers immerse themselves in how your business and its employees work hard to create the best product or service that is delivered to them. This allows your viewers to put faces to names, and even lets them see your office, attire, and the different personalities of your team.

There are different types of behind-the-scenes or office culture videos that you can do. You can have brainstorming session videos, after-work event videos, or office tour videos. The important thing when making this type of video is to showcase the character and identity of your company and its employees.

3. Product reviews

A product review video is one of the most helpful types of video content online. This is especially true for those customers who are still in the consideration phase.

The effectiveness of product review videos is at its highest when your company has already established a level of trust with your audience. When you review products, you can answer common questions, show what the product looks like, resolve some doubts, and talk about the benefits they can get from the product.

Addressing all of those can give your potential customers all the information they may need so that they can go on and purchase the product from your company. It is important to be as honest and as genuine as possible when doing these product review videos because your customers can easily sense when you are not.

4. Live streaming

Live streaming videos have now become more and more prevalent, especially in the most popular social media platforms. These live videos can encompass a wide range of topics from news, sports, or announcements.

With live streams, you really do not know what to expect since everything is happening in real time, it creates this sense of suspense and anticipation that you will not get when watching typical videos. This makes people want to tune in more because they don’t want to miss out on whatever is happening at the present.

Another reason why live streaming videos work well is because they allow for real-time interaction through live chats while the live video is going on. Viewers can post comments to react or ask questions to a presenter in the live video. The presenter can then view and address these live which gives people a chance to hear their name and comment on the live video. This builds a deeper sense of community because of the real-time interactions that are happening throughout the video.

5. Tutorial videos

People do not just watch videos for their entertainment. Online viewers in Singapore also value videos that provide them with valuable information and actionable insights that will help them in their daily lives. A lot of audiences prefer to learn about new topics through videos because it is more digestible in a shorter amount of time.

This is where companies can provide tutorial videos that can help their viewers learn more about their product, service, or industry that they are in. When it comes to creating helpful content like these tutorial videos, remember that they should be more than just promotional tie-ins or opportunities for soft selling.

These videos should have a genuine attempt in helping out consumers because they know when they are being sold something. When you put out well-made tutorials that really want to help people, you will gain the trust of customers which can eventually lead them to purchasing from you.

Video shoot

6. Personalised videos

One of the most engaging types of video content is the personalised video. Because of advancements in video and video editing technology, personalisation for videos has now become a lot easier to do.

Personalised videos shift the focus from the company to the consumer. These videos allow the company to show how much they care about the needs and interests of their consumers. This extra effort made by companies will definitely leave a positive lasting image for the customers that have their own personal videos.

These efforts of personalisation can also work well with a lot of different types of video content and can also help strengthen your relationships with your existing customers. Let your customers feel special and loved through the personalised videos your company can make for them.

7. Interviews or Q&A’s

Interview videos or Q&A videos can be an effective way to build brand authority in your industry. They allow you to position your brand with a known thought leader and help you establish authority with opinions and insights from a respected voice in the industry.

These videos also give your audience an intimate experience where an industry expert gets to answer the most requested questions about your industry or your company. Having these experts establishes your company’s credibility and can also increase your reach because the supporters of these experts will watch your videos as well.

You are able to maximize your use of interview videos because even if you keep the same format, the content will still be unique and different when you bring on different guests that have an expertise on their own specific topic.

8. Testimonial videos

Video testimonials are a great way to showcase your existing customers and how happy they are when using your company’s product or service. Of course, the important thing here is to get a hold of real customers and not just some actors. People value authenticity and will immediately turn on your company if that is something you do not have.

Having real customers in Singapore that are genuinely satisfied with your company creates raw and authentic video testimonials. Once you have your customers for your testimonial video, you can guide them by asking about their experience in using their product and how it has had a positive effect on their lives.

