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How to Use Videos For Employee Engagement & Best Examples

With most employees having to work remotely, your company needs to make sure that all of your employees are engaged and invested. While you may think that this is too difficult due to the remote working setup, this isn’t the case. Great video content can be used to establish and even boost employee engagement. This article will be your guide to how to use videos to boost your employee engagement.

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is a human resources concept which is used to describe the level of commitment, eagerness, and dedication an employee feels towards their job. Engaged employees care more about the work that they do, how well their company performs, and they also feel that all of their efforts make a significant difference.

An engaged employee will also feel like their well-being is linked to their performance at work which will be instrumental to the success of their company. They also are more likely to develop an emotional connection to their work and company, and will be focused on achieving their organisation’s goals.

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4 Reasons Why Employee Engagement is Important

1. It helps with increasing the productivity of your employees.

If you want employees to become more productive in their work, then you should keep them engaged. There is research that shows that engaged employees are 17% more productive than those who are not as engaged.

Engaged employees are much more likely to be diligent with their work and more willing to contribute more effort in their jobs which will make them and their team more productive.

2. You will have a better chance of retaining engaged employees.

Engaged employees that are highly involved with tasks and are fully invested in their roles are far less likely to leave their work.

When some of your employees are quick to leave, it can cause a lot of disruption to your teams and to the overall morale of the workplace.

Keeping your best employees engaged is essential so that your company can continue to do its best work and be at its most productive state.

3. Engaged employees will also improve customer service and satisfaction.

Employees who are passionate about their work and love what they are doing are often the best people that you would want to interact with your customers.

This is because their passion and authenticity can be infectious and impactful which your customers can easily notice.

They will be willing to do everything that they can to provide a positive experience for their customers which will make these customers more likely to purchase from you and recommend them to others.

4. Fostering employee engagement enhances your company culture.

Employees that are constantly engaged in what they are doing are, generally, a lot easier to work with. This is because they are able to exemplify a culture of employee engagement.

A workplace that fosters a culture of employee engagement is designed around its company values. This culture requires checking in with employees to make sure that the way they are working is aligned with what the company envisions.

What Makes Video So Engaging?

Corporate videos can become very engaging for your employees because they offer something that written and spoken word content cannot, which is a line of sight on the body language of the speaker or presenter. This plays a silent but important role in every type of professional conversation.

Video content also gives viewers access to the facial expressions, hand gestures, posture, and eye contact of the subject. This adds more significance to the presented information and content.

Non-verbal cues like someone’s behaviour and body language can significantly increase the trust between team members and enable them to quickly build their trust with others.

Through great videos, you will have the necessary content to create strong working relationships to engage and empower your employees to work just as effectively as they have ever done and do even more.

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5 Ways to Use Videos to Engage Employees

1. Videos are a great resource for recruitment and onboarding.

Videos are a great resource for both recruitment and onboarding. With videos, you can really sell what your company culture and values are to potential applicants.

Including clips of key employees explaining what they feel when they are working for your company adds a more personal touch to your organisation.

Also, if you are recruiting people from overseas, you can easily engage them with videos about the local area and with some tips on how they can settle into a new country to make your company a more attractive and desirable option for them.

Then, once they have joined your company, you can also use a series of videos to help speed up their onboarding process. This can include welcome messages from team members, a close look at your company culture, and even point out key locations in the workplace.

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2. Videos do a good job of explaining products and services.

Videos can not just inform consumers, but more importantly, all of your employees as well. When employees watch videos that provide in-depth explanations of what your offerings do, they get to appreciate the value of what they are a part of and feel proud of their work.

Employee engagement videos have an important role to play in building and developing this understanding for everyone involved. Whether you use live action or animated videos, these videos create an immersive brand experience for employees.

These videos are an effective way to launch upcoming projects internally and make sure that different teams like marketing, sales, PR, and product development are all aligned.

3. Video conferencing makes it easier for employees to engage and communicate with others.

Another important use of video to engage employees is through video conferencing. Video conferencing’s importance has grown significantly because of the abundance of companies adapting to remote work.

Video conferencing has made cross-functional, interdepartmental, and international conversations a lot easier and effective for all levels of employees.

Because these conferencing platforms are able to host employees from a lot of different backgrounds and disciplines, video also provides more diversity and inclusion.

This gives companies opportunities for wider collaborations as they bring together a more diverse range of perspectives, knowledge, and expertise. This can foster new innovations, concepts, and creative solutions for your company.

4. It is easier and more accessible to communicate with executive managers through video.

Having your company leaders become a more active presence in your company can be a highly powerful motivator for all of your employees. Video helps establish a direct link between them and the entire workforce.

The employee engagement factor that everyone can get from this kind of personalised communication from your top executives will be highly valuable.

It puts faces to the names that employees see and hear all the time and gives these managers an authentic and personal way to tell the story behind the decisions and strategies they have for their company.

5. Companies can provide news and updates in an engaging way with videos.

An employee engagement video can be a much more compelling and effective way for your company to provide news, updates, and reports compared to the usual slideshow presentation.

