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15 Personalised Video Statistics You Need to Know

Personalised video is the next big thing in digital marketing and it is easy to see why. While personalised content has been around for decades, it has now become even more mainstream and effective because of social media. If you want to know how powerful personalised videos are, you should check out all the relevant statistics about them. This article will cover the 15 personalised video statistics you need to know which should convince you to create your own personalised videos.

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15 Personalised Video Statistics You Need to Know

1. Customers would like to experience more tailored and personalised messaging from brands

Personalised videos are a great way to accommodate this new development of customers wanting to experience tailored messaging from brands. These videos show that companies are making an effort for them.

When you can provide in-depth personalised videos, customers will be more open to the product and service that you are offering to them because you are directly addressing their own personal needs and concerns.

Here are the personalised video statistics you need to know regarding how customers are open to receiving personalised videos:

  • 93% of users feel that salespeople are not offering them relevant communications and messages. This proves that there is a need and a market for personalisation.
  • According to the results of a survey, 81% of people say that they want businesses to know when to contact them. (Marketing Dive)
  • When a company offers a personalised experience, 80% of customers will be more likely to engage and do business with them. (Ad Age)
  • Almost everyone (90% of customers) in the age range of 18-64 say that they find personalisation appealing.
  • 70% of customers have said that they would like companies to personalise their communications. (Accenture)

2. More businesses are investing in personalised videos

While you may think that it is costly to focus on creating personalised videos, it will be a cost-effective investment in the long-term when you get to do it right.

Providing personalised videos now can help you stand out from your other competitors who are not doing these videos yet and you can even be seen as an innovator and trailblazer of personalised videos in your industry.

Here are the personalised video statistics that show how more businesses are placing an emphasis on personalised videos and how they are planning to invest in them for the future:

  • 97% of companies are planning to bolster their budgets for personalisation so that they can target specific customer interests. (Business2Community)
  • According to 78% of Chief Marketing Officers, custom content will be the future of marketing. (Demand Metric)
  • 94% of senior-level executives think that personalisation is a critical factor when reaching customers.
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3. Personalised videos have significant influence on a customer’s decision towards a specific brand

Personalised videos are highly influential and can have a significant impact on how customers perceive and approach your brand. When you provide them with a great personalised experience, they will be more likely to learn more about your offerings. This can eventually lead them to becoming long-term customers.

Here are the personalised video statistics which showcase how much personalised videos play a significant impact and influence in a customer’s decision and loyalty towards a brand:

  • 65% of customers indicate customisation as a reason for their brand loyalty to a company. (The Drum)
  • Over 70% of customers who received personalised content said that it had a significant influence on what they bought. (Infosys)
  • 52% of consumers would immediately switch away from brands that do not create personalised communications for them.

4. You will obtain more conversions with high-quality personalised videos

Your personalised video efforts will not be fruitful and worthwhile if they don’t convert any of your target customers.

The main goal of all video marketing is to bring more sales and conversions. What makes personalised videos great is that it allows for deeper engagements with viewers which in turn can lead to even more conversions compared to traditional videos.

It is important to incorporate personal information that will push them into conversions. You should also remember to include a call-to-action at the end of the video and you can even personalise this as well for the viewer.

Make sure that your call-to-action is simple and easy to follow so that all types of customers will be able to understand the instructions that they need to follow in order to count as a conversion for your business.

Here are the personalised video statistics that show how effective personalised videos are in terms of obtaining a high amount of conversions:

  • 93% of companies experience an increase in their conversion rates when creating personalised content like personalised videos. (EConsultancy)
  • Call-to-action prompts which are personalised result in 202% better conversions compared to prompts that are not personalised. (HubSpot)
  • Personalised videos obtain about a 16x higher click-to-open rate and have a 4.5x high unique click-through rate. (
  • More than 33% of executives that use personalisation techniques have experienced an increase in their transaction frequency.


Hopefully all of these 15 statistics mentioned above will convince you to put a significant amount of effort into providing personalised videos for your customers.

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