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10 Ways to Spice Up a Boring Video

Creating videos just for the sake of posting them and keeping up with your competitors is not enough. You will have to make sure that the videos you will create achieve specific goals. Some of these can include perfectly capturing the message you want to communicate to your target audience and standing out from your competitors. This article will give you 10 different ways to spice up your videos and make them even more engaging and entertaining to viewers.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Creating Videos

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1. You can effectively capture the attention of your audience with videos.

Video is probably one of the most effective tools to capture the attention of your audience on all platforms. Unlike articles or text posts that may take some time to read, video is a lot easier to consume.

With videos, you have the opportunity to be concise and efficient. They allow you to capture the interest of your viewers immediately in the first few seconds.

As long as you can place clear indicators for what your video will talk about in an entertaining way, your viewers will be more likely to be hooked in and watch your video until the end.

2. You can increase the exposure of your brand through videos.

Having great videos gives your business an opportunity to increase the exposure of your brand. Incorporating your logos naturally into the videos can allow viewers to instantly recognise and even remember your brand after watching the video.

When it ends up entertaining, inspiring, or educating them, they will be easily reminded that it was from your brand. This positive association can lead to trust and loyalty over time.

3. Videos allow you to personify your business to consumers.

Videos can also be a great way to let consumers see the people and the work behind your business’ success. This contributes to your brand’s transparency and allows you to personify your business to make it feel more relatable to consumers.

Only videos can have the ability to humanise your business because it adds a higher level of engagement when you get to include all of your employees in a video. This allows people to put a face to a name and demonstrates how everyone works to help your business succeed.

4. You will be able to track your audience’s engagement with your videos.

When you create videos, your business will have a consistent way to track how well it is performing. This is important to find out so you can tell if your video is achieving the goals you have set.

One good metric for the success of your videos is the engagements it garners. For most video and social media platforms, there are a lot of ways people can show that they are engaged.

You can easily check if your video is able to get a lot of views, shares, positive comments and reactions. This means that you can easily set goals to achieve a certain number. If you reach it, it proves that you created great video content that a lot of people appreciate.

5. Videos can help you drive conversions.

While videos can do its job of entertaining and educating audiences, what makes it so special is that it can also drive conversions for your business.

When your video contains great content, it should be able to convince and urge users to perform an action that will make them convert.

These actions can include visiting your website, purchasing your products, or even just sharing your videos on social media. It’s one thing to have engaging content, but it is also important that you use these videos to contribute to conversions for your business.

10 Ways to Spice Up Your Videos

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1. Choose an interesting topic for your video

The first and probably, the most important step to spicing up your videos is by choosing an interesting topic. This topic should be something that your viewers will find amusing while also being able to leave a positive impact.

If you have to work on a topic or a subject matter that is not interesting by default, you should try to find a specific angle or approach which will make it interesting and intriguing to your target audience.

2. Ask an intriguing question

Asking a question at the beginning of a video is a simple yet effective way to spice up any video. This makes it intriguing right from the start and will urge your audience to stay tuned to see if you have an answer.

You don’t even need to ask something too deep to make it intriguing. The question can be silly, philosophical, or just something simple and direct. For whatever question you will use, make sure that your content pays it off by addressing it in the video.

3. Tell a compelling story

Telling a great story can spice up your video by elevating it from something that viewers may passively watch into something that will emotionally resonate with them over time.

Taking advantage of video’s use of audiovisuals is crucial to telling great stories. This is because you can use the combination of these elements to create emotional links between your viewers and the story you want to tell.

You can learn more about storytelling in corporate videos by reading this: Video Storytelling Guide to Build a Marketing Narrative.

4. Get straight to the point

Regardless of how you decide to begin your video, you should do your best to go straight to the point. If your introduction is going around in circles, your viewers will immediately find your video boring.

When you get to make an introduction that clearly states what the intention of your video is, you get to spice up your video for viewers because they can already have a good idea of what the video will be about.

If your video has a lot of talking points you need to discuss, you can break them down into shorter segments which can let you explain them briefly. This helps you inform viewers without feeling like the content is too overwhelming.

5. Make use of narration and background music

If you intend to educate viewers with your video, you should consider incorporating a narration so that someone can easily guide the viewers through all of the information that is being presented.

While narration is common, you can spice up your video by having a lively and engaging narrator along with a well-written script that can explain concepts easily while still entertaining your audiences as well.

Using appropriate background music is also another great way to spice things up because it makes your video less quiet and dull, especially during any breaks in the script. Just make sure that you use songs without any lyrics so viewers can still hear what is being narrated.

6. Incorporate animations

You can incorporate animations into your videos to make them more dynamic and colorful. Even if you are not creating animated videos, using some animation for live action videos will spice it up and make the animated moments stand out.

Using animations in videos is a powerful way to communicate concepts that are difficult to convey in real life situations or scenarios. Some examples of animations include animated illustrations, flat icons, and typography animations.

7. Shoot from a variety of angles

Shooting from a variety of angles is an effective and subtle way to spice up the visual aspect of your videos. This technique can be even more effective if you are creating a product video, tutorial video, or any video type that showcases something in particular on screen.

To make sure you will have a lot of angles to choose from, make sure you shoot a lot of B-roll footage with different angles. This way, you can pick and choose which angles you want to use in certain parts of a video.

8. Record a time lapse

Another effective way of spicing up your videos is by recording a time lapse. What is great with time lapse videos is that you can just use any smartphone to record it. You just have to make sure that it is set up on a tripod and on a stable surface so the recording will be smooth.

Time lapses can be useful as transitions when you want to showcase a specific process in context. Some examples can include videos that show construction and set ups for company events.

Here is a simple guide you can use for recording time lapse videos: How to make your very own time lapse.

9. Offer valuable tips and tricks

Offering valuable tips and tricks to your viewers is a great way to spice up your videos since you are giving them something actionable to remember.

This gives you the opportunity to inform viewers and even establish yourselves as industry leaders. You will also build brand trust because you are helping viewers solve certain problems.

If you supply them with tips and tricks that actually work, it will make your videos more memorable and viewers may also want to keep going back to it to refresh their memories.

10. Keep your videos as short as possible

To make sure that your viewers will pay full attention to your whole video, you will need to keep it as short as possible. This allows you to be more concise with the content you want to communicate so that viewers can easily remember what was presented in the video.

If you need to take on a lot of topics, it is much better to just create a lot of shorter videos per topic. This makes the information more digestible and allows viewers to just focus on one topic at a time while watching.

When you get to use any of these 10 techniques, you will be able to easily spice up your video to make it more entertaining and engaging to all of your viewers.

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