You don’t need more leads to get more sales.
Double your sales by doubling your conversion rate.

We drastically improve your conversion rate on existing leads with personalised videos.

Our mission

In order to get more sales, many businesses focus on getting more leads. But getting new leads can be expensive. Instead of spending more to get more leads, you can choose a better way: get more sales from your existing leads by improving your conversion rate.

We help businesses implement automated systems using personalised videos (and more) to drastically improve their conversion rates.

Do you have a high cost per lead? Would you like to get more sales without spending more on leads? Contact us to improve your conversion rate.

How does it work: an example

  • A new lead fills in a form on your website and comes into your funnel.
  • Instead of receiving a standard email, they receive automatically a first personalised video.
  • The personalised video makes them experience how they could benefit from your service.
  • They identify themselves with your service and take action to the next step.

Why use personalised videos in your sales funnel

  • Personalised videos are the best online method to engage prospects in a personal way
  • It’s a scalable method for personalised marketing
  • Results are measurable, at every step of our sales funnel
  • Technology now allows for highly personalised videos
  • The combination of the right creative + the right personalisation can create incredible results

Who is it for

Veeroll is perfect for companies that have:

  • A high cost per lead (B2B or B2C)
  • A CRM and sales funnel in place

Examples of industries:

  • Higher education
  • Insurance
  • SaaS and tech services
  • And more!

Our process

We analyse with you your existing sales funnel

We produce video creatives to convince your prospects and overcome their objections

We implement automated creation of personalised videos at various stages of your funnel

We monitor results and iterate to improve your conversion rate

We integrate with your systems

Why we are good at what we do

fewStones has a proven track record:

  • Creating highly engaging videos since 2012
  • Creating personalised videos at scale since 2014
  • Proven track record and extensive list of large customers

We are trusted by

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