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7 Reasons Why TV Ads Are Still Effective in 2023

While the internet has certainly revolutionised the way we obtain information, TV continues to be a powerful marketing channel. TV ads continue to be a valuable tool for some brands, especially those who have a unique product or service. The fact that TV advertising still works speaks volumes about how powerful it is. Even though there has been an emergence of other forms of advertising, there are reasons why TV ads continue to be effective. This article will cover all of these 7 reasons that will show why TV ads are and will still be effective in 2023 and beyond.

watching tv

7 Reasons Why TV Ads Are Still Effective in 2023

1. TV ads can still provide you with a large stage

While most people may think that they can only rely on traditional TV, the TV landscape has evolved and expanded in a lot of different ways.

Nowadays, you have different TV options like over-the-top (OTT) streaming platforms, advertising-based video on demand (AVOD), subscription video on demand (SVOD), and transactional video on demand (TVOD).

Of all of the revenue that is made in the OTT market: 51.58% comes from AVOD, 40.16% comes from SVOD, and 5.1% comes from TVOD.

Advertising on OTT platforms is set to have ad revenues of about $119 billion by the year 2023, which accounts for 51% of all OTT revenues.

This expansion and transformation that is occuring in the TV industry gives you a lot more opportunities and more importantly, makes TV a large stage for you to broadcast your ads.

2. You are able to have advanced targeting with TV ads

Advancements in technology have also given a lot of great benefits for the TV industry. Nowadays, you will be able to have more advanced targeting for your TV ads because of the abundance of data that you have access to.

In this current consumer landscape, businesses have more data, more opportunities, and more ways to measure this data to help you with the specific goals you want to achieve.

You can now create more bespoke and specific audience profiles and target them specifically across multiple TV environments.

3. Your ads will have a great impact when broadcasted on TV

Since targeting is now more advanced for TV, your ads will have a much greater impact since you will be able to specifically cater your message and tone to your specific target audiences.

Brands can also immediately see the impact of these ads through in-depth measurements and statistics. This enables them to create more strategic plans, better manage advertising budgets, and ensure that their broadcasting strategy is cost-efficient and effective.

4. Audiences can easily recall TV ads

High-quality TV shows can also become an important factor for the success of your TV ads. Audiences who are emotionally invested in a show that they are watching are more receptive to advertising.

46% of consumers say that the TV and streaming ads that they encounter while watching are the most memorable compared to just 33% brand recall for social media ads and 9% for website ads.

5. TV still provides you with an unbeatable scale

With TV, you will still have the most popular form of video. Even with other emerging video platforms on the rise, TV still accounts for 75% of an average person’s video diet.

Another important statistic to know is that 91% of all video advertising that is seen is on TV. This proves that when it comes to scale and reach, TV remains to be highly-effective and unmatched.

6. TV ads are a great way for your team to showcase its creativity

When your brand has a strong creative, you will have the power to evoke emotion and produce impactful stories. Creative accounts for a 47% share of sales contributions which makes it an important part of driving sales.

The best way for your team to showcase its creativity is by making the most out of the TV advertising platform. Having the opportunity to create TV ads allows you to display creativity that is relevant and impactful to the right audience.

Audiences who consider an ad as relevant are 18 times more likely to think their offerings are worth paying for and 20 times more likely to think that their creative is appealing.

7. Broadcasting ads on TV assures customers that you are a safe and trustworthy brand

Unlike in the social media and online advertising world, there are a lot more fraud and safety regulations that brands have to pass before they are able to broadcast their ads on TV.

This means that you are more credible to audiences when they see your products on TV instead of just online where there are no assurances to how legitimate a product is.

When you broadcast ads on TV, you are able to assure customers that you are a safe and trustworthy brand and that your offerings are real and effective. It also helps that there isn’t any ad blocking technology for TV which means users will surely view your ads.

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3 TV Ads Trends To Guide Your Advertising Strategy

1. Take advantage of the relationship between TV and mobile advertising

Advertising on other platforms like mobile, online, and social media should not be seen as direct competition for TV advertising. However, you should know that 94% of viewers that watch TV actually have their phone in hand while doing so.

This means that TV and mobile are not direct competitors, you should view them as partners that can help each other accomplish the same advertising goals for your brand.

2. TV consumption continues to transform and evolve

People still love to watch TV, just not in the traditional way that we were using it before. Today, audiences like to use OTT devices like Chromecasts, game consoles, and smart TVs to watch OTT streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime etc.

The way people consume TV is a lot different now and this advancement can lead to different opportunities for TV ads, one example of this is addressable TV. Addressable TV gives advertisers the opportunity to serve ads exclusively to specific audience segments.

This makes TV more suitable for more personalised marketing as opposed to how it has been historically known to be a platform for mass marketing.

3. Programmatic TV advertising is becoming more popular

Programmatic TV advertising is a fairly new development which provides valuable solutions to the concerns that businesses fear when they make use of TV ads.

One concern is that it is extremely time-consuming and hands-on to choose when and where to broadcast TV ads. Programmatic TV advertising can resolve this because it will allow you to automate most of these decisions like choosing when and where to place an advertisement.

When you make use of programmatic TV advertising, it will also be a lot easier for you to gather important data and metrics  that you will need to assess the success of your TV ad campaign.

Knowing all of these reasons and trends about using TV ads will make it a lot easier for you to create these for your business.

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