10 Examples of Great Personalised Videos and How to Create Them For Your Business

Personalised videos are a powerful way of capturing and impressing different types of audiences since typical consumers may not just simply respond or react to generic videos. Creating personalised videos is also great for building a long lasting relationship with your customers because it lets you incorporate personal details into the video.

In this article, you will have a look at why you should create these videos, the best examples of great personalised videos, how to create them, when you can use them, and how to make them effective for your company.

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Personalised videos are videos that are custom-made for a specific individual viewer. Companies can incorporate personal elements like the name of the viewer, their display photo, job title, company, email, etc. directly onto the video that they will watch.

The appeal of personalised videos comes from making the viewer feel special. Having personalised elements can surprise them and this can make them feel more engaged with your company.

While personalised videos work well for individuals, they can also be made for groups as well. The information you may need for these could be a company name, company logo, or the names of some of the employees in the company.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Create Personalised Videos

1. Attract customers in a more unique way.

With social media, consumers are able to get closer to everything that they admire and support. This also applies to how people act towards certain brands and companies that they are a fan of.

Consumers are open to responding positively to brands that are able to reach out to them. So, to be able to gather positive responses, companies should find a way to craft a more personalized message to them.

This is where you can maximize the use of personalised videos. By including specific and dynamic calls to action to these videos, you are able to attract customers in a unique way.

This type of content that they do not usually experience is the perfect opportunity to accelerate their decision-making process. This is because of how it can communicate a specific message to that consumer.

2. Drive more engagement.

Since there is so much online content that you are competing against to get the attention of your target audience, personalised videos are an effective way of standing out among the rest of your competitors.

Personalised videos help reach your consumers at the most personal level they are looking for by including personal elements that they can appreciate.

It is also presented through a video which is the most effective format when it comes to simulating personal conversations.

When your customers see a personalised video made for them, they get to receive tailored messages instead of a message that is sent to a general audience. This keeps them more engaged with your content and catches their attention in a way that not a lot of other content types can.

3. Increase conversions.

With video being one of the most effective content types when it comes to increasing conversions, personalised videos should be even more effective for companies.

Combining personalised videos with the emails that you send to potential customers and leads can be a highly effective way to increase your conversions.

Providing a personalised video with emails lets you show your customers how much you care for them. This is because you are creating a message that is meant specifically for them. This tailored message will have a much stronger impact through video instead of just writing it through email text.

4. Connect with your audience and drive sales.

Having the ability to gather the most valuable data and insights from your customers allows you to provide the best customer experience for them.

Using this customer data from all the different marketing channels you have can help you in terms of acquiring, retaining, and building loyalty with your customers.

These personalised videos are a great marketing tool because they can help you cut through all the online clutter. They also help you build a deeper connection with both new and old customers.

When you can maximize most of the data and insights that you have, you will be able to create engaging and effective content that drives your sales.

5. Boost customer trust and loyalty.

Every company wants to be able to earn the trust and loyalty of its customers. These are the essential elements that dictate how well your company is faring in your industry.

One of the best ways you can establish this trust and loyalty to build a solid relationship with your customers is to pinpoint their needs and address them on all the appropriate marketing materials and content.

Having personalised videos that are catered to your loyal customers will make them feel that they are having a genuine interaction between themselves and your company.

Creating these videos can also help your customers establish confidence in your company and its products while also leaving a good impression on them.

10 Examples of Great Personalised Videos

1. Cadbury

Cadbury made personalisation of the most important parts of their campaign. They created a personalised video which used elements from the Facebook profiles of their customers.

They then used the personalised data like their age, location, and interests to match a flavor of one of their Dairy Milk products to the customer.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrxOOK-U4Uw

2. Barclays

Barclays used personalisation videos to nurture their relationship with their clients. The video starts with the viewers’ name and the Barclays representative addressing the viewer several times.

