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5 Types of Videos That Work Well for the Healthcare Industry

Videos are an effective tool when it comes to entertaining audiences. However, they can also be a great channel for informing and educating people. When done right, videos are a significant boost for the healthcare industry as a means of communicating important medical information in an engaging way. Videos can make healthcare information more accessible and straightforward which can benefit a lot of people. This article will cover the 5 types of videos that work well for the healthcare industry as well as the 3 tips to help you structure your healthcare videos.

healthcare doctor cellphone

5 Types of Videos That Work Well for the Healthcare Industry

1. Explainer videos

Explainer videos are short videos but are packed with a lot of information. They can explain a complex healthcare topic in a short, engaging, and compelling way.

These videos will probably be the most effective and the most common types of healthcare videos that you can create. However, it may get tricky sometimes, especially when you have to explain complex conditions or operations.

Make sure you get the right balance between the explanation of medical jargon and the creative side of the video like the story or the content to make it sound more relatable.

Here is a great example of a healthcare explainer video from Pfizer:

Video Link:

2. Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos are a great option for establishing your healthcare brand as reliable and trustworthy. When you do them right, people will have an easier time remembering you and associating you with positive experiences.

Having one of your patients in front of the camera and talking about how well their experience went with you will push other people to try out your services since consumers place more trust on other fellow consumers.

When interviewing one of your customers for the testimonial video, make sure that you get to know more about them before the shoot itself. Let them speak naturally and have them avoid reading a script.

Here is sa great example of a healthcare testimonial video from ClearChoice Dental Implant Centre:

Video Link:

3. Expert feature videos

Expert feature videos are healthcare videos that put a spotlight on doctors. This is the healthcare industry’s version of influencer marketing since doctors are powerful influencers in their industry.

Doctors are healthcare experts and are the most credible source of medical information to patients and the general public as well. You can be able to build a personal brand for specific doctors through these videos.

The content of this video will mainly rely on the doctors as they educate the audiences about anything related to the healthcare industry. This can cover conditions, diseases, operations, and advancements in the field.

Here is a great example of a healthcare expert video by one of the doctors at the Mayo Clinic:

Video Link:

4. Healthcare tip videos

Videos are always performing well on all of the popular social media platforms. As part of the healthcare industry, you can take advantage of this by creating videos that focus on giving general tips and health advice to viewers.

These tip videos can be short and sweet and focused on easily understandable topics about everyone’s general health like exercise tips, food tips, diet tips.

What is great with these videos when viewers can understand and digest the content is that they can easily perform your tips and share them on all of their social media accounts so their friends can see them as well.

Here is a great example of a healthcare tips video from the Mayo Clinic:

Video Link:

5. “What to expect” videos

Another great way to incorporate your doctors and use their influence is by featuring them in “what to expect” videos. These are videos that guide viewers through certain treatments, operations, or procedures.

It is a great way to educate patients about what will happen during their visit. This comforts them and helps set their expectations once they finally visit the hospital.

Doing your best to put your patients’ mind at ease creates a positive patient experience and this video can be something that they can share to others that are curious as well.

Here is a great “what to expect” video from DHR Health:

Video Link:

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3 Points to Help You Structure Your Healthcare Videos

1. Make education the main emphasis of your healthcare videos

In the information age that we have right now, health information is one of the most sought after online because of how easy it is for people to search for it.

It may be difficult for someone to find their way around abundant information online which can seem too complex or worse, misleading.

This is a good opportunity for the healthcare industry to provide accurate and understandable information to everyone through videos. Education should be the main emphasis of healthcare videos because of the responsibility that healthcare professionals have for their patients.

With videos, you will be able to provide viewers with an effortless and engaging way to clear, accurate, and authoritative healthcare information from your brand. This is the first step towards establishing a relationship built on trust with consumers.

2. Keep the information clear and deliver it in a calm manner

Since education is what you want to emphasise when creating healthcare videos, you will have to address all of this valuable information in a way that everyone can easily understand.

You will want to deliver your information in a calm and soothing manner just like how doctors would address patients in the hospital. This means having to explain certain medical jargons when needed or avoiding them altogether.

Use your healthcare videos as a way not just to provide information, but deliver it in a way that reassures the viewer as well. You can do this by having real doctors participate in the videos so that they can add a level of humanity and authenticity.

3. Learn to make your healthcare videos engaging

While it is crucial for you to correctly inform and educate your audience and address them in a calm manner, it is also important that you make sure that your healthcare videos will still be engaging.

The overall success of your videos will also depend on your ability to involve and engage your viewers through storytelling.

How well you inform them could be the reason they watched your video, but how well you engage them will be the reason they will continue to watch all of the videos from your brand.

To do this, you can even incorporate influencers in your videos so that they get to talk about the positive experiences they had when they were working with your healthcare brand.

Hopefully all of these video types and points will give you a better idea of how you will create your own healthcare videos. When you finally want to create these videos and need some help, our team at fewStones is here for you. Our experience creating videos for the healthcare industry makes us your perfect production partner.

With fewStones, you get to work with professional video production experts who can help you create live action videos, 2D animated videos, and 3D animated videos for your healthcare brand. You can get a free instant quote on all of our video production services by clicking here.

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