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6 Ways to Use Videos to Attract New Hires

Videos can have a lot of different uses for a company. Usually, videos market your brand to targeted clients and customers. This is because they are the external stakeholders that will have a huge impact directly towards your business. However, another way video can be used is to help your company attract new hires. This article will give you the 4 reasons why you should use videos to attract new hires, the 6 different ways to use these videos to attract new hires, and the 4 best video examples to inspire you.

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4 Reasons Why Should You Use Videos to Attract New Hires

1. Your job posting will be able to reach more candidates if it is posted with a video or done through a video.

People love watching videos and also love sharing videos. Video posts generate 12 times more shares than text and images combined which means that a great recruitment video along with your job posting will reach a lot more people.

Reaching more people will significantly help your company’s search for a new hire because you will have more potential candidates to look at and consider.

2. There will be better and more engagements to your postings when videos are involved.

There are thousands and maybe even millions of job descriptions that follow the traditional way of posting which is just through text.

If you want your job posting to stand out and have better and more engagements, you can do this by incorporating videos. When they are engaged, they will be more encouraged to apply and they can also have a  deeper personal connection with your company.

3. You can communicate your company culture to applicants in an entertaining way through videos.

Since the company culture section of most job postings tend to be ignored by a majority of applicants, they will not get a clear picture of who you are until they step foot inside your office.

You will want to immediately communicate what your company culture is in an entertaining way through videos so that applicants who are on the fence about applying will push through with their application.

When they can easily picture what your office is and who the people they may work with in your video, they will feel more confident and comfortable to apply.

4. Using videos for attracting new hires will leave a lasting impression on the potential candidates.

Because of all of the previous reasons listed like videos being shareable, more engaging, and better at communicating, this makes your job posting more memorable to potential applicants.

Incorporating videos into your recruitment process leaves a lasting impression on candidates because it shows that your company is serious about finding a terrific new hire for your company and it pushes them to do their best to achieve that.

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6 Ways to Use Videos to Attract New Hires

1. Showcase relevant videos on the career page of your company’s website

When you place relevant videos on your website’s career page, it can effectively lure in interested candidates that reach that part of your website.

This is because those that are on your career page  already want to know more about your company and what it’s like to work in your organisation. Having videos on this page lets you communicate this information in an entertaining manner.

Showcase vital information like your company culture, your office, your team members, your products, and the day-to-day responsibilities of the specific job posting using videos to make the message more memorable and engaging.

When you use videos to communicate what your company is all about, it makes connecting with the right candidates more effective and personal.

2. Incorporate videos into the specific job postings on recruitment websites

Include videos or video links in your actual job posting on the different recruitment websites you will use so you can effectively communicate more information about your company.

If you include too much text description on your job postings, potential candidates may feel too overwhelmed with the information and hesitate to apply. With videos, you make the information more digestible and entertaining.

A day in the life video that is specifically made for the open position you need in your company is an ideal video you can incorporate with your job postings. This can include what the general office environment is like along with the specific tasks and responsibilities they will have.

This video makes it easier for potential candidates to understand what the job entails and if they have the specific skills and personality to succeed in a shorter and more efficient manner.

3. Share your corporate videos on your company’s social media profiles

You can post your videos on all of your company’s social media profiles so that you and other people can share the videos as well.

More shares will help your videos reach more people and even potential candidates that might not have discovered you and your job posting elsewhere.

Viewers that will share your videos with their own peers and network helps you extend your talent reach across multiple user networks and what’s great about this is that there is no added cost for this additional reach and awareness you can get.

What you can also do when you upload and share these videos is include a link to your careers page on your website and even the links to the job postings on the recruitment websites so that interested viewers can take a look at your opening.

4. Leverage the use of videos when communicating with candidates through email

When creating response or even confirmation emails for applicants, you can be able to stand out from the rest of your competitors by embedding a video or including a link to a video in the email.

Some examples of videos you can do can include a video message from the CEO or even a video which will explain the next steps of the hiring process. Incorporating these into an email improves communication and can do a better job of explaining your company’s expectations.

This creates a more compelling pitch to potential new hires because they can see that your company is putting a lot of effort in communicating with you through videos even if you are just communicating through emails.

5. Use video conferencing platforms to interview long-distance candidates

Sometimes, the best applicants you should consider are long-distance candidates which means that it may be difficult to conduct a face-to-face interview. However, this issue can be easily addressed by using video conferencing platforms to conduct an interview.

Popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts and others make long-distance interviewing a lot easier and economical.

You can also ask applicants to answer a list of questions and record it in a video which can be sent to you instead of a live interview. This makes it easier to review the potential candidates on your own time and can also be easily viewed by other members of your hiring team.

6. Provide suitable onboarding videos to hired applicants

Lastly, what makes videos so effective is that once you have sourced, interviewed, and hired applicants, you can also rely on them for onboarding and training.

This is a great way for what will now be your current employees because they get to digest all the important information about your company and their work in a way that is not too overwhelming compared to reading manuals and handbooks.

These new employees can even tell their own network that you get to supply them with a lot of information right from the start which can attract potential new hires to apply to the other job postings you may post in the future.

4 Best Examples of Videos Used For Attracting New Hires

1. Uniqlo Singapore

This is a great example from Uniqlo Singapore because it provides a lot of information to the viewer. The video acts as a testimonial video as the assistant manager describes the positive developments of training.

However, it also describes how the training and development process goes and even displays what her usual tasks are during the day. This is great for attracting new hires because it describes the tasks and responsibilities they face for this position.

Video Link:

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s video starts with employee voice-over footage where they talk about their own struggles and thoughts before working at LinkedIn.

The video then shows that LinkedIn is the solution to the problems that they have faced previously in their careers and that it provides them with a great work environment they can call home.

Video Link:

3. H&M

H&M’s video is an accurate reflection of the brand’s inherent creativity. This is because the video is well shot, dynamic, and aesthetically pleasing to viewers.

The video talks about the importance of the company’s core values like diversity, inclusion, collaboration, teamwork, and sustainability are vital components that make H&M successful. It is a great way to show that they value people that are a part of their team.

Video Link:

4. Grubhub

Grubhub’s uplifting recruitment video poses the question “What do you bring to the table?” which allows them to share what they think is their biggest contribution to the company while also including food in the interview.

This is a personal video format which reflects both the company culture while also highlighting the main essence of their business which is delivering good food.

Video Link:

As you can see from these examples, videos can be one of the most effective ways to attract new hires because great videos can tell a story and a message in a way that text cannot.

Information through videos becomes a lot more memorable because it helps potential candidates to picture themselves in your company before even applying.

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With fewStones, you will work with professional video experts that can create live action videos or animated videos which will boost your recruitment efforts.

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