On Camera: Best Tips for Being Confident in Corporate Videos

Creating corporate videos is something that your company should consider if it wants to achieve success, especially in this current landscape where online content and digital content are making a large impact.

As a company, you should make the most of the advancements in technology and in video creation to create these corporate videos that can have a lot of positive effects for your company.

These videos will help you build a deeper relationship with all your important stakeholders like your employees, customers, and investors.

Corporate videos can also contribute to expanding your online reach and awareness, increasing website visits and longer stays, generating leads, and even creating conversions and purchases for your company.

To make these videos more effective and engaging is to have someone be a presenter or a host so that there is an added human element that your audiences can connect with. Also, being on camera for a presenter or a host is important because it humanizes your company by attaching a face to it.

To make sure that your video presenter, talent, or host is well-equipped with all the skills needed to be comfortable being on camera, make sure that they are experienced and knowledgeable about certain tips and tricks. When they have that experience and knowledge, they can elevate your corporate video to a higher level.

This article will give you a better understanding of what corporate videos are, why you should create them, its different types, and most importantly, the tips and tricks you can use to be comfortable in them.

What are Corporate Videos?

Corporate video is a term that can be used to define all the video communications that are used for internal or external corporate messaging.

There are a variety of reasons for creating a corporate video. You can create one to present results to stakeholders or to reveal a new project for the company. You can also have corporate videos that aid in training your employees and promote new products or services.

Before, corporate videos were mainly used either just for communicating internally or for broadcasting on the television. This meant high costs for the creation of these videos.

However, due to the advancements in camera and video technology, it is much easier and more affordable to film a high quality corporate video. Hosting and distributing has also been made easier because you now can just post your video online for free.

More and more companies are making corporate videos not just because of the more affordable costs, but also because of its effectiveness. This impact can be felt in all aspects of the company.

video camera

Why Should Your Company Create Corporate Videos?

Here are some reasons why corporate videos are effective and why your company should start creating more of them:

Corporate videos tell your story effectively.

Videos in general and specifically, corporate videos allow you to tell your story in an interesting and entertaining way. These videos give the opportunity for all types of businesses to explain, entertain, or inform without much constraints.

Because these videos will be uploaded online, they do not have to be limited to 15, 30, or 60 second spots which would be the case if it is broadcasted on the radio or on TV. Since you are able to upload these videos, you can decide on how long you want your videos to be. Just make sure that it will still be effective and entertaining all throughout.

Videos are favorable in search engines.

If your video has all the appropriate and important information, then it can get high rankings in different search engines. Some of the important information you should include are proper descriptions, tags, and keywords.

You can boost your search rankings even more by using captions and transcriptions for your videos. By having your content in both video and text formats, you will be building your case as an industry expert while also improving your ranking in search engines.

Corporate videos allow for creative ways to create brand awareness.

Video is such a special and effective medium because it combines visual and audio elements together. This type of content is probably the closest thing to a real-life experience that we can consume. Videos can help make consumers feel or experience something just by making them watch or hear something.

These corporate videos can help bring your brand to life by associating it with certain positive songs, images, and emotions that your customer will remember. Once they feel and associate these positive factors to your company, they will also develop these positive feelings towards you as well.

Your call-to-action can become more effective in videos.

An effective corporate video should end with a strong call-to-action statement for your customers. At the end of a video, you should direct the viewer to whatever action you want them to do, whether it is visiting a website, buying a product, or signing up.

Having a call-to-action in your corporate videos can be more effective compared to other types of content since your audience will find your videos entertaining and relatable. When you have made video that help build trust with your customers, they will be more likely to respond to your call-to-action.

Videos can be shared more on social media.

One of the best reasons to create corporate videos and post them online is because they can be shared on social media. When your video does well, it is also likely that a lot of these shares will be done organically or at no cost to you.

Having a well-made video that performs well on social media helps you get free advertising and even organic engagements and discussions with all different types of people, not just your customers. Having your audience vouch for your brand to their connections is a big boost and can be critical for some consumers since they rely on recommendations from their friends and family.

video host

Types of Corporate Videos You Can Create

Here are some of the different types of corporate videos you can create which will work well when you have a video presenter being on camera:

1. Video testimonials

Testimonials can be really powerful in building trust with customers. By showcasing your own customers who share their positive experiences with your company can be what pushes other doubtful customers to finally try your company’s product or service.

