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All You Need to Know About Personalised Videos

The popularity of personalised video marketing has significantly increased during the recent years. Because of how more and more industries and companies are realizing the power that video content has, the statistics are beginning to reflect the results of these efforts.

One type of video that is becoming more popular recently is personalised videos. These videos are a powerful way of capturing and keeping the attention of your audience. Typical consumers are just not simply settling for videos that are generic or recycled these days.

This is why adding personal details into a personalised video, like including your viewer’s name, photo, or company, is a great way to delight and connect with your audience. Personalised videos can present a great opportunity for audiences in Singapore because most companies have not delved into it just yet.

Now is the time to get ahead of your competition and be one of the first companies to successfully incorporate personalised videos to their audience in Singapore by learning more about this new type of video content.

In this article, you will learn more about how these videos work, how they are being made, where they can be used, why they are effective, what the best practices are for it, and what the best examples that showcase how good it can be.

What is Personalisation?

Because of the sudden developments of artificial intelligence, it has already become possible to utilize user data like never before. The process of personalisation involves leveraging the data and statistics you have gathered from your users. This data is used to create customized messages specifically made for a specific user.

These messages can come in a variety of ways depending on what you want your users to do. They are also deliverable through a variety of channels like app notifications, websites, or emails.

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What Are Personalised Videos?

So, what exactly are personalised videos?

Personalised videos are videos that have been customized for a specific individual viewer. They are curated using someone’s historical data. Companies are able to do this by incorporating personal elements like the name of the viewer, their job title, display photo, email, logo, company, etc. directly onto the video that they will watch.

Companies are able to quickly use all these different types of information into videos by using a video personalisation platform. This platform allows you to use the same video again and again. The video includes points within it where you can get to input your viewer’s personalised information.

The appeal of these videos stems from making your audience feel special. This personalisation may shock them and it will definitely make them feel more engaged with your company.

Personalised videos can work not only for individuals, but also for groups. The information you may need for these could be their company logo, company name, or their employee’s names.

The Benefits of Using Personalised Videos

1. Personalised videos attract customers uniquely.

Because of how social media allows us to get closer to everything that we love and support, this also applies to how we may act towards certain brands and companies in Singapore.

Users are willing to respond positively to brands if they simply reach out. So to be able to gather that positive response from users, you should be able to formulate a personalised call-to-action.

This is where you can maximise the use of personalised videos. By including dynamic and specific call-to-actions, marketers are able to create the perfect opportunity to accelerate a customer’s decision-making process.

2. Personalised videos drive engagement.

Since there is so much content online that you have to compete against to get the attention of your target audience, personalised videos can help you stand out among the rest of your competitors in Singapore.

Personalised videos help reach your consumers at the most personal level that they are looking for. You are also reaching them in a format that is the most effective when it comes to simulating personal conversations.

When your customers see a personalised video, they get to collect information that is specifically tailored to them, rather than just a general message that is sent to a general audience. When they see their own information, it catches their attention in a way better than a lot of other formats.

3. Personalised videos increase conversions.

Video is already being recognized as one of the best marketing channels when it comes to increasing conversions. However, not a lot of companies are actually using personalised videos, especially in Singapore.

Combining personalised videos with emails to potential customers can be a highly effective way of increasing your conversions. Using these videos alongside emails generates a greater return compared to just traditional emails. 

You can get more conversions for emails that have personalised videos because it takes less time for people to watch compared to having to read through an email. It is faster and easier for your audience to process videos, especially videos catered specifically to them, compared to texts or photos.

4. Personalised videos help connect you with your audience and drive sales.

Being able to gather the most valuable data makes it possible for you to establish the best customer experience. Using this customer data from all your different marketing channels will help you in acquiring, retaining, and building loyalty with your customers in SIngapore.

Personalised videos give you an opportunity to connect with your dedicated audience and drive sales while also acquiring new customers. You can achieve this by using these videos as part of an integrated plan and by relying on personal elements to make your customers feel more appreciated.

