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8 Best TV Advertisements to Inspire Your Creativity

TV advertisements are great at immediately catching the eye of the viewer. In just a few seconds, brands are able to grab the attention of audiences and convince you to do business with them. This is what makes them so special and creative for both consumers and businesses. TV advertisements don’t just influence our buying decisions, but they have also become a part of our everyday lives by inspiring us or making us laugh. This article will cover the 8 best TV advertisements that will inspire your creativity and motivate you to create your own for your business.

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8 Best TV Advertisements to Inspire Your Creativity

1. Apple – 1984

Whenever we talk about the best TV advertisements ever, Apple’s “1984” spot will always have a place in these lists. This is because of how impactful and innovative this advertisement was during its time and even until now.

The story takes inspiration from George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984” and the woman in the video represents Apple’s Macintosh as the hero which would free the people from “Big Brother”.

This advertisement was only aired once during the 1984 Super Bowl. However, its influence and impact on the Apple brand can still be felt during the present day.

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2. Coca-Cola – Hilltop

Released in 1971, Coca-Cola released Hilltop, which has now become one of the most iconic TV advertisements, not just by Coca-Cola, but of all time. The message of peace, harmony, and inclusivity is as relevant today as it was in 1971.

The advertisement showcases hundreds of people singing together from all over the world as a message of love and peace. Coca-Cola was able to portray itself as a social catalyst that brings all types of people together regardless of who they are and where they are from.

Through this advertisement, Coca-Cola proved itself to be a universal language that is loved by all.

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3. – When I Grow Up, an employment website, released one of the most unique and eye-catching TV advertisements during the Super Bowl in 1999. The spot, which is shot in black and white, may look like other typical inspirational advertisements but there was a twist.

When the kids start talking about what they want to be when they grow up, they don’t share grand dreams and visions. Instead, they share depressing and negative visions like being underpaid and underappreciated.

This was a direct critique of the culture that can be experienced by most employees in corporate America. It touches on a difficult truth that people face and addresses it by saying that their website can be the best place to find what you want to be.

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4. Nike – Find Your Greatness

Around the 2012 Olympics season, Nike launched their campaign called “Find Your Greatness”. What made this campaign so special is that Nike wants us to reframe how we view greatness as something that is not just reserved for superstar athletes.

At first glance, it looks very simple with just a single continuous shot and a narrator. What makes it so inspiring is the script which accompanies what is seen on screen.

It uses unexpected imagery of a young boy who is running alone up a road which is far from the usual image that we usually associate with greatness. The message is that greatness is not something that is reserved for a few, it is something that everyone is capable of.

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5. Adidas – Ready for Sport

Ready for Sport is one of the most inspiring TV advertisements that was released during the early parts of the pandemic. During the days where staying inside was taking a toll on most people physically and emotionally, Adidas made us remember that there will be better days ahead.

This is one of the best examples of TV advertisements which focused on uplifting viewers to help them overcome the challenges that everyone in the world was facing during that time. It reminded us that one day, we will be able to do all of the things that we love again.

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6. Thai Life Insurance – Unsung Hero

Thai Life Insurance created one of the most viral TV advertisements of all time. Insurance companies in Thailand are known to create touching and emotional advertisements for TV. However, this spot has a more positive tone.

It follows a young man who quietly performs good deeds to the people he encounters without asking for anything in return. He still does this even when he is also facing his own personal and financial struggles.

By the end, the narrator explains that the happiness the man receives makes all his good deeds worth it. It is a story-driven video that is memorable to viewers that watched it.

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7. Google – Home Alone

For Google’s “Make Google Do It” campaign in 2018, they relied and effectively captured the 1990s nostalgia by making a modern remake of Home Alone with Macaulay Culkin reprising his role as Kevin McCallister for the TV advertisement.

It was able to create a near-perfect replica of the mansion and also paid homage to a number of scenes from the movie, but now with a more modern twist of having Kevin rely on all of his Google Assistant and Google Home equipment in his home.

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8. Squarespace – Sally’s Seashells

For its 2022 Super Bowl advertisement called “Sally’s Seashells”, Squarespace tapped huge names like Edgar Wright as the director, Andre 3000 as the narrator, and Zendaya as the protagonist.

They incorporated the tongue twister of Sally selling seashells by the seashore and created a story of a small business that gained multiple and successful ways of earning revenue with their own website through Squarespace.

This advertisement is a playful way to showcase how entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive because of all the different tools they have access to when they use Squarespace.

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Hopefully all of these great examples of TV advertisements have inspired you and sparked your creativity so that you can create your own.

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