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8 Personalised Video Mistakes to Avoid

Personalised videos are on course to becoming one of the most engaging and effective video types for marketers. However, with it being still relatively new to the industry, there are still a lot of things that companies may not immediately know about it. There are certain things you have to do and certain mistakes you have to avoid to have the best personalised video. This article will cover the 8 personalised video mistakes you should avoid ensuring the success of all of your personalised videos.

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8 Personalised Video Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not presenting your personalised videos at the best time

While you may be eager to showcase your personalised videos immediately to your target customers, you need to know the best time to send it to them. One of the mistakes you should avoid when creating a personalised video is presenting it to customers at the wrong time.

Even if you put in all the effort to make it as personalised as possible, there is still the possibility that you send it too early or too late. The best time or stage to send a personalised video is during the acquisition phase.

When you present customers with a personalised video during acquisition, they will become more interested in your products and will be more inclined to entertain you more over other competitors.

2. Failing to integrate personalised videos into a marketing campaign

While personalised videos are great on their own, you should be able to use them alongside other marketing materials as well. It can be one of your most costly mistakes to create a personalised video and not integrate it into a more integrated marketing campaign.

Videos, including personalised videos, will usually perform better when they play a significant part in a campaign instead of creating them on their own without additional content.

When you create personalised videos for your customers, you can leverage this unique experience by making it the main focus of your marketing campaign.

3. Not being able to immediately showcase the main personalised elements

One of the most significant mistakes you should avoid when creating a personalised video is not being able to immediately showcase the personalised elements of it to the viewer.

These videos are specifically made with them in mind so you will need to make them know and see that early in the video’s story. Also, the main personalised elements that you are using like their name, photo, or birthday for example, should be the main focus of the video.

Your viewer is the main character of the personalised video. Let them know about this immediately through the personalised elements so that they will be engaged all throughout the whole story.

4. Not using relevant information

You may be tempted to always go all out and include a lot of personalised elements in a video but this should not always be the case. You should make sure that everyone on your team carefully goes over what specific personalised elements you want to incorporate in the video.

It is important to be selective and only choose personalised elements that will be relevant to the video’s story, the viewer, and will play a part in your call-to-action.

Your personalised videos should appear genuine and authentic so you should be strategic with what you want to include in the video. Including a lot of information that may even be irrelevant to the video will make viewers feel uneasy and annoyed because they will feel like you know too much.

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5. Creating a video script that sounds unnatural

One of the most crucial mistakes you should avoid when creating a personalised video is putting all the effort into incorporating the personalised elements without making the time to craft a natural script and story.

Your personalised videos won’t create deep connections with viewers if the script sounds unnatural. Having a natural script will keep the story engaging and believable so that viewers will be attentive until the end.

If you are directly speaking to the viewer in the personalised video, you should speak in a natural manner instead of making it obvious that you are saying something from a script since it is a video which is specially made for them.

It would be a worthwhile investment to hire actors so that you are sure that they can deliver their lines in the best way possible.

6. Not making the viewers feel special when watching

One thing to always remember when creating these personalised videos is that these videos are not for you, but for your viewers. Not making the viewer feel special in a personalised video is a significant mistake that you should avoid.

Place all the focus on the viewer when creating the personalised video. This means incorporating the most relevant personalised elements which they will appreciate the most.

Make them the star of your video’s story so that they can really feel the love coming from your brand. This feeling of positivity will translate to these viewers associating your brand with these positive emotions.

7. Making a personalised video that is too long

All of your personalisation efforts won’t matter if your viewers won’t remember any of them by the end of the video. Create personalised videos that are short and concise so you can avoid having viewers that forget your messaging.

A good range for personalised videos will be about 1 to 2 minutes so that you can build a story and still keep them engaged with it until the end. Incorporate the personalised elements immediately and end it with an effective call-to-action.

Creating a video that is longer than 2 minutes will make viewers disinterested or overwhelmed with the story and the personalised elements you incorporated into it.

8. Forgetting to include an effective call-to-action in the video

When creating a personalised video, one of the most unfortunate mistakes you can make is forgetting to include a call-to-action at the end. You will be missing a huge opportunity by forgetting to include one or have one that has unclear and complicated instructions.

Make sure that your call-to-action will have clear and direct instructions so that any person can easily understand and follow them. This makes it a lot easier and quicker for them to convert.

Now that you have gone through all of these mistakes that you should avoid when creating a personalised video, you will have a better understanding of what you need to do to make it successful.

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