The video shows how Barclays loans can help the viewer fulfill her dreams of getting a car and a home. They also display a customised number plate that is based off of the name of the viewer.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ciqtN4jOtI

3. Vodafone

Vodafone used personalised dynamic content through videos to promote their upcoming smartphone products. They used data like the customer name, network and plan data, and website tracking.

All of these pieces of information were used to create tailored video messages which instructed them to visit their nearest store or the Vodafone website to purchase online.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5o8nwGuGB9k

4. Nike

For Nike’s personalised video for their customers, they incorporated user data into an emotional animated video.

It offers an inspirational spin on personalisation as they show a journey that sums up the viewer’s year in terms of fitness through visuals. They are reminded of their achievements during the year which will push them to do even more in the future.

Video Link: https://vimeo.com/116744056

5. Oxfam

Oxfam used personalised videos to thank their donors and supporters. It is an engaging thank you video which displays the name of the donor and the amount that they donated.

What is also fulfilling is that it also mentions how that donation helps out those that receive it. It is a sweet gesture that would make any person happy about their decision to donate for a foundation.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw84YGH4o-E

6. BlueBiz

BlueBiz created personalised videos for loyal customers that celebrated their birthdays. In the video, the name of the customer is constantly featured in different types of scenarios.

It is a fun personalised video which is a great way of showing your customers how much you care about the tiny details about them. Having a personalised birthday greeting is a surefire way for customers to remember you.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igtry6CZylE

7. Facebook

Facebook is known for making personalised videos for their users on the platform. Usually, these videos are to celebrate an event on Facebook like your Facebook anniversary or the anniversary of when you and another user became friends on Facebook.

With these videos, Facebook has done a great job of communicating to users that their special days on the platform are special to the platform as well which they want to commemorate through a video.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2o8gFwt4Xs

8. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines created a personalised video for their loyal customers to show them all the information related to the flights they took in the year.

They were able to show information like how many total miles they flew, what cities they visited the most, how many business trips they had and where they flew using their miles. It is also a great way for a campaign to go viral as customers would love to share information like this to their friends and family.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLXfnGEHwA0

9. Apollo Theater

To thank the thousands of donors and supporters who contributed to their successful fundraising campaign, the Apollo Theater created and sent out individual personalised videos.

The video was a great way to say thank you by featuring the name of the donor on the marquee and showing them around the backstage area as if they are the star of the show.

Video Link: https://vimeo.com/209469641

10. BBVA Compass

BBVA Compass uses a personalised video to communicate to customers about new features that they can use for their accounts.

It is a great way to make these tutorial videos more personal as if the customer is having a one on one chat with the bank company themselves because the narrator mentions the customer’s name throughout the video.

Video Link: https://vimeo.com/202260208

How to Create Personalised Videos


Step 1 Review the personalisation engine or software that you will need to use to create the personalised videos. You will need this to incorporate all the personalised elements of your customers into the videos.

It is important that you check where you can place these elements and how often you can show them.

Step 2 Once you have figured out where and how often you can place personalised elements, you can now include the parts which will feature these elements in your script and storyboard.

Writing a script is a crucial task for you to finalize the dialogue in the video and crafting a storyboard is required for you to visualize how the shots and frames will look in your video before filming.

You should make sure that these personalised parts will be important to the story which can entertain and surprise the viewer. You should also remember to make the personalised details make sense and visible in the video.

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Step 3 – The production stage for personalised videos are similar to how videos are usually made except for a few instances. Because you are creating a personalised video, there should be a focus on the shots that will feature the personalised elements of the viewer.

This means that you should always get clear shots of the objects that will include the personalised elements. These include their name, logo, or company name.

You can use medium or close up shots for the personalised objects that will only fit half of the screen. You can also use wide angle shots to emphasize larger objects that will fill up the screen.


video editing

Step 4 – After shooting all the necessary footage for the personalised video, your editing team will double check all of the shots, especially those that include the important personalised elements.

Step 5 – The video can now be edited so that you can make sure that everything that is personalised will be clearly visible and easily noticeable in the video. This is also where editors will add the necessary animations or graphics that are needed to enhance the video visually.

