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A Guide to Spotify Ads in Singapore

Spotify may not be one of the first options you will have in mind. But with over 381 million monthly active users, Spotify is an underrated channel to reach new customers. When you advertise on Spotify, you will have the chance to reach millions of listeners not just in Singapore, but around the world. This article will be a guide to Spotify ads in Singapore, from ad specs to the best practices for Spotify Ads and Spotify video ads.

Why You Should Run Spotify Ads in Singapore

spotify on laptop

1. Spotify has a high number of monthly active users.

According to Spotify, the app currently has 381 million users. This means that 381 million people globally listen to Spotify at least once a month.

With this high number of users, you should be able to gather a lot of potential customers with engaging ads. This is possible whether you are a large company or even just a small business.

2. Spotify Free users expect ads and are already used to listening to them.

Spotify has two options for users which is to access the app for free or pay for their Premium subscription. While premium subscribers do not receive any ads, users that use Spotify for free already expect  to listen to ads while using the application.

Nearly 60% of listeners say that they pay more attention to ads they hear on Spotify than on the radio.

3. You can easily measure and track the performance of your Spotify ads

Another great thing about having ads on Spotify is that they can also help you measure and track them. Spotify has their own ad platform called Ad Studio.

With Ad Studio, you will have access to real-time reporting of your ads in your Ad Studio account. The ad reports will include a summary of your ad campaign like the starting and ending dates, budget, and what audiences you are targeting.

It also has detailed metrics like ad delivery metrics that shows ads served, reach frequency, and completion rates. They also have performance metrics like clicks, CTR, and quartile completion rates.

The Different Ad Types Available on Spotify

Spotify Audio Ads

Audio ads are the most popular ads in Spotify that allow you to reach active listeners throughout the day.

Listeners can get these ads in between songs. Spotify audio ads are never played in the middle of a song to avoid distraction. This means you are sure that these listeners will be focused when listening to an ad.

What is great with these ads is that they are always delivered at the right moments where the listeners are at their most receptive.

Spotify uses data to determine listeners’ moods, which inform them of what ads will be relevant for a specific listener and when would be the best time to broadcast it.

They say that 75% of listeners remember ads more when these ads are aware of the moment or setting.

Spotify Video Ads

While video ads on other platforms might be viewed muted, most listeners on Spotify will always watch your video ads with sound on.

This makes Spotify video ads a highly valuable opportunity for your message to be heard by the potential customers you are targeting.

WIth this, you can be confident that users will not just listen, but will also attentively watch your video ads as well.

There are currently two types of video ads available on Spotify right now which are Video Takeover Ads and Sponsored Sessions.

Video Takeover Ads run when users are going through music catalogues and viewing the screen so they will only be shown when the screen is in view.

Sponsored Sessions are video ads that give users the chance to unlock 30 minutes of ad-free listening in exchange for watching your video ad completely.

Spotify Display Ads

Spotify’s display ads are similar to the display ads which you can see on other platforms which are often delivered by Google Ads.

In Spotify, your display ad will be shown for 30 seconds and will usually be located at the top of the Spotify browser. Spotify will also make sure not to overlay any of your display ads over other types of ads.

Once a user clicks on your display ad, it will take them through to whatever landing page you have chosen which could be your social media accounts, your product pages, or your eCommerce website.

Sponsored Playlists

You can maximise your brand awareness by sponsoring any of the popular playlists that are available on Spotify. These ads will be able to run on both desktop and mobile apps.

To make the playlist as natural as possible, you should carefully choose a list of songs that will appeal to your target audience. Creating this sponsored playlist will help you get closer to your potential customers.

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Tips To Make the Most Out of Your Spotify Ads in Singapore

  • Make use of both audio ads and video ads together when advertising on Spotify. Multiformat ads can result in better recall and an improved brand awareness.
  • Remember to audibly mention the name of your brand when you create your video ads because people are actually listening to these video ads on Spotify.
  • Design your video ads for mobile because almost 70% of Spotify’s video ads are presented on mobile.
  • Be strategic with the type of audience you want to target with your ads. Carefully go over factors like location, gender, age, and musical preferences before running your ads.
  • If your Spotify ads are targeting a specific location like Singapore, try to start your audio ad script with a specific greeting like “Hey Singapore”.

Now that you have learned more about Spotify ads in Singapore, it is time to brainstorm and strategise for your own ads that you can present on Spotify.

If you need any help creating your own ads for Spotify, then our team at fewStones can help you out.

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