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10 Best Examples of Tourism Videos That Work Well

The tourism industry has taken a huge hit the past few years because of the pandemic but nowadays, more and more countries are starting to open up to tourists because of the ease in travel restrictions. With the resurgence of tourism, a lot of countries have also been creating great tourism videos to encourage more visitors. These tourism videos evoke wonder, adventure, and excitement to convince tourists to visit their country. This article will cover the 10 best examples of tourism videos that work well and will persuade you to enjoy a vacation there.

tourism view

10 Examples of Tourism Videos That Work Well

1. Australia – Welcome Back New Zealand

In 2021, Tourism Australia launched its “Be the First” campaign. This campaign invited their neighbours from New Zealand to be the first people to take advantage of all the awesome experiences that Australia has to offer.

The video personally addresses New Zealand itself by admitting that they are responsible for a lot of recorded “firsts” in the world.

However, with so many beautiful sights in Australia, they want tourists from New Zealand to add another first to their list.

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2. Singapore – Think You Know Singapore?

The Singapore Tourism Board launched a new campaign and it was accompanied by a great tourism video about Singapore. The SingapoReimagine campaign is at the spotlight of this video that lets tourists know more about the country.

THe video features Singaporeans from different walks of life as they showcase travel experiences that some tourists may not know about. They want to challenge the perception that the country is just a small city with all skyscrapers.

The aim of the video is to show that Singapore is so much more and can offer so many different experiences and adventures that are unique only to the country.

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3. France – What Really Matters

The French Tourism Department along with other regional tourist boards and agencies came together to launch the “#ExploreFrance What Really Matters” campaign across their target markets in Europe.

The tourism video that they made for it takes a more emotional and inspirational tone asking the viewers what matters most to them.

In the video, when the narrator talks about what matters most to them, it is accompanied with all of the ways that France can provide an experience that will make the narrator happy.

France offers satisfying travel aspirations and having the best experiences to recharge the batteries of those that have been burned out by the pandemic.

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4. Switzerland – No Drama

Switzerland’s tourism video features their new ambassador, Roger Federer, along with Robert De Niro. It is a short and simple spot where Federer is pitching a film project in Switzerland to De Niro.

However, De Niro is unimpressed and doesn’t like it because he thinks Switzerland is too perfect of a place. He says that there is no drama and that the country is too pure, impressive, and beautiful.

It is one of the more unique tourism videos. This is because it relies on reverse psychology and sly humour from two well-known personalities.

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5. Japan – Where tradition meets the future

In 2016, the Japan National Tourism Organisation launched a campaign called “Where tradition meets the future”. This campaign aimed to promote inbound tourism from European visitors. This tourism video focused on portraying the harmony Japan has between their traditions and innovations.

The tourism video showcases more traditional experiences and areas and contrasts it with the innovative areas and advanced technological activities that you can experience in Japan.

It is a perfect way of showcasing the essence of Japan. Having and experiencing this equal blend of the past and the future can make for a great visit.

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6. Iceland – Let It Out!

In July 2020, during the peak of the pandemic, Promote Iceland launched an attention-grabbing campaign and video that asked people to let out all of their frustrations with a scream.

It is a creative video that shows people in frustrating situations due to the pandemic and being transported once they screamed and let it all out.

This is their way of communicating that if you want to let everything out, you should go to Iceland to avoid all of your problems. It is a playful concept that allows Iceland to promote themselves as a place to relax and unwind.

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7. South Korea – This is my Korea. What’s yours?

This tourism video released by South Korea’s tourism organisation is accompanied by a campaign that features Premier League football player and South Korea international Son Heung-min.

In the video Son introduces his home country to fans around the world for the first time in English. Based on the lucky number 7 in Korea, he chooses 7 words that describe his own personality as well as South Korea itself.

South Korea’s tourism video is a great way to showcase Son Heung-min as an ambassador as well as their own experiences and locations to tourists as well.

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8. Portugal – Hello World. It’s me, Tomorrow.

VisitPortugal launched a campaign called #CantSkipTomorrow which calls for the promotion of responsible and sustainable tourism. The tourism video has a more serious approach as it appeals to the viewer to take care of our world.

The message of the video is to call for a collective conscience and will about our responsibility to take care and protect all of the beautiful destinations in Portugal and everywhere around the world.

The video ends by reminding viewers to change today so that we can still keep visiting tomorrow.

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9. The Philippines – Wake Up in the Philippines

Wake Up in the Philippines is a tourism video that the Philippines created at the height of the pandemic when international travel was barely allowed. This was during the time where a lot of people were still spending indoors without any opportunity to travel elsewhere.

The tourism video highlights different local regions along with the different activities and scenery that can be experienced in the country.

The video feeds into the wanderlust that people were feeling but maintained the reality that it is difficult to travel during this time. However, they ended with a call for everyone to stay at home, dream, and wake up in the Philippines.

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10. Canada – Travel is the heartbeat of Canada

Destination Canada created a tourism video in 2021 which highlights the places and the people that makes the experience in Canada unique and special. The video spotlights the different places that tourists can visit in the country.

However, the video did not just showcase the places themselves. They also featured actual tourism workers instead of actors. One of these is a drummer who is essential to the video as the drums provide energy and hope.

The usage and significance of the drums reflect the heartbeat and spirit of Canada as it is an instrument of celebration. This represents the tourism industry who is remaining positive despite the hardships from the pandemic.

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Hopefully all of these tourism videos will not only inspire you to travel to your dream destinations, but also inspire you to create your own videos as well. If you need help creating tourism videos and hospitality videos, then our team at fewStones is ready to help.

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