Having these honest reviews and feedback shown in a video can be very valuable for your company. For these videos, it is important that the person who is asking on behalf of your company and the person who is in front of the camera are both comfortable so that your audience can see how genuine they are when talking.

Here is an example of an effective video testimonial by Amazon:

VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah6SE7JFgFg

In the video, businesses get to share about their experience working with Amazon and the positive effects they received from working with them.

2. Interviews or Q&A’s

Interviews or Q&A’s are great for engaging with your audience and answering their questions about your company or your industry. Having a thought leader, customer, a member of your company for a chat makes for an engaging discussion.

You can have these videos with just one person or have a person from your company interview a thought leader. Either way, your video presenter has to be calm and engaging to get the best answers from the thought leader.

Here is an example of a Q&A video by The Museum of Modern Art:

VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q2GDI673lo

In this live Q&A, one of their instructors and artists answers questions from their audience and talks about art in a more accessible way in which casual audiences can understand.

3. Behind the scenes or Company culture videos

Behind-the-scenes videos or company culture videos allow your customers to take a look at how your company works to create the best product or service for them. This adds a more human element to your company and gets to put faces on the names of your employees.

Authenticity is critical for these types of videos so it would be best to have someone or some people from your company actually do the touring, hosting, or be the ones interviewed. While being on camera may not be this employee’s usual expertise, it is important that they are taught some important tips about being in front of the camera because their presence as an employee adds a level of legitimacy and authenticity to the video.

Here is an example of a behind-the-scenes and company culture video by Netflix:

VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pl4UYZfVmTA

In this video, Netflix employees talk about the values of freedom and responsibility, what they mean, and how these two values apply to different Netflix employees around the world.

4. Company training videos

These company training videos can come in handy for internal communications as it can help new members with useful information that will not feel too overwhelming for them.

Company training can save time and stress and can even be used for everyone in the company, not just the new hires. To make these company training videos the most effective it can be, you should have a video presenter that can communicate clearly and concisely on these videos so that they are easily understood. It also helps to get someone knowledgeable about what they are saying so that they can sound more confident describing what needs to be done.

Here is an example of a company training video by Canity:

VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt1DEkxVbds

In this video, Tesco empowers their employees by likening them to heroes as they work to make sure that everything in the store is well-kept for everyone.

5. Explainer videos

Explainer videos are videos that help your audience solve a problem that could be related to your product, or something related to it. These help build the credibility of your brand and get your audience to trust you more.

For explainer videos, it is crucial that the video presenter who is providing information is presenting everything in a clear and helpful manner. It may be a simple topic for you, but it may sound complex for your audience. So, make sure that the person in the explainer video is presented in a friendly and professional manner.

Here is an example of an explainer video by Squarespace:

VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBbD18_7GvI

In the video, a Squarespace employee describes the differences between a domain and web hosting in a clear and concise manner.

6. Product demos

Product demos take a deep dive into the benefits and features that your customers will get when they purchase your product. These videos are beneficial for those who are already aware of your product and are considering buying from you.

To help push these considering consumers to become actual purchases, your product video has to explain everything in clear and digestible terms so that it can be easily understandable. Having a video presenter can help with this as they can be the one to communicate all the important information to the customer instead of them just hearing or seeing this information on the video.

Here is an example of a product demonstration video by Basecamp:

VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUzaUGlSkQs

In this example, a video presenter presents how their product works as he communicates the essential information about their product in a friendly and helpful manner.

7. Live videos (Webinars or conferences)

Live videos present you with a wide array of possibilities that can help out your business. You can stream your live videos to engage with your audience, answer questions, make announcements and even more. For seminars, conferences, and webinars, you can easily make these events live video events to reach a wider audience.

Being on camera and presenting and hosting for these live videos requires a higher level of focus as things are happening in real-time and you may see or experience things you would not be expecting when you simply film a video. It takes a different level of confidence and composure to be presenting live videos and we will tell you all about those tips and tricks in the next section.

