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A Day in the Life of a Video Producer

Whenever we watch videos, television shows, or movies, we always see the producers that worked on them. These video producers work hard and juggle a lot of crucial tasks during the whole process of the video’s production. However, people outside of the advertising or broadcasting industries may not be familiar with what they actually do. A video producer fills a lot of vital roles which keep the production moving in a timely manner. This article will cover a day in the life of a video producer including the usual tasks they have to perform during the whole video production process.

What is a Video Producer?

A video producer is an all-around specialist that is in charge of managing, organising, and executing all of the important parts of a video project from the pre-production stage until the post-production stage.

It is the responsibility of the video producer to implement a client’s vision into the work that their video team will produce. They will coordinate and clarify with the client about what they want to include in the video and communicate this with the video production team.

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A Day in the Life of a Video Producer

The day in the life of a video producer can vary greatly depending on what stage the video team is working on. The three main stages of video production are pre-production, production, and post-production. Under these three stages, a video producer has to handle a lot of different tasks to make sure that everything is going according to the given schedule and budget.


Project management

A large bulk of a video producer’s duties happens during the pre-production stage. During pre-production, a day in the life of a video producer includes a lot of project management as this will make sure that the production stage will run smoothly.

This includes being a part of the communication between the client and your team in regards to what will be included in the video, how it will be shot, and what type of equipment is needed for the shoots.

A video producer should also keep track of how many and which production team members per department you will need for a certain video project. They can also assist and provide feedback on the outputs that they create.

Budget planning

Another important aspect of video production that a video producer should oversee is the budgeting. A day in the life of a video producer will include being in charge of accounting and having to approve all of the video expenses before moving on to crafting a storyboard and shot list.

They are also in charge of budgeting and scheduling venues for rehearsals and possible reshoots. Rehearsals are important for the production team and the talent because they will be able to practice more.

Having more rehearsals means that everyone will be more prepared once the actual filming begins. This saves a lot of time and money for production.


While script writers and copywriters are in charge of creating the scripts themselves, the video producer has the important task of overseeing and approving these scripts. A day in the life of a video producer will include constant communication during the early days of the scriptwriting so that clients can immediately share their feedback.

The video producer will be the bridge to make sure that the content, story, tone, and message aligns with what the client wants to see in the video.

Another thing that a producer should take note of while overseeing scripts is making sure that everything included in it is within the budget and delivered on time.

Scouting filming locations

The appropriate filming location will play a crucial role in the success of the video. A day in the life of a video producer includes brainstorming, searching, and booking these filming locations.

When searching for film locations, you should choose those that correspond to the setting that is described in the video’s script. You can either choose to film at a specific location or make use of a film studio.

A video producer should make this decision based on the budget and schedule that you have allotted for the shoot. They are also involved in getting the necessary filming permits that will be needed before booking a location. These should all be finalised before the first day of production.

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Coordinating the production process

During production, the day in the life of a video producer includes handling and managing all of the logistics for the video shoot.

This includes assisting in setting up cameras, props, and preparing the set or location. Video producers will also be in charge of knowing and managing the schedule for the shoot days.

Keeping track of the schedule and letting everyone on set know about it will help everyone make sure that the shoot will still be within the allotted budget and timeline.

Overseeing the filming process

The production stage will often be the quickest part of the whole video process as long as the video producer is able to properly manage everything during pre-production. A lot of the work during production will fall mainly on the talents, directors, photographers, and behind-the-scenes crew.

However, the video producer should still play a large role during filming because they will have to oversee how the performances are portrayed, directed, and filmed. They should oversee how the cameras are operating, the lighting, and the equipment.

Another important role of a video producer during filming is that they must also keep track of the continuity of shots that will be used in the video. They have to make sure that every element of each scene remains consistent.


Video editing

It is the video editors job to stitch all the footage together after filming ends. They will also add all the necessary effects or graphics for the video.

The video producer will supervise the editing process so that it meets all of the brand, time, visual, and broadcast requirements.

Video producers will also be in charge of setting the schedule for broadcasting and uploading the video and also choosing what platform works best for it.

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