The most effective way for you to persuade potential customers to make a purchase from you is by making your current customers vouch for your company and its product or service. By hearing their experiences and how their doubts about your product were resolved, this can help push your potential customers to finally try it out with your company.

What is the Video Production Process?

The video production process consists of three separate and equally important phases: the pre-production phase, the production phase, and the post-production phase. Here is the overview of what has to be done in each phase:

Pre-Production Phase

Pre-production is when you plan out and coordinate everything that has to happen during your video shoot. This phase may become the most tedious if your production has some sort of complexity around it as well. Your preparations during pre-production must be worked out completely to ensure a less stressful process following your video shoot.

The first main thing you have to think about when you are collaborating with your video production agency is your video’s creative treatment. From the start, you should be able to decide what you want your video to look like and what you want your audience to feel when they watch it.

Pre-production is also when you have to take care of things like writing the script, casting talent, booking locations in Singapore, creating shot lists, and finalizing the budget you will need for the video shoot. This is also when you should decide where you will eventually distribute your video, if you want it to air on television or post it online through social media.

Once you have sorted all the important details that you need, you should now create a production schedule which contains all of the important information on your days if shooting your video. This must include the names of the people involved from the video production agency you hired, the needed equipment, the address of the shoot location, and the start and end times of each shoot per location.

Production Phase

The production phase is when all the work you did during pre-production comes to life. This is where you get to actualize your video ideas and concepts and turn your creative treatment into something that is real.

Production is when your video production agency will do a lot of the work. The directors, producers, and film crew will handle the activities of your video shoot. The camera crew will have quite an important role as well so make sure that they have a lot of memory cards and batteries prepared.

This is where the shot list you created during pre-production will come in handy. The video crew can simply follow the shot list so that the flow of activities will be as smooth as possible and everything can be finished within your budget and within your schedule.

Post-Production Phase

Post-production is where you will be able to set the tone of your video after the shoot. The edit of your video will ultimately shape the video to give it the feel and look that you want. So, make sure that you are able to coordinate with the video editor of the video production agency so that you are aligned in what you want the video to look like when it is done.

These next steps of editing your video is still a crucial one and it will really be a big help if you have a video editor from the agency that you collaborated with. Editing is a really tough job and is one of the most important steps throughout the whole video production process. It is best to let experts take care of your video.

Once you have finished communicating with your video production agency about the video editing and a final cut has been agreed upon, all you need to do now is to distribute it on the platforms that you feel will create the best reach and awareness for your video.

Video editing

Video Production Factors to Remember

Here are the important factors you have to take note of during video production:

1. Pre-Production Expertise

You need to have the guidance of experts in Singapore when you are coming up with everything that you need for your video shoot. It is one of the most important parts of the whole video production process so you have to make sure that you cover everything related to your shoot by this phase.

This is where you think about your video concepts, scripts, storyboards, ideas, messages, and audience. You also have to plan out the logistics of the shoot like planning, scheduling, and management.

2. Actors and/or Presenters

Having actors or presenters is a good way of adding a human angle to your video. Doing this helps your audience relate more to what is happening in the video.

Having someone in front of the camera for your video shoot will add a great amount of value to the overall look and feel of your video. This means that you have to carefully choose who should be in front of the camera because they could either make or break your entire video.

3. Director

The director is the creative backbone of the whole video production. They have the huge responsibility of realizing the ideas and concepts of your video during the video shoot. It is their job to bring your storyboards and scripts to life.

The role or level of involvement may vary between projects so you have to coordinate with your video production agency on how much help you will need from the director that they have.

4. Camera Crew

The camera crew which also involves the director of photography handles all the filming and framing that your video needs. They have the important job of making sure that the viewers are watching everything that you want them to see.

They are experts when it comes to framing a shot, recommending what type of camera gear to use, and making sure that the lighting is appropriate to what the video needs.

5. Video Editor

The job of a video editor is to craft all the footage that you shot into the video that you envisioned. Editing is where you are going to create the style and substance of your video.

