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8 Tips to Create an Engaging and Authentic Testimonial Video

In order to have a successful business, you need to have a lot of people talking about your brand in a positive light. A testimonial video is one of the best ways to naturally obtain this. Testimonial videos are powerful because they help you build credibility, reliability, and trust. However, creating videos like these is never easy, especially when you are in an industry with a lot of competitors. This article will cover the 8 tips that you will need to help you create an engaging and authentic testimonial video that can generate conversions.

testimonial video

8 Tips to Create an Engaging and Authentic Testimonial Video

1. Make use of high-quality video equipment for filming

Even before you start filming your testimonial video, one of the most important tips you should consider is making use of high-quality video equipment. Using the best equipment possible will be a worthwhile investment because it will make sure that your video will turn out in the highest quality.

You can have the option of buying or renting great cameras but you may face challenges with how to operate them especially if people on your team don’t have the adequate experience for using these.

If you want high-quality equipment in capable and experienced hands, you should work with a professional video production company. This may be a more costly option, but it will give you the best chance to create a testimonial video that will be effective.

Video production companies have access to the best video and audio equipment and also all of their team members are experts in using these for clients.

2. Choose a customer that is a reflection of your target audience

When thinking about who you want to feature in your testimonial video, one of the most important tips you should follow is that this customer should be an authentic representation of your target audience.

For example, if you are targeting small business owners, it would only make sense to feature these people instead of other types of consumers. You want your target audience to be seen and heard and you can effectively do this through testimonial videos.

You should also remember to feature someone that has an active role in the events described and shown in front of the camera. This makes the testimonial more credible since they are speaking with a level of authority.

3. Prepare accordingly without relying too much on a script

Testimonial videos are meant to sound like authentic human beings stating their honest opinions and not just people stating lines from a prepared script. Writing a script for your testimonial video will make it sound unnatural and can easily be spotted by viewers.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should go into these videos unprepared. One of the best tips to follow is to prepare what you want the customers to say without having to rely too much on a script.

A good way of doing this is by coming up with questions to ask the subject and sending them beforehand so that they can have an idea of how they want to answer it.

You should structure the video like an interview. This means including follow-up questions even if they aren’t included in what you sent.

4. Focus on the problems your customer faced and position yourself as the solution

When it comes to tips for a testimonial video, this one is probably the most important. Viewers don’t watch testimonials to learn about features because they can find that information anywhere. They watch testimonial videos because they want to see the “why”.

Use your testimonial video to shed light on the problems that your customers faced and then transition that to what made them choose your product and how it helped solve these problems.

When you get to focus more on the “why” questions, you get to hear more emotional answers about all of the benefits that your product offers.

Establishing a narrative within your video that touches on their problems, solutions, and your benefits will make your testimonial effective and emotional.

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5. Show the product or service in use

One of the most important tips you should not forget when creating a testimonial video is that you should show how your product or service works when being used by actual customers. Viewers usually will also want to know what it looks like or how it performs alongside what their fellow consumers think about your products.

47% of people say that testimonial videos are effective for them because they give them a clear visual image of how your product or service actually works in action. You can show the product in the background or cut to video footage of certain features that the video’s subject is talking about.

6. Keep the video short and concise

With all of the tips mentioned in this article, you might be tempted to make your testimonial video as long as possible to include all types of stories and information. However, even if your filming can take you an hour or more, you should edit the video to be short and concise.

Keeping your testimonial video short allows you to maximise the interest and engagement of your viewers so that they can be more likely to finish your video. Testimonial videos can be as short as 30 seconds and as long as around three minutes.

Make sure that in the video’s runtime, you get to cover important key points and tell the story of the customer’s problem and how your offering made their work a lot easier.

7. End the testimonial video with a call-to-action

All of these tips won’t matter if your testimonial video will not help you convert customers so it is highly important that you end with a clear call-to-action.

When you do this, it helps build interest as they finish the video and urges them to perform the next step with your company. It is important that the directions are clear and easy to follow so that more viewers will be able to convert.

8. Promote your testimonial video on the right platforms

Once the testimonial video is ready, you can promote it on all of the appropriate platforms. You should upload the videos using your brand’s account on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube.

However, to take a step further, you can also let your customers and clients that are featured upload the testimonial video themselves on their own personal and brand accounts.

This can help reach even more viewers and also gives a positive impression of being proud of the video that you created together.

Now that you’ve learned about all of these important tips to help you create an engaging and authentic video, you should consider creating these for your company.

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