Step 6 – Once the editing team has finalised the editing, processing, and rendering of your personalised video, you can now upload it to the personalised video platform of your choosing.

When You Can Use Personalised Videos

Here are four ideas where you can implement the use of personalised videos to their maximum potential:

Personalised Introductions and Demos

You can try making personalised introduction videos from your sales agents or sales reps which can be sent to prospective customers and leads.

These videos will make it easier for them to place a face to the name of your sales agent. This can simply be a direct welcome message or you can come up with more creative ideas to pleasantly surprise your potential customers.

For your other prospective customers who have already established an interest in you and want to watch a demo of your product or service, you can also have your sales team create a personalised screenshare video that will display and demonstrate how your product or service will address their needs.

Email Marketing

You can make the most out of  your email marketing campaigns by not just making the email personalised, but attaching a personalised video as well.

While you can simply add information like their name, position, company, and industry, showing all of this information through a personalised video will truly elevate your communication and interaction with your customer.

There are a number of different ways you can boost your email campaign with personalised videos. One strategy you can use is to personalise your offers based on the information that you have from your customer. Having tools that can automate all this information that you will need for these videos will make this process more efficient.

Webinar and Event Invitations

Creating personalised videos will be a huge boost when you are trying to send out invitations to your company events, conferences, seminars, or webinars. You can easily make a short video invitation which could include the name of your invited guest.

This may seem like a small or unnecessary gesture, but adding that layer of personalisation can really help you establish a deeper connection and relationship with your attendees. They will truly appreciate this effort and will remember it after they have attended your company event.

Customer Service

Personalised videos can also be an effective way to communicate with current customers as well. Once they have purchased a product from you, you should try to follow up with them and you can make this more effective by using a personalised video for it. You can send them a video that includes their name and the product that they bought which you want to get feedback for.

Another video idea which can maintain a strong customer relationship is sending them personalised videos to greet them on special occasions like holidays and birthdays. Having that extra effort of greeting them during these special days with personalised videos will go a long way.

video shoot

4 Tips to Make the Most Out of Personalised Videos

1. Place the personal elements front and center.

Personalised videos are created to put the focus on your viewers. These videos are specifically made with them in mind. So, you should make sure that their names or photos appear early and visibly in the videos.

In addition to that, the message and the story of the video should be focused on your customers as well. They should be the main character of the personalised video.

This will help strengthen your connection at a deeper and more personal level. Along with this, associating these positive feelings with the personalised video can make them more likely to interact, engage, and even convert into loyal customers in the long run.

2. Integrate personalised videos into a marketing campaign.

While you can use these personalised videos for your email campaigns as mentioned before, you can also integrate them into bigger marketing campaigns as well.

Videos will usually perform the best when they are utilized as an essential part of a campaign instead of just a stand-alone effort with no additional materials. The same also applies to personalised videos.

With personalised videos, you can leverage the unique and intimate user experience they deliver to viewers by making it the main focus of a marketing campaign.

3. Be selective and carefully go over the personalised elements in the video.

While you may be tempted to always go all out in including personalised elements in the video, this should not always be the case.

In fact, you should be selective and carefully go over what personalised elements you should use for the video. Make sure to use those that will be relevant to the story, relevant to the viewer, and will contribute to your video’s call to action.

Your videos should appear genuine, unique, and authentic so you should be strategic with how you want to customise the message to your viewer.

4. Do not forget to include a call to action on your video.

When creating these videos for your customers, you should not forget to include a call to action prompt so that they will know what action to perform and where their next step will be.

You will miss a huge opportunity to drive traffic if your personalised video will not provide the necessary steps and links to lead customers to where you want them to go and to perform the necessary actions. Make sure to make everything clear and direct so it will be easy for anyone to follow.

Now that you have seen 10 great examples of personalised videos, learned about how the process works and why you should create them, you may be wondering how your company can do this. Lucky for you, our team at fewStones is highly capable of creating these personalised videos for you.

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