Build Credibility with Effective Testimonial Videos Production

fewStones is a Video Production agency in Singapore providing quality service in crafting client testimonial videos. We help you create video testimonials made with a compelling message, creative content & technical effects.
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Benefits of Testimonial Videos

  • Marketing – Increase conversion by creating testimonial videos at scale for your prospects.

  • Sales – Increase loyalty, upsells and customer retention with testimonial videos.

  • Reviews – Increase positive feedback from your past and current customers with testimonial videos.

How the testimonial video production process works

  1. Content – First, we develop interview questions and find customers who are willing to be interviewed. 

  2. Customisation – Based on the product or service featured in a testimonial video, we will choose the location for filming. In most cases, their offices are ideal because B-Roll can be recorded to help them understand their everyday life.

  3. Distribution – We can integrate with your existing systems (such as CRM) to help you host and distribute your personalised videos through email, custom landing pages, interactive video players and more. Our technical team will create the perfect solution for you.

  4. Metrics – Track all metrics that matter for your personalised video project: open rate, click-through rate and view data. We provide you with all available metrics and can integrate with your dashboards.
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Why choose fewStones to for your client testimonial video project

Established in Singapore in 2011, fewStones is a leading video production agency trusted by more than 400 clients from start-ups to very large organisations.

fewStones has been creating videos since 2014 and has developed its proprietary technology on After Effects, also available under the Veeroll brand.

fewStones is the only agency in Singapore to combine a creative team for video production with a technical team for effective testimonial videos.

Examples of video testimonials


FAQs about Testimonial Videos

A testimonial video happens when customers share their experiences working with your company and promote your product or brand.

Testimonial videos:

  • Provide background information about the business pain points so that viewers understand more about the motivation behind the recommendation of a client
  • Include interviews and a B-Roll of the person giving the testimonial to add another feeling of context for viewers
  • Are informative, yet comfortable since the most effective testimonials come from customers who share their sentiments

A fantastic testimonial video is shot in a relaxed setting with interview questions that help your customers share their positive experiences of your product or service.

Testimonials are extremely powerful to promote your brand. We’re talking about your customers and the way they’re depicted in the testimonial video is crucial.

Video testimonials on-site are most costly. The typical price is $3,500 to $15,000 for an expert videography team to record, organize and edit your video.

In most cases, an effective video testimonial should be less than 2 minutes. The purpose of the video testimonial is to present the entire message in a short but impactful way.

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