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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Personalised Videos

One of the most intriguing and effective video types that you should invest in is personalised videos. Personalised videos offer unique experiences to viewers which will make them more interested in your brand and what you have to offer to them. This article will cover all of the reasons why it is a great idea to properly invest in creating personalised videos for your customers.

What are Personalised Videos?

Personalised videos are custom-made videos for a specific individual viewer. Companies can incorporate personalised information like someone’s name, job title, photo, company, email etc. directly onto the video as a relevant part of its story and content.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Personalised Videos

1. You will provide customers with a unique video experience

With videos becoming so prevalent on social media nowadays, you will need to find creative and unique ways to communicate to your target customers. You can do this when you get to properly invest in creating high-quality personalised videos.

When you have a personalised video, you get to formulate a more direct and tailor-made message specifically for the viewer. This unique approach helps you stand out from all of the other generic video types seen on social media.

Being able to invest in personalised videos allows you to provide a more authentic video experience with your customers and they will be able to appreciate the efforts you have made for them.

2. Personalised videos can drive more active engagements

Customers that you have approached through personalised videos will make them more likely to engage with you because they will see that you made an effort to specifically engage with them first.

Having to invest in personalised videos means that you are able to reach your customers at the most personal level that they are looking for from brands in a format (video) that is the most similar to simulating conversations.

When customers watch a personalised video, they get to hear a message that is specifically crafted for them instead of a general message that is communicated to everyone. This makes them more likely to engage with you immediately after the video.

3. You will have a substantial increase in conversions

Since videos are already known as one of the best marketing options when it comes to increasing conversions, then personalised videos will be able to significantly increase these conversions efficiently for your company.

Combining personalised videos with other marketing materials like emails can be a great way to maximise your conversions.

Incorporating these videos alongside emails allows you to generate a greater return compared to just traditional emails who only personalise some parts of the text body.

4. Your call to actions will be more compelling and effective

When creating videos, it is important that you always include a call to action so that you can urge customers to perform a specific task that you need them to do in order to convert whether this is to sign up, purchase, subscribe, or share.

When you place a call to action in your personalised videos, they become a lot more compelling and effective because you are addressing the viewer personally.

In the video, you will need to show how your brand can help the viewer in their daily lives by strategically placing their information in crucial parts of the story. This makes them feel more immersed in the story and makes them more likely to engage with your call to action.

5. Personalised videos allow you to significantly increase customer trust and loyalty

One of the main goals of every business is to earn the trust and loyalty of most, if not all of its customers. When you achieve this, you will know that you are doing well in your industry and will continue to do well in the long-term future.

One of the most effective ways of building and increasing this trust and loyalty is to form a genuine relationship with your customers by understanding their needs and problems and addressing them with your content, products, and service.

This is why it is a great idea to invest in personalised videos since you get to cater this type of content to your loyal customers so that they will feel the genuine interaction between them and your business.

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3 Ways You Can Use Personalised Videos

1. Webinar and Event Invitations

One of the best ways to use personalised videos is by personalising the webinar and event invitations for your guests. When you invest in personalised videos, it will be easy for you to create a short video invitation that would include details like the name and photo of the guest you want to invite.

This gesture can go a long way because even if they were not initially interested in going, they will immediately appreciate this gesture of making the effort to acknowledge them personally for their invitation.

2. Customer Service

While personalised videos are great for attracting new customers, they can also be effective tools for strengthening the relationship of current customers as well.

You can create a personalised video to follow up on purchases that they make by including their name and the product that they bought so they can give feedback. You can also send them a personalised video greeting on holidays and their birthdays to make them feel extra special.

3. Personalised Video Introductions

Personalised introduction videos created by your sales agents that will be sent to your potential customers will make it easier for people to remember and put a face to a name.

A simple straightforward welcome message which addresses the viewer by name can already make a great first impression which will make them more inclined to learn more about your business and its offerings.

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