These personalised videos are a great marketing tool because it helps you cut through all the online clutter. They also help you have a deeper connection with new and old customers. When you make the most of the data and insights that you have, you are able to create engaging and effective content that can drive your sales.

5. Personalised videos increase customer trust and loyalty.

Every company wants to earn the trust and loyalty of its customers. These are the essential factors that can help dictate how well you do in your industry.

One of the best ways of increasing this trust and loyalty to build a solid relationship with your customers is to understand their needs and address those on all forms of your marketing materials and content.

Having personalised videos that are catered to your loyal customers will make them feel that there is a genuine interaction between themselves and your company. Creating these types of videos will also help your customers in Singapore establish confidence in your company and its products.

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Methods of Creating Personalised Videos

Traditionally Personalised Videos

Personalised videos that were made using traditional personalisation are videos that have been pre-rendered in a batch based off of your list of chosen recipients.

This method works well when it comes to sending a large amount of emails, like sending a thank you message in a video to people that attended your company event, conference, seminar, or webinar.

This method offers more control over which elements can be personalised and what the final video will look like. You are able to customize the video’s texture, depth, and other visual effects to the personalised elements.

Real-Time Personalised Videos

While traditionally personalised videos are usually made in bulk, real-time personalised videos are normally generated individually. This means that each video that you send needs specific information from a form to establish the personalised elements for the video.

Because these videos have to be made and rendered individually, these are also more suited to be sent out individually instead of in bulk. You can use real-time personalised videos on your websites and landing pages because this is where users can fill out a form that includes their information.

The elements of personalisation in these videos are less flexible compared to traditional personalised videos. The customization of the personalised elements may be limited when it comes to its placement and font selection because the effects are automatically generated.

The Process of Creating Personalised Videos

Pre-Production Stage

Before you start to produce your personalised video, you first have to review the personalisation engine guidelines of your video platform. This will help you know what parts of the video can be personalised for your audience.

After that, you can now indicate which parts will include personalised elements in the script and storyboard. Make sure that you are able to entertain and surprise your audience with how you’ll personalise their information.

You also want to make sure that their name, logo, or company will make sense in the context of your video and not just randomly shown for a few frames. You would want to focus on having customizable lighter colored objects that are static and are on flat surfaces. Also, you have to be assured that your viewers will easily notice the personalised elements of the video.

Production Stage

The production stage for personalised videos are generally pretty much the same compared to other ways of shooting videos. You have to stick to your script and follow your storyboards.

However, there should be a focus on the shots which will include the personalised element of your audience. This means making sure you have a clear shot of the object that will be personalised. Closeup or medium shots are recommended for the objects that will just fit half the screen and wide-angle shots are more recommended for objects that may take up the whole screen.

Another reminder when shooting the video is to have a designated shot for your thumbnail photo. This little preview photo has the power to entice your viewers to click your video. Make sure that it is enough to intrigue your audience’s attention.

Post-Production Stage

Once you are done shooting everything that you need, make sure double check all the shots that you have. You should also have your video editing team review the personalisation guide one last time before starting the editing process.

When your video editing team is done editing your personalised video using their chosen video software (an example would be Adobe After Effects), you are ready to submit the video to the video platform of your choosing so that they can process and render the video.

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When Should Your Company Use Personalised Videos?

1. Email Marketing

You can be able to make the most out of your email marketing campaigns by making them more personalised. You can simply add their name, industry, location in Singapore or interests. However, showing all this different information through a personalised video will truly elevate your interaction with your customer.

There are a lot of different ways you can boost your email campaign with personalised videos. One thing you can do is to personalise your offers based on the information you have about your customer. Having tools that will automate the information that you need for these videos will help make the process more efficient.

2. Personalised Introductions and Demos

You can also try making personalised introduction videos from your sales reps or sales agents. These will be sent to your prospective customers in Singapore. These videos will make it easier for them to put a face to the name of their sales agent. This can simply be a straightforward welcome message or you can think outside the box and make it more creative to pleasantly surprise your client.

