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8 Examples of Effective Hotel & Accommodation Videos

Whenever you have to come up with a marketing plan for your hotel, video marketing should always be an integral part of it. Creating videos is one of the most engaging and entertaining ways to attract and persuade consumers. Letting people know what your property actually looks like in an authentic and dynamic way through video is much more effective than just relying on photos and text descriptions. This article will cover 8 great examples of effective hotel and accommodation videos and marketing ideas to inspire you to create your own.

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8 Examples of Effective Hotel and Accommodation Videos

1. Soniva Jani

Soniva Jani is a resort in the Maldives which is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. Their brief hotel video lets the visuals and the mellow music do all the talking.

They include a bird’s eye view of the serene resort. It also includes a lot of relaxing visuals of the ocean and the villas. You can even take a look at both the exterior and interior of the beautiful villas that they offer.

Video Link:

2. Hotel Husafell

Hotel Husafell is located in Iceland. Their video is a great way to show off what makes a snowy destination great for customers. They were able to perfectly encapsulate the chilly exterior around the property and the cosiness of the hotel and the rooms.

The video used entertaining and relaxing drone shots that give a bird’s eye view of the secluded property. They also uses closer shots for the interior amenities like the restaurant and heated pool.

Video Link:

3. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

This Four Seasons promotional video is more narrative-based than the other videos in this list. They include a narration that is accompanied with different clips that focus on Four Seasons properties.

You can easily get a sense of how luxurious and expansive all of their international hotel offerings are and how important it is for them to foster the feeling of hospitality everywhere.

It is a great example of brand storytelling as they communicate their values and culture to the viewers.

Video Link:

4. The Ritz

This video of the Ritz in London is actually made by the Evening Standard which is a daily London newspaper. It is a behind-the-scenes video that lets the Ritz promote itself through a popular publication.

The comprehensive video is five minutes long and focuses on specific team members of the Ritz. It gives a closer look at what they usually do on a daily basis. This gives prospects more insight on the actual work that is being done to give them the best hotel experience possible.

Video Link:

5. Marriott

The Marriott created a virtual tour which showcases County Hall, their top London property. The virtual tour gives prospects a realistic look of how they accommodate you from the hotel entrance up until your room.

This tour is an effective and realistic way of showing off all of the hotel amenities as well as adding a human touch by having important team members guiding the viewer.

Video Link:

6. The Bellevue Resort

This resort video by the Bellevue Resort in Bohol, Philippines places the emphasis on all of the beautiful destinations and fun activities you can perform around the area. You can see all of the tourist hotspots that visitors can explore during their stay.

These destinations along with the expansive shots and overhead footage of the property give you a strong idea of what your experience will look like inside the resort and around the area.

Video Link:

7. Radisson Hotels

Radisson Hotels created a 15-second promotional video which is the shortest one in this list. It strips everything down and only includes the most important information that a visitor will need.

The short video includes all of the exceptional aspects of the hotel experience that they can offer which includes the view, cuisine, and the bed.

Video Link:

8. Shangri-La

Shangri-La Hambantota in Sri Lanka created a video that focuses on two main characters as they go through various activities inside and around the hotel. There’s no narration and dialogue needed as the video wants you to focus on the visuals and the experiences.

They hit all of the main points you would want to focus on as a hotel. This includes resort activities, dining experiences, amenities, and other local experiences that are native to the area.

Video Link:

5 Marketing Ideas for Hotel Videos

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1. Offer a virtual tour of your hotel

One of the best video marketing methods for your hotel is to create a virtual tour of the property. Virtual tours allow you to showcase your property and all its amenities to potential prospects without them having to step food inside the physical space.

This also helps incoming guests as they can quickly and easily become acquainted with your hotel. Before arriving, they can already have a good idea of what they will expect and know where all the important locations will be.

Make sure that the virtual tour that you create gets to properly showcase your property and attracts your target audience as well.

2. Inform consumers about effective travel tips

Having a high-quality hotel means that you have authority in the hospitality industry. This gives you the opportunity to share special insights and tips about travel, especially when it’s about the surrounding areas near your hotel.

Providing travel tips through videos is a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader while also showcasing your hotel as the best option for guests. You can also use this video to highlight the partnerships your hotel has with local businesses.

These videos show your hotel is an integral part of the community, and that staying there provides customers with a lot of nearby attractions and activities to make their stay worthwhile.

3. Make use of customer testimonials and reviews

Another great video marketing method to promote your hotel is to have former guests and clients share their positive experience when they stayed at your hotel. This video idea can be what pushes potential customers to eventually book a room in your hotel.

Having guests and clients that are not affiliated with you in any way, makes their positive testimonials more genuine and persuasive. Consumers will trust fellow consumers more than brands so seeing them talk about how great your staff and property is will be more convincing.

4. Put the spotlight on your team

Giving viewers access to the team members in your hotel through a video is a great way to promote your property. You can highlight your staff’s achievements and the value that they bring to the property, and more importantly, to the guests.

Putting a spotlight on your team does not just boost morale, but it also enables guests to know that they will be interacting with the best of the best when they stay at your hotel.

5. Let prospects know how everyone works behind-the-scenes

Creating behind-the-scenes videos allow you to highlight all of your hotel’s inner workings that people don’t usually get to see. These videos provide special access to viewers and you should position them as such.

Giving prospects an idea of how your staff can perform their tasks quickly and efficiently even in unpredictable circumstances gives them the peace of mind that you will be taken care of no matter what happens.

This video will promote your team’s attention to detail and their dedication to provide the best service for all customers.

Creating videos is one of the best ways for your hotel to achieve all types of goals. Whether you want to generate engagement, reach more people, or attract more guests, video can effectively do all of these for you.

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