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How to Boost Customer Engagement With Personalised Videos & How to Make Them More Effective

The positive impact of video marketing is something that is important for businesses to note and what’s great with this is that it will just continue to improve as video technologies become more advanced and accessible to all types of companies. One of these emerging types of videos that can have a huge impact, especially towards boosting customer engagement is personalised videos.

Personalised videos offer a more profound and intimate experience to customers because it includes personalised elements that are specifically catered to them.

As long as these videos are made well, you will be assured of a deeper relationship with your customers because they will be more engaged with the personalised video content you have made for them.

This article will be your guide to creating personalised videos that will boost customer engagement. You will learn about why customer engagement is important, how personalised videos help boost it, what tips make these videos more effective, where you can distribute them, and what the best examples are.

Why Customer Engagement is Important

Before we can talk about personalised videos, you must first understand why customer engagement is important to your business:

Customer engagement is the means by which a company creates a relationship with its customers to develop brand awareness and loyalty. This can be accomplished through marketing campaigns, video marketing campaigns, content created for websites, and outreach via social media.

It is important for your business to have a plan for improving your customer engagement as it gives you more opportunities to interact with potential customers and your current ones as well.

Having more interactions leads to a deeper and more personal relationship with them. This will not just give you more revenue initially, but it will also help your business establish trust and loyalty with your customers as well.

They will become repeat customers who will stick around with you for the long run. These loyal customers will routinely buy from you, spread positive information about your brand on social media, and recommend your products to friends and family.

When it comes to what methods you can use to foster and boost customer engagement, there is no single standard method that works for every business across all types of industries. However, what is important is that you are able to create content that focuses on empathy and authenticity with customers.

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How Personalised Videos Can Boost Customer Engagement

Before diving deeper into how personalised videos can boost your customer engagement, let us define what personalised videos are.

Personalised videos are videos which are custom made for specific individual viewers. When companies create personalised videos, they can incorporate personal elements like someone’s name, photo, job title, company, or email directly onto the video that they will watch.

Here are 5 different ways personalised videos can definitely give a boost to your customer engagement:

1. With personalised videos, you gain better insight into what your customers want and need

When you create a personal experience through your personalised videos, you do not just engage with your audience but you also collect valuable insights to help you improve your content and products in the future.

Some personalised video engines can let you include some interactive elements which you can use to collect responses and suggestions directly from your customers. Based on this data, you will be able to make more videos tailored to them.

When you get a better idea of what your customers want, you can create personalised videos centered around those which will make them more likely to engage with your videos and your business again.

2. You can send personalised invitations that include a personalised video

People are always more likely to respond favorably to an invite if they receive one that is specifically directed at them instead of a generic greeting. You may not get a lot of engagement using this approach since customers may easily sense that you would use just one generic invitation template to send to everyone.

To make sure you get customers to engage and respond positively to your invitations, you can include personalised videos to make your invitations more personal.

This will make them feel special and make them more likely to either attend your event, visit a landing page, visit a demo booth, or even sign up for your newsletter. You can also even thank them with their own personalised “thank you” video.

3. Personalised videos help you create deeper connections on social media

You can also create deeper connections on social media by including personalised videos in your social media campaigns. These videos can be effective in increasing engagement with your online customers and strengthening their relationship with them.

For example, charities can create personalised videos to give special thanks to all of their donors, engage people in fundraisers, and can help with building a strong and engaging community of supporters and donors.

4. You will have a more compelling and engaging call to action when you use it in a personalised video

When creating video content, it is always important to include a call to action in your video to urge customers to engage and perform a task that you want them to do, whether it is to share, sign up, subscribe, or purchase.

What is great with personalised videos is that they make your call to action even more powerful and engaging which can lead to 202% higher conversion rates.

On your personalised video, it is important to show how your business can help the viewer in a way that captures their imagination by strategically placing their names and other personal details in crucial parts of the video.

This makes it a lot easier for your customers to visualize themselves using your product or service which will make them more likely to engage and purchase.

5. Personalised videos let you show a personalised brand story to your customers

Telling personalised brand stories allows you to draw the attention of your audience to your campaigns, products, or services because you get to incorporate these customers into personalised videos that you have made for them.

These videos are a great way to show gratitude to your customers for being a part of your brand’s journey and can also convert them into loyal customers who will stick with you for the long run.

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8 Personalised Video Tips to Make Them More Effective and Engaging

Now that you have learned all about how personalised videos can boost customer engagement, here are 8 tips to make these videos more effective and engaging:

1. Make sure to present your personalised videos at the right time

Figuring out the right time to communicate to your customers is essential. Your personalised videos will have a much stronger impact if you present them to your customers during the acquisition phase.

Personalised video content creates a distinctive experience at the best moment, which will make your customers more interested in your product and be more inclined to choose you over your competitors.

2. Use the right software to create the personalised videos

You will need to choose an easy to use video editing software that you and your team can use to edit all of your personalised videos.

You can take a look at the most popular editing software like iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or Premiere Pro or you can check out companies like fewStones who can create personalised videos for your business.

3. Keep your personalised videos short and concise

When you make your personalised videos, it is important to keep them short and sweet so that the personalised message can stand out and can be easily remembered by your viewers.

A good sweet spot for your video’s length will be around 1 to 2 minutes so that you can build a story, incorporate your viewers with the personalised elements, and end it with your call to action. Anything longer and they might be disinterested or overwhelmed with what you are communicating in the video.