Now for your other prospect customers who are already interested and are requesting a demo of your product or service, you can also have your sales agent create a personalised screenshare video that will demonstrate how your product or service will meet their own specific needs.

3. Webinar and Event Invitations

Having personalised videos will also help out a lot when you are trying to send out invitations to your company event, conference, seminar, or webinar in Singapore. You can easily make a short video invitation that would include the name of the guest you are inviting.

This may seem like a small or unnecessary gesture. However, adding that layer of personalisation can really help you have a deeper relationship with your attendees which they will appreciate even after your company event.

4. Customer Service

Personalised videos can also be effective for your current customers as well. Once they have made a purchase from you, you should try to follow up with them. It would be more effective to use a personalised video to follow up. You could send them a video that includes their name and the product that they bought where you are asking for their feedback.

Another video idea which can maintain a good customer relationship is sending them personalised videos to greet them on the holidays and on their birthdays. Having the extra effort of greeting them during these special occasions by having a personalised video ready for them will go a long way.

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Best Practices to Follow When Creating Personalised Videos

1. Integrate personalisation into the parts of your marketing strategy that would greatly benefit from a more human approach.

Having consistent branded images and reminders can help humanize your business and what you stand for. However, to put a completely personal touch to it, it is better to have an actual face attributed to your company in Singapore.

You can include personalised videos on your landing pages, emails, welcome greetings, or event invitations. With these videos, you can deliver information faster and having a human voice be visible and audible to your customer inspires more confidence for them.

2. Communicate your most important points as briefly as possible.

Whether your personalised video is a simple introduction, an explainer, or an invite, it should be engaging throughout its whole runtime. While there aren’t strict rules or limitations for it, it would be best to keep your videos at around 90 seconds to 5 minutes. This may all depend on your target and how complex your product or service is.

When it comes to your personalised videos, it would be best to start it out with your most important point so that your viewer is immediately hooked. Audience’s attention will normally drop after a few seconds into a video, so it is critical that you put your best foot forward and start strong.

3. Do not forget about your call-to-action.

For these personalised videos, it is important that you sort out what your video thumbnail will look like since this is what people will see and click to get to the actual video. It is important to be clear with what action you want them to do based on this.

You should also be able to include a call-to-action in your actual video which encourages your user to perform the action that you want them to do on their own personalised video. You will be missing a huge opportunity if your personalised video doesn’t have the necessary links to accommodate the actions you want your customers in Singapore to do.

Examples of Personalised Videos

1. Barclays

It is important to use the personalisation aspect of your personalised videos to create a deeper connection and stronger relationship with your audience to make them feel more special and important.


This video example from Barclays is straightforward in that it constantly displayed the name of their lead and talked about all the different ways that their loans can help them out financially. The video showed a good visualization of the life they may want showing off a car, and a house which is something they can achieve with Barclays.

2. Nike

This amazing piece of animation done by Nike showcases how you can use personalisation as something that would inspire your audience in their journey towards fitness.


This type of personalised video is particularly engaging because it is telling the story of your customer as Nike looks back on all the achievements their customer achieved during the previous year. It is motivational and inspirational because it feels like Nike cares about pushing you to do your best.

3. Cadbury

Cadbury created a cozy and heart-warming personalised video which effectively mixes visuals, music, and your customer’s personal elements into the video.


The viewer is immediately hooked at the sight of their name in the first part of the video and eventually puts them at the center of the whole video. It then shows the viewer looking through all of his actual photos with his family which makes for an emotional journey.

So, now that you have had a deep dive into learning more about personalised videos and the value that they can bring, you may be wondering how your company in Singapore can do this. Lucky for you, our team at fewStones are able to create these personalised videos to help boost your company’s relationship with your customers.

Your personalised videos will be at the safe hands of all our professional videographers and editors. Having these videos for your company in Singapore will help push you above the rest of your competitors because not a lot of companies are taking advantage of this type of video.

You can visit our website to learn more about how we can help you create personalised videos, view our previous work, and check out all our different services that will interest you and you can even receive an instant quote.

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