Here is an example of a live webinar video by The Foundry:

VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3s4AYg-4AVA

For this webinar, it was hosted by a VFX supervisor, Hugo Guerra where he shared insights about finding sources of income outside of the traditional means during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tips and Tricks for Being Comfortable When Being on Camera in Corporate Videos

Now that you know about these videos that work best with a video presenter being on camera, here are important tips and tricks you need to know to be comfortable in all these different corporate videos:

video host

How You Should Prepare

1. Get used to looking directly at the camera.

Don’t be afraid of the camera lens. Just look into it with focus and care. Try not to look around the room because it is easily noticeable in front of a camera. Eyes that constantly move implies nervousness. Also, blink naturally because it does not look sincere if you blink too much.

2. Do not let your mouth be dry while talking.

Having a dry mouth is the worst thing to have while you are talking. Make sure to take water breaks so that you can sip a bit of water after a few minutes. You should also keep your lips moist as much as possible.

3. Do what you need to relax yourself.

Don’t just go in front of the camera while you are nervous. Try to do what you can to relax. You can stretch, do a bit of a light exercise, listen to music, or even talk to yourself in front of a mirror. Be sure that you are cool, calm, and collected once you are in front of the camera.

4. Take normal deep breaths.

Breathing the right way is necessary to be great on camera. Take deep breaths before you go live, and continue to take normal easy breaths when you are presenting. It may be time for you to take a break if you notice yourself breathing too quickly.

5. Make sure you have a lot of time to prepare.

Nothing makes you feel more anxious than feeling unprepared and being in a rush for something important. If possible, plan your shoot with enough buffer time to accommodate any sort of unexpected issues that may happen that are out of your control. Having enough time to do your job right will help you feel more confident and relaxed.

How You Should Look in Front of the Camera

1. Wear comfortable and presentable clothing.

It is important to dress appropriately for the subject matter and the situation. Considering this, you should also try your best to wear clothing that you are comfortable in. Feeling good about yourself is important and it will show in the camera.

2. Make sure your posture is correct.

The camera exaggerates and emphasizes everything because there is nothing else to distract the audience. So make sure that you have good posture because viewers can immediately notice if you don’t. If you have poor posture, they may think that you are not that interested in whatever you are doing.

3. Take note of your body language.

How your body looks will convey your intelligence and energy, so make sure it looks right. Do not turn your body away from the camera and avoid having your arms folded for a long amount of time. You should face the camera and let your arms hang naturally at your side. Don’t be afraid to ask how you look to your coworkers because they could give you tips as well.

4. Practice having a genuine smile while presenting.

Having a genuine smile tells your audience that you are happy to be sharing knowledge and communicating with them which will help them feel better about you. It may take a bit of practice to perfect your smile but it will be worth it because having a fake smile can make your audience feel uneasy.

How You Should Sound and Speak While Presenting

1. Use your natural voice.

Be yourself and speak to the camera like it is one of your close friends. You should sound as natural as possible because that is what people are expecting. You want your video to reflect who you are, not somebody else.

2. Focus on how you deliver your words.

Even if you know what you are talking about, you have to make sure that your audience does as well. Your delivery needs to have the right pace. If you rush whenever you speak, you may be throwing away your credibility. It is also important to choose your words carefully. Keep your words simple and clear so it can be understood by a majority of your audience.

3. Familiarize yourself with the topics.

One of the most important things you can do to help you speak more confidently is to be familiar with the topic you are talking about. Knowing your subject matter and its main points help you feel more prepared and ready. You can eventually try talking without any guide once you have experience, but there is no substitute to just being familiar and prepared about what you are talking about.

4. Prepare a script or an outline.

Preparing a script of everything gives you a chance to be sure that you will get to say all the important information that you want to say. Even with experience, sometimes it can get difficult to just think of things to say on the fly because you may forget to include all the important points. Even having an outline of bullet points with important information can be enough, if you are more comfortable with that.

5. Make sure you have been practicing enough.

Have enough time for yourself to practice what you want to say. Run through your script or your outline a few times until you are comfortable enough to not have any awkward stumbles or phrases. Think about when you want to have pauses and inflections when you practice so you don’t sound robotic.


Now that you have learned all about the different tips and tricks you need when you have to be in front of the camera for corporate videos, you may be looking for a video production company that can help you throughout the whole video production process.

Our team at fewStones has had a wealth of experience in terms of creating corporate videos and will be glad to help you out for your next corporate video project. We will be with you every step of the way from conceptualization to helping your video presenters perform well when being on camera.

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