4. Make the script of your personalised videos sound natural

Another key aspect to making sure that your personalised videos will create a deeper connection with your viewers is to make the video’s script be as natural as possible.

This means that if you are directly speaking to the viewer, you should speak in a more natural manner rather than say something scripted especially since it is a video which is personalised for them specifically.

5. Don’t forget to focus on visualising personalised elements

Since you are making a video, it is important that you should go above and beyond when displaying all of the personalised elements of the viewer you are addressing just so they can see how much you value them.

From just starting your video with a whiteboard with their name on it, to placing their names on different signs or objects, it is important for your viewers to actually see their name and other information be incorporated to make your message more impactful.

6. Make sure that your call to action is clear and easy to do

All of your efforts for your personalised video will be for nothing if you do not communicate a call to action prompt that is clear and easy to do for all of your viewers.

You want these viewers to take the next step with your brand and you have the responsibility of making it as obvious and as easy as possible so that they can immediately convert.

7. Make your viewers feel special when watching your personalised video

When it comes to creating personalised videos, one important thing that you should always remember is that these videos are not for you.

Personalised videos place all the focus on the customers that are watching the video so it is important that you do your best to make them feel special when they watch it.

8. Use the personalised elements in the video efficiently

While it is important to include a lot of personalised elements in your video, you should be efficient in using these as doing too much will hurt the experience of your viewer.

Use only the personalised elements that will add relevance for the viewer and will contribute to pushing them to perform your call to action.

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Where You Can Distribute Your Personalised Videos

If your business is looking for where and how you can distribute your personalised videos, then you should take a look at all of these different options:

Email Marketing

Instead of just making the text and body of your email personalised, you can also even include a personalised video for your customers to make the most out of your email marketing campaigns.

Including their information like their name, position, or company is enticing but will be even more effective if you show all of this through a personalised video which will truly elevate your interaction with your recipient.

Webinar and Event Invitations

Creating personalised videos for guests will be a huge boost when your business is trying to invite people to your conferences, seminars, webinars, and company events. You can make a short video invite that will include the name and company of your invited guest.

This gesture may seem small or over the top, but adding this layer of personalisation can help establish a more authentic connection and relationship with your guests even after the event itself.

Personalised Introductions and Demos

You can also try making personalised introduction videos from your sales reps which can be sent to potential customers and leads.

These videos make it easier for them to attach a face to the name of your sales rep. This can be a simple and direct welcome message or you can try and come up with something more creative to surprise your customers.

For other customers that have already shown an interest in your business, you can let your sales team create a personalised demo of your product and service. The video will display how your product will address the specific needs of this particular customer.

Customer Service

Personalised videos can also be an effective tool even for communicating with current customers as well. When customers buy your products, you can try to create a follow up video which is personalised. You can include their name and the product they bought along with asking them how their experience is with the product.

Another way you can build a stronger relationship with current customers is by sending them personalised video greetings on special occasions like birthdays and holidays. Keeping them in mind during special days will go a long way.

Best Examples of Personalised Videos

These are some of the best examples of brands who have created great personalised videos for their customers. Hopefully, these will inspire you to create videos like these for your own customers as well.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines created a personalised video that described the travel history of their customers and also included their travel milestones and statistics for the year and even the specific cities they visited the most.

These customers can share this personalised video to their friends to show off their travelling milestones and stats which can also act as free advertising for Delta.

Video Link:

Apollo Theater

To thank the thousands of donors that contributed to their successful fundraising efforts, the Apollo Theater created personalised videos that were sent out to these donors.

In the video, the donor is treated as a star and is given a tour throughout the whole theater while also going backstage and meeting all the cast and crew.

Video Link:

BBVA Compass

BBVA Compass created a personalised video that included details like the name of the customer as well as the day they opened their bank account with them.

They incorporated these personalised elements into the video which also serves as a customer tutorial for their online banking services.

Video Link:


Cadbury immediately hooks you into your personalised video by showing your name on a room and starts to play an emotional track while you take a look at memorable photos with family.

Viewers could share this personalised video with their loved ones and show that Cadbury is more than just a chocolate brand but is something that connects you and your loved ones.

Video Link:


Facebook’s personalised videos for their users focus on looking back at significant events and memories that you had with your friends on the platform.

Usually they will make videos for the anniversary of your account, for your birthday, and for your friendship anniversaries on Facebook.

Video Link:


The personalised video that Barclays made has them talking directly to the customer and immediately shows their name on screen.

They do not just show the name at the beginning but all throughout the video as they also talk about what type of home or car you can get if you avail of their services.

Video Link:


Oxfam creates a personalised video to thank all of their supporters for their donations. It is simple but also engaging as a thank you video.

The video immediately shows the name of the supporter and lists down the many ways their monetary donation has helped all types of people that need it.

Video Link:


This animated personalised video by Nike sums up all of the milestones and achievements the customer had throughout the previous year when using their products.

It shows their story along with everything that they have accomplished which can motivate them and push them to go further and faster in the future. It displays the genuine care they have in helping their customers achieve their best.

Video Link:

With personalised videos, you will be able to engage with even more customers which should also lead to more conversions and sales. As long as these personalised videos are well made, they will help you achieve all of your engagement goals.

If you need help in creating personalised videos for your business, then you should take a look at fewStones and their personalised video services.

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