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7 Ideas For Corporate Video Content

Creating video content for your business is a great opportunity that you should not pass up. When your business creates a lot of great corporate videos, you will achieve positive results in many different business aspects.

What is a Corporate Video?

Corporate videos are usually created for B2B scenarios where a specific audience can view them. However, because of how accessible digital content is nowadays, corporate videos can now be accessible to almost every online user.

Corporate videos are a highly effective marketing and communications tool which can be used by any type of business or industry. These can be used for different purposes like educating, informing, and even entertaining consumers.

With corporate videos, you will be able to deliver messages about your brand and its offerings in a fun, informative, and visually interesting way that can intrigue potential customers.

This article will give you detailed reasons why your business should create corporate videos and 7 effective ideas that will make sure you will have great corporate video content.

corporate video content shoot

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Create Corporate Video Content

1. People prefer to consume videos over other types of content.

72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by watching a video about it. (HubSpot)

What makes videos so effective is that it does a great job of capturing the attention of your audience. People prefer to consume videos over other content like images, text posts, infographics and articles because it is easier to consume.

Videos give you the ability to entertain or educate audiences in a concise and efficient manner when done well. This factor is what can immediately hook viewers to your video content.

2. Videos are shareable and can reach more audiences.

Videos are shared 1200% more than photos and text posts combined. (G2 Crowd)

If you want your business to reach a wide array of audiences, you will need to create great video content and know the best places to share it.

When you create videos that resonate with viewers, they can easily share these to all of their friends and family on social media.

This allows you to reach even more people than you initially planned for and gives you more opportunities to connect with different types of customers that are interested in your products.

3. Video enriches the branding of your business.

Creating videos allows your business to establish and enrich your brand to consumers. They will get to have a better idea of what your values are and what type of personality your business has.

This can help you stand out among other competitors as your customers will be able to easily identify you based on your brand identity.

When viewers can see the people behind the business, it can also create a more personal and human connection which is highly valuable if you want to establish a long-term relationship with your customers.

4. The performance of videos is easily measurable.

When you have your own videos, it is easy to find out how well they are doing immediately. Every social media and video platform has all the necessary tools to easily track the performance of your video.

You can quickly check how many views your videos get and even see all of your engagements as well. Engagements can include comments, likes, dislikes, reactions, and shares.

Having access to these metrics does not just inform you of how well your videos are performing, but it can also help you make more informed decisions about your video content in the future.

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7 Ideas For Corporate Video Content

1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos allow you to explain a new product, business, or concept that may be a bit complicated for most consumers.

These videos should also help your viewers solve a specific problem with your explanations. You can use these to raise brand awareness and to help people out.

Some examples of how you can execute your explainer videos include animations, sketching, live actions, and real life simulations.

Here is an example of an explainer video from Purina:

Video Link:

2. Case Study Videos

Case study videos are great for showcasing how well your previous products and campaigns have been to consumers and potential leads.

These videos give viewers an in-depth recap of the performance of your most successful projects. They can be artistic and tell a story or they can also be straightforward and focus directly on your results.

Remember that a case study video should always include who the client is if you worked with someone, the work that you did, and the results that you received.

Here is an example of a case study video from Coca-Cola:

Video Link:

3. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are one of the best types of corporate video content because it puts the focus on your customers and clients as they talk about the positive experiences that they have had with your offerings.

This is a great way to establish trust and loyalty from potential customers who may still be hesitant to avail of your products.

When consumers see fellow consumers give positive reviews about a product, they will be more likely to try it out as well. Make sure you create authentic testimonial videos with real people to achieve this.

Here is an example of a testimonial video from Codeacademy:

Video Link:

4. Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos give viewers a sneak peek at all of the process and employees are involved into making the high-quality products you are selling.

This humanises your business because people can now put a face to the names that they come across. You can get to display the personality of your employees and your working environment as well.

These videos are a great way to build and establish your brand by humanising it and making it feel more relatable to potential customers.

Here is an example of a company culture video from HubSpot:

Video Link:

5. Onboarding Videos

Onboarding videos can help excite your new employees about becoming a new member of your company. This video should capture the essence of the values, personality, and culture of your business.

When you use onboarding videos, you make the process a lot more engaging and exciting instead of having to solely rely on manuals and handbooks to guide new employees.

Some ideas you can use for onboarding videos can include a message from the CEO or even showing them their actual work stations and other important office areas.

Here is an example of an onboarding video from Intuit:

Video Link:

6. Product Videos

While product photos are important, you can make your products stand out even more by creating great product videos.

Product videos let viewers see how your product works and performs in real time and you can also teach them how it should be used in different situations.

With these videos, you provide customers with a more detailed look at how your product both looks and works which should ease any doubts that they may have about your product.

Here is an example of a product video from Nintendo:

Video Link:

7. Livestream Videos

Livestream videos are a great way for businesses to embrace authenticity and to have genuine reactions and comments from their viewers.

These videos can be effective at presenting or unveiling new products, hosting a question and answer show with viewers, and for having a product demo in real time.

These videos have now become more common as the most prominent social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok offer easy ways to go live to your viewers.

Here is an example of a livestream video from Microsoft:

Video Link:

Hopefully all of these video ideas will inspire you to create your own corporate video content for your business. If you need any help in creating these, then our team at fewStones can help you out.

Whether you want to create live action videos, 2D animation videos, or 3D animation videos, the professional video production experts at fewStones have got you covered.

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