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Video is a very powerful marketing tool, especially for the hospitality industry. You can capture your audience’s attention and captivate them before they even set foot on your premise. One of the most popular trends is to showcase the hospitality industry’s finest hotels, restaurants, and attractions in a 360° 3D virtual tour. Bring your venue to your guests through virtual reality.

Highlight your services and build customer rapport by incorporating videos into your marketing strategy. Aside from virtual tours, hospitality businesses can also leverage branded videos using interactive and personalised videos, pre and post-event videos, highlights of amenities and facilities, behind-the-scenes, and client testimonials. Feature your marketing videos on your website, share them on social media, and add them to your email campaigns. Boost your video marketing today!

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5 Benefits of Using Videos for the Hospitality Industry

  • Bring your venue to clients via virtual reality
  • Video contents make people more responsive and interested
  • Build trust and confidence in your brand
  • Increases engagement
  • Video in email campaigns improve click-through rate by five times

Types of Hospitality Videos

  • 360 3D Virtual Tours
  • Facility and Amenity Updates
  • Interactive Videos
  • Personalised Videos
  • 2D and 3D Animation Videos
  • Event Coverage & Highlights
  • Client Reviews & Testimonials

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