You can use the gathered data and statistics and turn them into shareable graphics that can contain commentary and insights to inform and inspire your different teams.

Videos can also be used to acknowledge the hard work and achievements of specific individuals and teams who have made major contributions for special projects.

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6 Video Types That Help With Employee Engagement

1. Onboarding Videos

In the past, the process of onboarding employees had them sitting in a room and listening to managers or HR professionals lecture them on various topics concerning the company. While this can provide a lot of information, it is not likely that employees can easily retain it this way.

Creating onboarding videos can make this process a lot easier and engaging to new hires as they can watch on their own and take their time to digest all the important information.

This also makes your workplace more productive as it frees up your managers and HR personnel to perform their usual duties instead of using up some of their time to train new employees.

If you have the budget to create videos for all aspects of your training, then you should go for it. However, if you are working with a more limited budget, you should prioritise what information you most want the employee to absorb and remember, like best practices and company policies.

You should keep your onboarding videos as short as possible so that employees will have an easier time to digest and not feel overwhelmed with all the information.

Make sure that these videos also include elements that will engage employees and keep them focused like background music, graphics, and captions.

2. Company History Videos

You want everyone in your workplace to feel a sense of pride about where they are working. Being able to share your company’s history and how it was built in a way that is emotionally moving can help foster this sense of pride.

You can do this by creating a video that details this company history in an entertaining and engaging manner. When you create a company history video, make sure to include all the important details and describe its philosophy and values and how it applies today.

You can also end the video looking forward and projecting where you want to be in the next five to ten years. Keep in mind to make the video short and concise so that viewers can easily gather the history and main message.

3. Corporate Training Videos

Corporate training videos are an important way to foster employee engagement because it teaches them the best tips and guidelines that are needed for their role in the workplace.

When you have a lot of important information to share with your employees, creating a lot of training videos can help them apply what they have learned into practice immediately.

These videos can be an effective and hands-on way for all of your employees to learn and retain practical information that is needed for their work.

When you create these training videos, remember that it is better to have a lot of shorter videos instead of just one long video. You should also stick to one topic per video so that viewers will not get confused with what they have to learn.

4. Webinars

Webinars give companies the opportunity to train employees that are located anywhere around the country or even the world. With the emergence and popularity of remote work still increasing, webinars allow you to overcome the challenge of training people that are not in your office.

Webinars are great for companies with a remote set-up because they can show everyone the same screen all at the same time. You can also create live training sessions that lets remote employees see the same content as those working in the office.

You can also record these webinars so that people in different time zones can watch it on their own time or during their work shift.

These videos are also an effective way to save time for your company because once you create the material, you can present and use it multiple times to every new employee.

5. Annual Report Videos

Letting your employees know the goals and financial health of your company can help them feel like they play a significant role in your company’s overall efforts.

While you can do this with usual annual reports, these can become dry and uninteresting, especially if they run for a long time.

You can make these annual reports more interesting by presenting them through a video. With videos, you can transform your information and data into eye-catching visualisations that emphasise how important they are.

You can also utilize photos and graphics to break up some information to make them more digestible for everyone to understand.

6. Employee Highlight Videos

When you want to showcase your best employees, you can do so with an employee highlight video. These videos are for those employees that go above and beyond and demonstrate the passion and dedication that everyone should strive for.

This can not only encourage those special people, but also shows everyone else that their hard work is notable, recognised, and should be celebrated.

To make a great employee highlight video, try to focus on a key challenge they overcame to success and try to get personal with them as well. You can ask  them to share something unique so that everyone gets to know them better as a person.

These videos are a great way to show the heart of your company, while also making the employee feel greatly appreciated by everyone.

4 Examples of Videos That Are Great For Employee Engagement

1. TrueCar

TrueCar is a website that helps consumers gather information about both used and new vehicles that are for sale in their area. They presented their welcome message in the form of a video that features their CEO.

This helps new employees feel like they get to know the CEO on a deeper and more personal level and also immediately adds a face to their name.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agxEgSEsw_8

2. Chanel

This company history video by Chanel is an animated video which uses motion graphics. They used a lot of different assets that they have along with pictures of the designer, Coco.

The video manipulates all of these images and assets in a creative way which makes the story progress seamlessly from one graphic to the next.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2G88zqPxJ00

3. Notion

Notion is an application that provides components like notes, databases, and reminders. They create a lot of webinars and what makes them so effective is that they give real online business advice.

This example for one of their webinars focuses on managing your sales funnel. This type of topic can grab the attention of industry practitioners who want to learn insights from other companies.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orgXVM7hMb4

4. Huawei

Huawei created an annual report video for 2019. It is a concise video that includes the most relevant statistics and information throughout the year.

Presenting annual reports in this manner allows you to present more information in a more dynamic and engaging way so that the content can be easily retained.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6JsCMsvbBA

Hopefully, all these great video examples can encourage you to create your own videos to boost employee engagement in your workplace.

If you need any help in creating these videos for your company, then our team at fewStones can definitely help you out.

Whether you want to create live action videos or animated videos, our team of experts can help you create them and make sure that these videos will do an effective job of engaging your employees.

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