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10 Ways to Make Corporate Videos More Interesting

Videos have now become one of the most powerful tools that businesses can use to help them achieve different types of goals and objectives. A corporate video that is made by your business will become a successful marketing tool as long as you are able to do it the right way. But making a video that’s engaging and resonates with your audience can be challenging. In this article, we will share our best tips to be creative with your corporate videos and make them more exciting and fun.

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Create Corporate Videos

Here are the 5 reasons that will make you want to create your own corporate videos for your business:

1. Corporate videos can effectively tell your brand story

When you create corporate videos, you will be able to tell the story of your brand in an entertaining and interesting way that is not possible with other types of content.

Corporate videos can be very effective, especially when you post them on social media because it allows you to tell a story without the commercial restraints of being on the air.

If you try broadcasting on the radio or on the television, you will only have 30 seconds or 60 seconds, but your corporate video will not have these limitations online so you can do your best to tell your story in an efficient and interesting way.

2. Videos are much easier to digest

Watching videos online is a lot easier to do compared to reading blocks of text in a post if you want to learn more about something.

Videos are more enjoyable and let the viewers relax and just take in the content. It is something that does not require much effort, whereas reading something online may feel more like actual work.

With videos, online audiences will be able to absorb and digest the most amount of information in the shortest and most efficient way possible.

3. Video content is very shareable on social media

One of the best reasons why it is great for your business to create corporate videos is that it can be shared online and on social media with not just your followers, but also anyone else who will encounter it.

If your corporate videos are compelling enough, it can lead to a high number of engagement, shares, comments, and discussion about your business not just from your current customers but from other potential customers as well.

When online users share your videos on social media, it is like free advertising because your customers are doing their own marketing for your brand to all of their connections.

4. Your call to action prompts are more effective and compelling when placed in corporate videos

A great corporate video should always include a strong call to action prompt to urge viewers to perform the steps that you want them to take.

When you create a great corporate video that tells a good story or provides relevant information that your target customers need, your call to action will be even more effective and convincing for them.

5. Corporate videos can be a good opportunity to show the fun and creative side of your business

One of the most important reasons corporate videos are great is that they give your business an opportunity to visually showcase yourselves in a fun, creative, and exciting way.

Your video doesn’t always have to have a high level of production as long as you can tell an engaging story or provide interesting information. These videos remind consumers that your business is run by people who share similar values and beliefs.

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7 Most Common Types of Corporate Videos

Here is a look at the 7 most common types of corporate videos that business are making:

1. Brand videos

Brand videos will be the videos that you will feature on your most important web pages like your homepage or your About Us page. This video should encapsulate what your brand is about in one short and concise video.

You can have a lot of options for the video in terms of what it will contain. You can tell your brand story, state what you do, highlight your brand values, or explain what makes you different from other competitors in your industry.

2. Testimonial videos

When you have a lot of clients that are vouching for your products or services, your credibility will be able to increase significantly. Instead of just gathering their testimonials for an article or a quote, might as well film it so that the video can be more compelling to potential customers.

A simple way of doing it is to just have a video where your customer answers questions and talks in detail about their experience with your product but you can also add text and animation to make it more interesting.

3. Product demo videos

While it is important that you must still create product descriptions that customers can read on your websites and social media pages, you can also provide them with videos that demonstrate the product.

Product demonstration videos can be effective especially if you have a lot of different products that will need a visual aid so that customers will have a better idea of how it works and how they can use it.

4. Explainer videos

Explainer videos give you the opportunity to educate your audiences on how to perform certain tasks or solve certain problems in a more helpful and entertaining way compared to just reading articles about it.

These videos can be specifically made for your product or service or can also focus on tangential issues that are related to your industry. Either way, it should be able to make your viewers more knowledgeable about your product or your industry.

5. Company culture videos

Company culture videos can be one of the most exciting video types your business can create because it lets you showcase the personality of your office and team members.

These videos give customers a behind the scenes look at all of the hardworking people that create, develop, and improve all of your products.

Creating company culture videos is one of the best ways to create a more personal connection with your customers because they get to see how you all work and what the process is when you create your products.

6. Recruitment videos

Creating a recruitment video can be an effective way to entice people to apply and be a part of your team. These videos are similar to company culture videos but give more detail about the work that goes into a specific position.

Videos like these can give you great results and a lot of applications if you are able to widen the reach of the video and even use channels like social media to reach more people.

7. Live videos

Live videos or live streaming videos give businesses a chance to display a greater sense of authenticity while also nurturing more personal relationships with their audiences in such a way which is not possible with normal videos.

These live videos also allow you to come up with more exciting and fun content that encourages more real time engagement with all of your live viewers. This leads to a closer relationship and a more personalised experience between online audiences and your brand.

10 Ways to Make your Corporate Videos More Exciting and Fun

These are the 10 ways to make all of your corporate videos more exciting and fun which can help you stand out among all of your competitors:

1. Ask a question to your customers

One effective way of immediately capturing the attention of your viewers at the start of your video is to ask a thought-provoking question that will be the video’s main subject.

Once you decide on what question you will start with, you can build your content and the story of your video from there. Build up on the interests of your viewers and then provide them with information that they will want and need to know.

2. Get the subjects of your video out of white space

These plain white backgrounds were used all the time back in the day by the likes of Apple. However, it has also become somewhat of the norm in some corporate videos ever since it rose in popularity.

To make sure that your videos stand out and do not just look like the rest, try not to include shots that will offer nothing else besides displaying their subjects. Make backgrounds more dynamic by actually using workspaces or offices to make your video look more authentic.

