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10 Tips to Boost Sales With Personalised Videos

We are now at a time where it has become a lot easier for brands to approach and engage consumers effectively through personalised videos. Personalised videos are one of the most powerful ways to showcase your brand. They show that you truly care about your customers, which can build loyalty, trust, and even long-term relationships. However, you will want to make sure that these videos will significantly improve your sales as well. This article will cover the 10 tips to ensure your personalised videos boost your sales.

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10 Tips to Boost Sales With Personalised Videos

1. Make the most out of your data

Your personalised videos will only be as strong and as effective as the data that you have. You should be able to gather relevant and accurate data so that you can make sure that your personalised videos will engage your customers.

You can easily gather basic data like their name and even their display photo on their social media accounts. However, you can also make use of the location, interests, company name, company position, or company logo as part of your personalised video for them.

Make sure that you make the most out of the data that you have gathered so that you can effectively reach your target audiences with your personalised videos.

2. Tell a story

Great videos always have great stories. This should also be applied when you create personalised videos. Just because you incorporate and surprise viewers by including their information on a video doesn’t mean they will immediately be engaged.

You should be able to build and tell a great story and use the personalised information to enrich the storytelling experience. This will help your story and your video resonate more with your viewers.

This is one of the most important tips when creating your personalised videos. When your viewers are emotionally engaged with your story, they will be more likely to learn more about you and eventually purchase your products or work with your business.

3. Personalise early

When creating personalised videos, it is important that you should prioritise personalising as early as possible within the video. Most of the time, this could mean putting the viewer’s first name immediately in the first few seconds.

This allows you to signal to them right away that this specific video is different and is made just for the viewer.

Making use of early personalisation will significantly improve the viewer’s engagement. When you are able to grab their attention at the beginning, they will be more curious to find out what other ways the video is personalised.

4. Personalise with purpose

While it is important to make your viewers feel special when watching their personalised video, you should always try to find a balance with how you incorporate these personalised elements.

Only using one piece of information like their name may not surprise or intrigue them but including too many personalisation elements can be too complex for you to incorporate and may even sound too intrusive for the viewer.

You should carefully think about the goals of your personalised video campaign so you can focus on what data you can use in your personalised videos to achieve those goals.

5. Keep it short

Just like other video types, it is a lot better for you to keep your personalised videos short and concise. Avoid having a long video because the story might become too complicated for the viewer to remember.

Shorter personalised videos make it more likely for your viewers to be engaged until the end of the video and for them to easily remember the story, content, and call to action.

Try to work around the range of 30 seconds to about 2 minutes to ensure that the viewer will remain attentive and engaged all throughout their personalised video.

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6. Maximise social media

Social media is the perfect companion for your personalised videos because they provide a lot of personalised details you can use and they are a great place for you to send and upload the videos to your customers. This is one of the most effective tips when you want to share your personalised videos to your viewers.

It can be a lot easier for you to gather personalised data from your customers when they have social media accounts which include all of the relevant information to make your personalised videos stand out. This can be their name, display photo, birthday etc.

Once all of the personalised videos are finalised, social media is also the best channel to upload your videos. This is because most social media platforms prioritise video content so you will be sure to reach your target audiences efficiently.

7. Attach personalised videos to your emails

Personalised videos can have a large impact on your email marketing efforts which can help you secure more leads and sales for your company.

While it is enticing to just include their name, position, or company in the email text, incorporating all of these in a personalised video will make sure that your email stands out.

You can also include personalised offers based on the information that you have about your customers to give them more reasons to purchase from you.

8. Use personalised videos as event invitations

When you are trying to attract people into coming to your event, using a personalised video as an invitation will make them more likely to go.

The gesture may seem like an unnecessary or small gesture, but adding this layer of personalisation makes your invited guests feel more special and appreciative of your efforts.

9. Remember to include a call to action to end your video

To make sure that your personalised videos will translate into sales, you should always remember to include a call to action at the end of the video. All of these tips for your personalised videos won’t matter if the video doesn’t include a call to action so viewers can know what to do.

It is important that the call to action is clear and easy to do so that it will be effortless for them to perform the necessary action with you like purchasing, signing up, visiting a website, or subscribing.

10. Scale your personalised content

When you are planning to provide a lot of personalised videos, make sure that you are able to scale your efforts properly so that you can create and send these videos efficiently.

You will not need to worry about creating a lot of personalised videos when you have access to an automation program or to a company that can provide these personalised videos for you.

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