Editors will sequence your shots to make it a cohesive story and will craft it in a way so that your key message is communicated effectively and clearly in the video. Having the video editor from your chosen video production agency is a huge help as they will know exactly what they need to create a video that works best for what you want to achieve.

6. Post-Production Graphics

Video production agencies will normally have their own in-house specialists for graphics and motion graphics. These specialists are skilled in programs like Adobe After Effects.

This role can become really important if your video relies a lot on graphics and motion graphics like infographics or something that involves a lot of data.

7. Voice Over

Voice overs have evolved significantly in the past ten years. Nowadays, it is a lot easier to find voice actors since most of them work from home.

Even with a presenter, you should also consider including a voice over to tie your video together. These voice overs can also help if your video is data-heavy or text-heavy so you can guide the audience with the narration.

8. Music

Music is a very critical factor on the overall mood of your video. Having the right music helps you set the tone and cues your viewer on what they should feel when watching your video.

You should choose music that will complement what is happening on the screen and the overall mood you want to convey. When done right, your music can immediately elevate your good video to a great video.

Professional camera

9. Location

Since video is a visual medium, you must make sure you get the best location possible within your means to emphasize that. Having the right filming location is one of the most important things you have to plan for.

Try not to limit yourselves when it comes to choosing locations in Singapore for filming. As much as you would like to use your office due to convenience and authenticity, consider finding places that would be better in displaying what you want in your video.

10. Production Time

During the production phase, it is important that you have planned out how long everything will take. Because, if there will be changes in the production time, there may also be changes in terms of how much you will have to spend for it.

While it is important to make sure you will not go over the scheduled amount of days, you should also not rush the whole production process as it might just produce a poor output.

11. Cameras

While camera crews are important, the type of cameras that they will be using will play a significant role on how good your video will look during shooting.

Make sure that the crew is well-equipped with the best cameras and lenses you can get for your budget which would work best on whatever distribution platform you will choose.

12. Equipment

Experienced video production agencies will have a large variety of equipment and tools ready when you start shooting your video. These could be jib-arms, motion rigs, or track dollies to aid your crew during the shoot.

Double check with your chosen production agency if they have equipment that is needed for your video. Ask about their lighting and framing options so you can plan out your video according to what they have.

13. Crew

You will need a crew on the set when you will start filming your video. Aside from the camera crew, there are also other important roles that are needed to make your video a success.

Lighting technicians, audio technicians, boom mic operators, and production assistants are the unsung heroes of production as they make sure that all the details are taken care of to make it easier for everyone else.

14. Stock Photos or Videos

If you need supplemental footage, it may be more cost-efficient and more practical to buy a good amount of stock photos and videos in Singapore.

You can be able to find a lot of different websites that produce high quality stock footage, so make sure to keep an eye out on these. If you also look hard enough, you may get some of these stock footage for free.

15. Hair and Makeup

Having a hair and make-up artist at the ready can be a big deal whenever you are filming. If you have the budget for it, it would be great to hire one so that you are sure that your on-screen talents will look great in front of the camera.

These experts can also watch the shoot so that they can ensure the talent of continuity in terms of their hair or their costume.

16. Captions and Subtitles

More and more videos nowadays are being watched without any sound, so it would be a good idea to provide captions and subtitles for them.

You may provide subtitles or even dubs for different languages so that you can reach a wider international audience and not just your audience in Singapore.

Now that you have a clearer picture of how video production agencies can help you achieve your objectives and goals for your videos, you may be looking for one video production agency to help you out.

Our team at fewStones can help you create the best video for your company that meets your budget requirements. When you work with fewStones, you will be working with experts at their craft so you are assured of a great output.

We will guide you throughout the whole production process and we will make sure that we will communicate with you at every important step.

You can check out our website to see what type of videos we make, what type of videography and photography services we offer, and to receive an instant quote for free.

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