3. Make use of better stock footage

When creating your corporate videos, you may still have to call upon stock footage for a pick-up shot or if you want to edit a full video off a stock budget.

Having dynamic stock footage can help you show corporate synergy and collaboration. While there are many places to get stock assets, you need to make sure you choose a high quality service.

For example, Shutterstock is a great source of footage that can help your video stand out.

4. Minimize the use of corporate or professional buzzwords

What makes some corporate videos uninteresting or unapproachable to other viewers is the high amount of buzzwords, jargons, and industry terms that casual viewers may not know about.

These words may be helpful to those within the industry and are experts about those topics but it can easily alienate other audiences. If you hear some of these words or really need to use them, make a point to explain what it means in a simplified manner that anyone can understand.

5. Focus on having conversations instead of just scripts

While some video types may need to be tightly scripted, you should try to make your scripts sound as natural as possible, especially if it requires subjects to talk into the camera.

One of the best ways to make your audience feel engaged is by talking to them in a conversational manner similar to how you would talk in person as you stay away from scripts that require you to recite information. This makes them more comfortable and more open to what you are talking about.

6. Make use of an organised story structure

Using a story structure is not just limited to TV shows or movies, you can and should be able to make use of an organised story structure when creating your corporate video.

A story structure allows you to come up with a narrative which will give your corporate video a focus and a flow that will engage your audiences. It organises how you move from point to point. This helps you create a more coherent video that audiences can easily understand.

Professional video production companies like fewStones can help you with creating organised stories, write the scripts of your video and even take care of all of your corporate video production needs.

7. Use different angles and movements for your camerawork

When shooting your corporate videos, try to look for different angles and unique ways to film your subjects. This makes the actions and the video more appealing for audiences.

To make your video even more interesting, you should also consider minimizing shots where it is only placed on a tripod. For example, if you have a host, you can have the camera follow them down a hall towards the relevant part of the location you want audiences to see.

You can also use moving shots to make a clearer and more informative video especially if you want to show the process of how something works in a factory or work station.

8. Try out different filters and colors in the video

A lot of the most popular video editing software includes many different filters editors can use to modify the color palette of your videos.

When done right, applying and modifying colors in your videos can be a powerful tool that will aid in storytelling. You can use different colors in both obvious and subtle ways to evoke emotion.

9. Cast the right people for the video project

Your video’s content and story will only be just as good as the people you will hire for it. This is because in most cases, video magnifies the personality traits of anyone that is part of it for better and for worse.

To make sure you get the best performances for your video, whether it requires presenting or acting, it would be much better to hire professional actors. In the case that you may need employees, make sure you get the most charismatic and energetic ones as well.

10. Use upbeat music for the video

The power of the right type of music in any video cannot be overstated. Music can have a powerful effect on our minds and emotions and can have an effect on how we perceive stories and content in videos.

An upbeat soundtrack can provide your video with a mood and feeling that is not possible with a video that does not contain any music. Try to use engaging instrumental music that properly aligns with the mood and tone of your video.

7 Best Examples of Exciting and Fun Corporate Videos

Here are 7 of the best examples of exciting and fun corporate videos that you can emulate and take inspiration from when you want to start on creating your own videos:

1. HubSpot

HubSpot’s fun and retro-style corporate video is an entertaining way of selling themselves and what they do. The video demonstrated how creative and relaxed they are while still maintaining their professional work culture.

The video is an homage to the 80’s while also incorporating modern elements. This shows that corporate video can be fun and engaging and can even make a longer lasting impact to viewers.

Video Link:

2. Urban Farmers

Urban Farmers created a corporate video that is fast-paced and also uses a lot of motion graphics to make it interesting for viewers.

The explainer video is vibrant with lots of color in its animation while also giving audiences thought-provoking ideas to think about without coming across as too preachy or too serious.

Video Link:

3. Airbnb

A classic corporate video from Airbnb does a great job of altering the viewer’s perspective by putting the spotlight on the hosts that open up their homes to travellers and for them to share their experiences.

In the video, we get to learn about why they chose to become a host and how it has positively impacted their lives. It helps connect with viewers and customers on a more personal level.

Video Link:

4. Spotify Running

Spotify created a corporate video for one of its older features, Spotify Running, and communicated what it was all about in less than a minute.

The video includes upbeat and high tempo music which you would use on a run paired with cool motion graphics and intense visuals of people doing their running workouts with Spotify.

Video Link:

5. Dissolve

Dissolve is a stock footage and photo licensing company that created this entertaining and unique corporate video titled “This is a Generic Brand Video”.

They used their own live-action stock footage that parodies pretentious advertisements. This is a humourous take on corporate videos and can make the viewer laugh as it is relevant and funny.

The video works really well because of its script and how it addresses itself as generic while also being relevant to what the brand actually is.

Video Link:

6. Canal+

Canal+ is a French television channel that created a corporate video that does not feel like one because of how interesting and entertaining it is.

From the beginning, the video immediately grabs the attention of the viewer and retains it all throughout by having a bear rug narrate his life and his passion for movies.

The element of humor makes this corporate video a lot more memorable and pleasant to watch for all types of audiences.

Video Link:

7. Honda

This corporate video is one of the most unique and innovative videos and was truly ahead of its time when it was made in 2014.

It is able to appeal to both types of audiences that Honda wants to reach which are the thrill-seekers and the family driver.

The video has two separate points of view within it: one featured a typical drive to school during the day while the other featured an art heist at night.

Video Link:

Now that you are equipped with all of these tips and examples, you can now start to create your own exciting and fun corporate videos that all of your audiences will love.

If you need a video production agency to help you out with creating exciting and fun corporate videos, then you should take a look at fewStones and their live action video services as well.

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