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How the Hospitality Industry Benefits from Video Marketing

Video marketing can have a significant impact on all types of business and industries. One industry that can greatly benefit from the use and incorporation of video marketing is the hospitality industry. Through video marketing, all companies in the hospitality industry can create more compelling and engaging content that will allow them to attract more long-term customers in the future. This article will cover the 7 ways the hospitality industry can benefit from video marketing along with 4 video types that work best.

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7 Ways the Hospitality Industry Can Benefit from Video Marketing

1. Video marketing is more impactful than just text and photos

Rather than describing to your customers what your hospitality business can provide for them, you can just show it to them through video marketing.

Watching a video is a much more entertaining and engaging experience for consumers compared to just reading text descriptions that are accompanied with static photos.

You can go over the copy you have on your website and use the main key points as a basis for your video. This video can illustrate your points in a more effective way that allows you to build a story around it.

2. Your company can perform better on social media with video

Video marketing can be effective on all types of media for the hospitality industry from your website to your email campaigns. However, video works best on social media platforms.

This is because in social media, your videos allow you to connect with your audience in a place where they are the most active. A lot of consumers use video as a means of learning about a hospitality service before visiting or booking.

You can create a video that explores your hotel, venue, or restaurant and post it on your social media accounts. You can incorporate your customers by asking them to like and share the video and even ask them about their own personal favourite part.

3. You can use video marketing to boost your email efforts

Your email marketing efforts allow you to have a direct line of communication to your customers. This makes it the perfect channel for your hospitality business to incorporate video marketing content.

Having videos makes your emails stand out above the rest that only rely on purely textual emails or emails that only include photos. When consumers see a video attached to an email, they will feel more intrigued with what you want to communicate.

For example, if you have created a new wing in your hotel or have released a new dish for your restaurant, you can showcase this through video so that they get to know about it in an entertaining way.

4. Your testimonials can be more credible when they are done through videos

While written testimonials and reviews are valuable, it has become too common for every hospitality business to include these text reviews from satisfied customers to the point that most consumers doubt their authenticity.

If you want to make a credible and genuine testimonial, you should create them through videos. Creating a testimonial video erases any doubt about the authenticity of the review since viewers will clearly see someone talking about their positive experience in front of a camera.

You can encourage customers to share their experience for a testimonial video by incentivising them with discounts and freebies in return.

5. Video content will be easily remembered by most consumers

Video marketing will make your hospitality business more memorable and will drive a lot of long-term growth for it. Nowadays, if you are not creating videos, you are behind the competition.

93% of marketers are now using videos because consumers are much more interested and responsive to video content compared to other media.

With good videos, you will have viewers who are always interested and engaged which makes them more likely to remember your content and your business.

6. You can collaborate with influencers through video marketing

When done right, influencers can be a very valuable tool when it comes to creating video marketing content for your hospitality business. With numerous influencers who can have up to millions of followers, you can be able to reach a lot more of your target customers.

The most effective way of collaborating with these influencers is through videos because it allows them more freedom and gives them more opportunities to be creative with your company.

An example of this is you can give influencers full access to your hotel so that they can upload video content of all of your features and amenities.

If you have a restaurant, you can have an influencer visit you and try out all of your best-sellers and review them in front of the camera.

7. More consumers will trust and be confident about your brand when you make good videos

Creating more content through video marketing helps your hospitality business to generate more engagement and views over a long period of time.

When customers can immediately discover a video of your property instead of just an image, they may be more likely to avail of your service.

Videos help you build trust and confidence among customers that are willing to potentially book your hotel or eat at your restaurant.

It is more effective and engaging to show and explain something in detail through videos instead of just relying on text and photos that do not paint the whole picture.

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4 Video Marketing Types That Companies in the Hospitality Industry Can Create

1. Behind the scenes videos

Behind-the-scenes videos are great at showcasing all of the inner workings of your hospitality business that consumers don’t usually get to view or understand.

This type of video marketing provides viewers with special access to how things work in the fast-paced hospitality industry so that they can find out how hard your team performs to provide the best experience for you.

This gives consumers peace of mind and confidence whenever they avail of your services because it shows that you want to be authentic and transparent with how you want to serve them.

2. Testimonial videos

Another video marketing type that is perfect for the hospitality industry is testimonial videos. You can have former guests and customers share the positive experience that they had through videos instead of just text or photos.

This video type can be what will ultimately push potential customers to book a room in your hotel or visit your restaurant for a meal.

Featuring customers and guests and having them be part of your video makes their positive testimonials even more authentic and real. When consumers can see that fellow consumers truly love your business, they will be more convinced.

3. Virtual tour videos

If you have a hotel or an event venue, offering a virtual tour of your property is a great way for you to showcase everything that is provided to potential customers without them needing to visit your physical space just yet.

Creating a virtual tour video helps incoming guests as they can already familiarise themselves with your location even before visiting.

Once they arrive, they will already have an idea of what to expect and where all the important locations will be. This makes their arrival a much smoother and quicker process for everyone.

4. Tips and tricks videos

When you have a great business in the hospitality industry, that means you can inform consumers about certain tips and tricks to make their experience much better and you can do it effectively through videos.

If you have a hotel or an event venue, you can give tips on what locations inside are better than others and how to immediately get them. You can also give travel and commute tips about your general area.

If you have a restaurant, you can give tips on what dishes would match well with drinks and with other dishes or even recommend other partnered restaurants as well.

Video marketing is a huge boost for your hospitality business in a number of ways. This is especially true when you get to create your videos with proven video professionals.

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